(2022 Updated) Toys R Us Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

Toys R Us can be classified as one of the largest and most renowned retailers worldwide, with more than 864 stores in the United States and its neighboring territories and more than 1,005 international stores.

The reputable company runs two brands: Toys R Us, which has been operating and selling toys since 1984, and Babies R Us, the country’s leading retailer dealing in baby products. 

For those who did not know, a Toys R Us Credit Card is available that you can profoundly benefit from. This credit card is ideally suited for you if you have children and frequently shop at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Using this credit card, you can earn significant rewards based on the money you spend on toys and all the other goodies for your beloved little ones. Though the interest rate is hefty, you can rest assured to rack up plenty of rewards.  

This all-inclusive guide will cover all you need to know regarding Toys R Us credit card login, payments, customer service, cancellation, and the various rewards you can benefit from. 

About the Toys R Us Credit Card

Toys R Us credit card customers can access the company website’s login portal. This allows them to access their online account and manage all their transactions conveniently. Through your account, it is relatively easy for users to activate a new credit card and pay their credit card bills.

In addition, the Toys R Us credit card users can log in to their accounts, where the portal allows them to service their account, check or print their monthly or annual account statements, view their transaction history and reward points, and much more.

Moreover, you can also change your contact details and sign up for paperless billing. You can access your account from your smartphone or laptop at any time of the day. 

Cardholders can set up automatic withdrawals from their respective bank accounts through their Toys R Us online account.

The Toys R Us credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. Anyone wishing to get a Toys R Us credit card can apply for it online or in-store and earn a 15% discount on the day their card is approved.

However, before signing up for the Toys R Us credit card, you must know how the interest rates and applicable fees affect the cost of purchases and how your credit scores will impact the chances of having your application approved. 

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Toys R Us Credit Card Online Registration Process

A significant advantage of using a Toys R Us credit card is that you can easily register online with the help of just a few simple steps.

Besides, the registration process on the portal takes under 5 minutes only, and you can also use the web browser on your smartphone. Follow these steps to register for your Toys R Us credit card on the portal. 

  • Visit the official website of the Toys R Us Credit Card Login Portal at https://mastercard.syf.com/login/, where you will see the “Apply Now” option on the home page. 
  • Click on “Apply Now.”
  • If you’re an existing card member of a Toys R Us Credit Card, click on “Yes.” But, if you’re a member, click “No,” and sign up to receive the rewards.
  • After this, you’ll see a registration form that asks for your personal details such as name, contact information, email, home address, etc. After filling out all the relevant information, submit them and click on “Register.”
  • You will receive a pop-up message on the screen acknowledging your registration. This completes your online registration on the Toys R Us Credit Card login portal. 

Toys R Us Credit Card Login

To log in, you’ll need to register your Toys R Us credit card account online in order to manage your rewards and pay your credit card bills. Here is the login process for the Toys R Us cardholders. 

  • Visit the official website of the Toys R Us credit card login account at https://mastercard.syf.com/login/
  • Click on the “Access your Account” option on the homepage. 
  • After this, you will need to enter a username/id and password to login into your Toys R Us credit card. 
  • Once you’ve accurately filled in all the details, tap on “Secure Login.” You’re now successfully logged in to your Toys R Us credit card online login portal. 

However, if you’ve already set your username/id and password and want to login into your account the next time, just follow these instructions.

  • Visit the official Toys R Us credit card login page to start the login process. Here you’ll be asked to enter your username/id and password. 
  • Click on “Login” to access your account. 
  • After logging in, you can easily make payments via your login portal and change your account details as needed. 
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Toys R Us Credit Card Payment

Toys R Us Credit Card Services offer your online account access round the clock and enables users to choose from any of the three payment methods: online, phone, and mail. Let’s look at each of the three credit card payment methods.  

1.     Online

Those who use the Toys R Us credit card can simply login into their credit card account online to manage their accounts and make the payment.

Click on the “Pay” tab after logging in, select the payment amount, date, and checking account of your preference to schedule the payment. Once you’ve reviewed your payment, click on “submit” to make the payment.

2.     Phone

A second method of paying your credit card bills is via phone. You can pay your Toys R Us credit card bills over the phone for free by simply using an automated system. Call 1-855-389-2359 and follow the automated prompts to make the payment.

You will need to keep your credit card handy as you might be asked to provide the checking number and/or other card details. This line works for both U.S. store credit cards and U.S. MasterCard. 

3.     Mail

There’s even a third option to pay your Toys R Us credit card bill: mail. Make your payment through money order or check for the least due amount.

Your account number must accompany the payment on the check or a payment coupon that you can get from your monthly bill statement. Send the check to the following address linked to your Toys R Us credit card: 

Toys R Us MasterCard

P.O. Box 530938

Atlanta, GA 30353-0939

Toys R Us Credit Card Customer Service

Toys R Us customers in the U.S. are advised to contact the customer service department at 1-800-869-7787 or 1-800-TOYSRUS during the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. ET., in case of any questions or inquiries about warranties, products, or rewards. Here are some other numbers for customer service support:

  • Toys R Us MasterCard Contact Number: 1-855-389-2359
  • ●       Credit card login phone number for Toys R Us/Babies R Us: 1-855-389-2365.
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Toys R Us MasterCard Credit Card Services

The Toys R Us credit card APR (annual percentage rate) for purchases stands at 26.99%, with a $2 interest charge. There’s no yearly fee, and late payments amount to $37 in late payment penalties.

In addition, the Toys R Us credit card has a fixed APR of 29.99% for cash advances, a 3% transaction fee, and $10 or cash advance fees of 4% of the advance amount, whichever is more significant.

Toys R Us Credit Card Benefits

  • The option of receiving 15% off or special financial (minimum purchase required) is available to all Toys R Us credit cardholders who register online for a Toys R Us credit card.
  • Toys R Us credit cardholders who use their cards in-store can receive a 10% discount every Thursday. However, they must make the request at the time of purchase. No coupon is required. Note: This offer isn’t valid with the account opening offer. 
  • The credit cards receive an amount of $5 in Toys R Us reward dollars once a total of 125 points have been accumulated.
  • All credit cardholders can earn 2 points for every $1 spent. Note: This does not include the account opening offer. 
  • In addition, cardholders can earn 1 point for every $4 they spend in all the places where MasterCard is accepted. 

Toys R Us Credit Card Cancel

Toys R Us Credit Card is a store card that is issued by Synchrony Bank. As Toys R Us went bankrupt some time back, this store’s credit card was canceled/closed for all users. This is because the card isn’t worth anything anymore, and users can no longer buy anything from it.

However, if you’re wondering what you should do with your Toys R Us credit card, you will be happy to know it is still good. The Toys R Us MasterCard is still open, and you can use it anywhere, but you’ll not earn any rewards even if you use it.

This card can be managed through the Synchrony Bank online portal. Synchrony Bank handles both Toys R Us credit cards, and one is the exclusive store credit card. MasterCard only allows you to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.

On the other hand, if you have a store card, it would only work at the store and isn’t applicable anywhere else.