Why is My Cash App Payment Pending? Top Reasons You Should Know

Cash app payment can show a pending error for several reasons, such as exceeding account limit, unverified user details, etc.

Let us guide you on how to resolve the “payment pending” issue with the Cash app.

Cash App – Introduction

The cash app was originally launched as Square Cash by Block Inc. Formerly known as Square Inc.

It is a mobile cash app that lets users make money transfers, invest money, and perform a few selected banking transactions.

It is primarily a peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer service.

Let’s briefly discuss its services.

Money Transfer

Cash App users can send and receive money instantly from one user account to another. Its primary service is the mobile money transfer facility.

Users can send/receive money using a receiver’s name, email address, or a Cashtag ($cashtag). Money transfers within the cash app are free of cost.


Cash app lets its users invest in stocks through micro-investing methods like buying a fractional share. Investors can buy a fractional share for as little as $1 only.

Investors can buy, sell, and create a stock portfolio by choosing from currently 1,600 stocks and ETFs. The app supports different types of trading orders including auto invest as well.

Instant Payments

Cash app users can receive paychecks two days earlier than other accounts. Users can also use cash app accounts to receive money from any other type of sender.


Finally, users experience a digital banking experience with Cash App by using a debit card, instant payments, money transfers, and much more.

How to Send Money Through Cash App?

Sending money through the cash app is easy and quick. Once you download the cash app and create an account, you can instantly send and receive money.

You can follow these simple steps to send money through the Cash app:

  • Download and register your account with the Cash app.
  • Verify your identity and get your account verification.
  • Open cash app and log in to your account.
  • Tap “pay” and proceed to make a payment.
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to send.
  • Enter an email address, receiver’s name, or $Cashtag for the receiver.
  • Confirm the details of the receiver and tap “Pay”.
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Sending money with the cash app to another user is free. Also, it will be free if you receive money through a salary transfer or other transactions through standard payment.

However, the cash app will charge a 1.5% or a minimum of $0.25 amount on instant payment transactions that are cleared within the same day.

Why is My Cash App Payment Pending? Top Reasons You Should Know

Sending and receiving money through the Cash app is instant. However, you may see a “Payment Pending” error in some cases and may face difficulties in receiving payment into your account.

Here are some major reasons for facing a “Payment Pending” issue with the Cash app.

  1. Pending Account Verification

Checking your account verification should be your priority before you consider any other step if you face a pending payment error.

You’ll go through some verification steps even when you have created the Cash app account. Once it is verified, you can continue with money transfers and payment transactions.

  • Account Limit Exceeded

Cash App comes with daily, weekly, and monthly transaction limits for sending, receiving, and withdrawing money for all users.

If your payment transaction exceeds the limit, it will block the transaction. The daily and per-transaction limits are $7,000.

The monthly transaction limit is $10,000 and the thirty-day limit is $25,000.

So, check your transaction limits when you face a pending payment issue.

  • Security Issues

Cash app states officially that they can stop or block a transaction for security reasons. These reasons may come from different sources including non-verified users or partially verified accounts.

Your only option, in this case, is to check with the Cash app support to clarify things with them.

  • Unauthorized Transactions
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Along with security reasons, the Cash app may block a transaction if it comes from an unauthorized sender.

For instance, it may get blocked if a suspicious accountholder or spammer is trying to make a payment to a Cash app user.

  • Slow Internet or Technical Issues

Finally, checking your internet connection and mobile settings can also help you solve the issue. In many cases, a slow internet can interrupt a payment transaction.

So, try reloading or restarting your Cash app and see if it works. Also, wait to restore the internet connection.

In other cases, a technical issue from the Cash app may also result in a “payment pending” issue. Try contacting customer support or see if other users face the same problem.

What to Do if Your Cash App Payment is Pending?

You can take a few actions to resolve the pending payment issue with your Cash app account.

Verify Account Status

First of all, confirm that your account status is fully verified with the Cash App. Provide all the details and essentials to set up your account.

It will also help you utilize the full transaction limits and avoid other types of issues.

It is particularly useful when making an international transaction or opening an investment transaction.

Use Increased Transaction Limits

As mentioned above, you can use the Cash App with certain daily, weekly, and monthly limits. If you exceed these limits, your transactions will be blocked.

So, another essential step to take is to check your transaction limits and wait for the next period if you’ve already consumed the limit.

Confirm Receiver’s Account Details

When sending a payment to someone through the Cash app, you’ll need the receiver’s name, email address, or $Cashtag.

If the details are inaccurate, your transaction will fail or show a “pending” status for longer than you expected. So, trying out this basic step can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Contact Cash App Support Team

Finally, you can contact the Cash app support team if your efforts are working. Create a new support ticket or call them at 1 (800) 969-1940.

You can also contact them through instant chat or social media accounts. If you have a detailed query, you can also contact the Cash app support team by mail.

Cash App Payment Pending and other FAQs

Let us now answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Cash app pending payment and other issues.

How Can I Use Cash App?

Download the Cash app on your mobile phone. Create an account and provide details to verify your identity.

Then, link a bank account and add funds to your Cash app account. Once ready, you can use your Cash app account for money transfers, banking, and investment transactions.

Can I Transfer Money Outside the US through Cash App?

Currently, you can only make international payment transactions to the UK.

What if My Transaction is Canceled by Cash App?

The cash app can cancel the suspicious transaction at any time. To avoid cancelation, you should verify the other party’s details. Also, regularly making transactions to and from verified channels can avoid cancelations.

How Long Does It Take to Send Money Through Cash App?

Money transfers through the Cash app are instant. Standard payment transactions can take 1-3 business days.

Why is My Payment Missing?

If someone sends a payment to your secondary email address or phone number, you’ll receive the amount but it will not appear in your Cash app account. Add a missing email address or phone number to your account details to resolve this issue.

How to Add Money to Your Cash App Account?

You can add money to your Cash app account by linking any bank account. You can use all major credit and debit cards like VISA, Mastercard, and American Express as well.