Is The Text Message “You Have A New Amazon Reward Text” A Scam, Or Is It A Legit Reward From Amazon?

Nowadays, scams are common in every field. People are scamming others for their interests. As you know, Amazon is one of the top online shopping sites.

Folks are earning tremendously, but a little misstep is scamming a few. You may have seen that people are receiving messages regarding Amazon rewards.

You must realize that the announcements or emails are either legit or scams. If you receive any kind of text regarding Amazon rewards, you should know that it’s a scam. The scammer will drop a link to click that will victimize you in various ways. Let’s dive into the writing and explore more about Amazon scams without further ado.

How Can An Amazon Text Be A Scam?

If you receive a text like “You have a new Amazon reward,” you must understand that you will be scammed. Scams are roaming all over the world regarding Amazon.

Every time the hoaxer comes forward with different tricks to fool communities. The scammer often attaches a link in the text, leading to a false website rather than Amazon’s simple site.

You can be scammed by pursuing faulty strides.

  • When you open the link, you’ll be directed to a fake site similar to the genuine Amazon site.
  • You’ll see all the products at considerably lower prices on the site. Illustrating the product’s low price is the vast tactic of the swindler to tackle the ordinary person.
  • The fake site will ask for your billing information when you select the desired products. Here you got scammed. You’re never going to receive any actual product from these sites.

Therefore, following all the steps the hoaxer gives can be a significant loss to you.

How To Overcome Amazon Text Scams?

A simple validation inspection can quickly deal with Amazon scams. While interacting with such fake sites, you must be more careful to avoid any stupid steps. Here are a few worthy steps which save you from being deceived.

  • You must check the web address before clicking on the link when you receive a text.
  • You can also catch the scammer by the website’s name if you proceed. The fake site has always had a different name than the genuine Amazon site.

Hence, you can save yourself and your family from these scams by verifying the web address in the text message. The fake web addresses are mostly like.

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If you receive any text messages which include non-legit sites, you should delete the message instead of additional proceedings. You can also report such chiselers to protect others from being extorted. 

You must know that when Amazon offers you any discount or gift cards, a genuine Amazon site will be mentioned in the email or text messages.    

Can A Tricker Scam through Spoof Amazon Emails?

Unfortunately, yes! You can also be scammed through fake Amazon emails. Probably, most of you have turned on the notifications so you can be informed about any update on Amazon. Amazon email features are good, but scammers also take advantage of this favorable feature.

Nowadays, email scams or phishing is at its peak when every second person wants to shop online. The trapper will make an email similar to the genuine emails of Amazon. When you receive these emails, at first glance, it appears to be legit.

You might be thinking, how can someone harm you by fake emails? Let it make it more obvious for you.

  • The scammer may ask for your bank account information, and you’ll lose all your savings in a single tap.
  • You may also be asked to enter your email address with a password, which can lead to a big disaster.
  • Most probably, the scammer will steal sensitive information, which distresses you. 

Accordingly, a single wrong notch can be your biggest regret in life.  

How To Recognize The Spoof Amazon Emails?

Most of you must be unaware of the tech field and its regulations. Learning to recognize the difference between legit and non-legit emails would be best. You don’t have to be worried anymore.

Just move along the writing, and you’ll know excellent tactics to deal with scammers.

Identify The Email Errors

The most common way to recognize a scam is to review the email carefully. Sometimes, the emails are auto-translated from other languages so they may contain some typographical & grammatical errors. Therefore, if you receive an email with grammatical errors, it’s an apparent scam.

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Inspect The Website Address

Recognizing genuine website addresses can be a key to inspecting a hoaxer. When a scammer creates a trap, they add the word Amazon to misguide you. You must know that the web addresses of genuine Amazon sites are always like the following.


Therefore, genuine emails always include a dot before Amazon in the web addresses. Meanwhile, when you see a hoaxer’s email, it looks like the following. 


Hence, whenever you receive an email including these false web addresses, you should assume it’s a spoof email.   

Notice What Amazon Won’t Ask In Emails

Amazon has given a detailed guide to their customers to prevent them from scams. You should know the stuff that Amazon won’t ask from you in emails at any cost. Here’s a quick insight into elements that Amazon shouldn’t ask about in emails.

  • Seller Central Account Password
  • Bank Account Information
  • Credit Card Number
  • PIN Number
  • Your Birth City
  • Your Mother’s Name

Or any personal information that can identify you will never be asked by a genuine site of Amazon. Hence, if you received an email in which your personal information is being inquired about, leave the email asap. It will be an obvious hoax.   

Return Addresses Check

The return addresses of Amazon are also specified. The most common return address of Amazon comes with the ending The hoax emails will always illustrate fake return addresses, which can be easily identified.

The farce return addresses look like the following.

The legit Amazon addresses will never be the same. Here are the few genuine return addresses of Amazon.


Therefore, you can easily differentiate whether the email is a spoof or legit.

How To Deal With The Spoof Amazon Emails?

When you recognize that someone is trying to scam you through spoofing Amazon emails, dealing with them is just a piece of butter for you. The first thing that you must have to do is don’t follow the given instructions.

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Here is the stuff that should be avoided.

  • Don’t act through your email regarding subscribing or unsubscribing any commodity. The scammer may just be documenting the working emails for some hoaxes.
  • You should not give any personal information.
  • You must not log in to your central account by the given link in the spoof email.

Most possibly, you should delete the spoof email. You can handily deal with the hoaxes when you pursue all the directions.            

Does a buyer hoax also exist on Amazon?

Undoubtedly, buyer hoaxes also exist on Amazon. Being a seller, you should be overprotective to save money and time. Millions of people have complained about the buyer’s scam. Therefore, you must be aware of these scams.

So, without developing any fuss, let’s get straight into the types of buyer scams.

Refunding & Replacement

Refunding and replacement have been a scam for so long. When the person receives the ordered item, they replace the item with the defaulted one.

This replacement forces you to pay a refund for the damaged product. It has become a common tactic to demand a refund.

The good news is you can deal with such scammers wisely. Nowadays, tamper-proof stickers are identified to recognize the delivered object. It is best to inform the buyer that her object contains a sticker warranty. Hence, no one will dare to replace the thing with the faulty one.

Failed Delivery

Another most common bunco is failed delivery. It has been noticed that the customers have received the parcel, but they kept on claiming that the object hasn’t been delivered yet. So, it will be a total waste of time and money.

However, this scam has been overcome with the help of trackers. You can track the order from its departure to its delivery. Therefore, you should adapt the tracking idea to deal with this hoax.      

Final Verdict

Presently, you have a detailed guide about Amazon scams. Now, you don’t have to bother yourself regarding Amazon hoaxes. You have to recognize the trickery on time and follow all the instructions in writing. Therefore, you can save your important stuff with a few wise directions.