How Do I Get a Cashier’s Check at Wells Fargo? (+ FAQs)

To assist in availing cashier checks, Wells Fargo has made online and in-person methods available for customers. You can get it online through their website or visit them in person by going to the nearest location. 

  • If the checks are valued at up to $2,000 each, you can simply visit the Wells Fargo website and order them. Or click this link to go to the website section.
  • If you are already signed in to your Online Banking account, go to the Accounts tab and select Order Checks and Currency. Now, you can get access to ordering the cashier’s check.
  • Lastly, if you are not satisfied with any of the above methods, you can simply visit the nearest Wells Fargo location yourself to get the check.

You can order a Wells Fargo cashier’s check online or in person through the above-discussed ways. However, there are certain steps in the process that includes the following.

Steps to take for ordering cashier check

1) Get the amount and the information ready

The first thing you would be doing is getting the information ready because you cannot get a blank cashier check.

You have to provide the name of the business or person you will pay. Also, you have to gather the check fee.

Although the check is made in the bank’s name and its fund, you are liable to pay the check fee to the bank to proceed with the process.

2) Select the method

The next step is to choose which ordering method will you prefer, online or in-person. Both the methods and their procedure have been discussed above. Choose the method and follow the procedure.

3) Pay the amount and fee.

Ensure your bank account has enough money to pay the applicable fee after your check’s amount has been frozen or withdrawn.

4) Get the receipt

Get the receipt to use as proof and for your record purpose. Further, we recommend keeping a physical copy of check-in your record.

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Detailed aspects of well Fargo cashier check

Wells Fargo, a well-known financial service provider company, can grant you a cashier check for the purchase of heavy items.

It’s an America-based company that has been assisting many of its users to purchase their desired items through Wells Fargo checks.

One can simply apply for a cashier check in the company and get it if he fulfills the eligibility and selection criteria.

A cashier’s check is a safe method of buying heavy items, which is otherwise difficult to do through credit or debit card, and using direct cash is risky. You can order a cashier check at Wells Fargo to make big purchases in such a scenario.

For a normal check, the check writer is responsible for admitting that the payment has been made, while in a cashier check the bank or credit union is responsible and guarantees that the payment has been made.

These checks also ensure increased security through extra watermarks and signatures from different employees, which ultimately lowers the risk of fraud.

It creates a kind of confidence among all the parties involved in the transaction that the transaction is secure.

This kind of check is also known as an Official check. Now, let’s understand how one can get a cashier’s check from Wells Fargo.

Things to consider while ordering Cashier Check

After opting for any method to order a cashier check, you have to consider certain aspects to understand the ordering procedure. Here are these aspects:

1) Wells Fargo cashier check limit

Generally, a cashier check is used for making large payments; there is no limit in the upper case. Further, the bank has not mentioned a lower limit for the cashier’s check. However, $10 is the charge per cashier check.

2) Cost of Cashier Check at Wells Fargo

The cost of a cashier’s check is $10 at any of the Wells Fargo locations. However, the company has designed different policies, one of which is the Wells Fargo cashier’s check fee waived policy.

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You can avail of the amnesty of not paying the fee if your account at Wells Fargo offers you a no-fee cashier check.

However, there are separate delivery charges if you order online. The delivery fee in the case of an online order is $8. 

3) Wells Fargo customer service

Call directly

To avail of the customer service of Wells Fargo, you can simply contact them on the given number and ask about the fee information.


This number works 24 hours a day and also runs the entire week, which means that you can call them any time to ask for help.

Besides directly calling, you can also visit your fee and information schedule available online to get your fee insight.

4) Make an appointment

You can also make an appointment one-on-one with the banker in just a few minutes. For this purpose, visit the official website of Wells Fargo and explore the customer service section. Therein, read the section of make an appointment and follow the directions to schedule it.

Or you can also click on the link shared below to directly reach the desired section.

Now, you can discuss everything in detail with the banker himself by taking his time personally.

About wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is an American bank with branches throughout America and abroad operations as well.

From a total assets perspective, Wells Fargo is the third-largest bank in the United States. This bank is well known for providing branch and digital banking services to customers.

The banking services offered by Wells Fargo includes checking accounts, savings accounts, and other banking products that include personal loan, student loan, home mortgage, credit card, etc.


Wells Fargo is a great stop for purchasers of heavy items such as cars and houses. It offers cashier checks as well as Wells Fargo Money Order online to help people fulfill their purchases.

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You can either use either online or in-person mode to order the cashier’s check for yourself. You need to reach a certain level of an amount to order the check.

Moreover, the fee for cashier checks is ten dollars for an on-location purchase. However, for an online order, there is a separate delivery fee.

Additionally, you can also avail yourself of an all-time active customer service offered by Wells Fargo. Use this amazing financial service provider and secure your transactions to purchase big items. Lower the risk of fraud by using a cashier’s check!

Frequently asked questions

Is Walls Fargo a big name in the banking industry of the United States?

Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in the United States. From a total assets perspective, it stands third in a row with total assets amounting to $1.79 trillion. On the contrary, JP Morgan and Bank of America stand first and second with $3.29 trillion and $2.49 trillion respectively.

What is a cashier check and, what are the benefits of using it?

These are checks that are drawn from the bank’s own funds. These checks are also called teller’s checks. Since these checks are drawn from the bank’s funds. Hence, there is higher credibility in terms of clearance.

The benefit of using a teller check is that parties in the transactions feel confident while dealing. Sometimes, property seller only accepts cashier check rather than personal checks or cash.

What are the charges for getting cashier’s checks?

Generally, the cashier’s check charges amount to $10-$15. Further, banks may also charge you delivery charges for the check if you order online. It’s also important to note that charges may vary from bank to bank.

Is there any expiry on the cashier’s check?

It depends on the bank policy. Sometimes, the cashier’s check does not get stale. However. Sometimes validity is limited to 30, 60, and 90 days depending on the bank policy.