Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card at Amazon Fresh in 2022?

Amazon gift cards are the best things that could happen to you, but are they actually useful? And can you use amazon gift cards at Amazon Fresh? Amazon gift cards are very useful for the most part, but people do have some queries about them that we’re going to clear out.

No, you cannot use Amazon gift cards at Amazon Fresh stores, and even the gift vouchers aren’t considered a proper payment method. You can only use these gift cards for Amazon products and not for Amazon Fresh or Amazon Pay. Want to know more about it? Make sure to read till the very end.

Is Amazon Gift Card Acceptable at Amazon Fresh?

No, Amazon gift cards aren’t an acceptable payment method in Amazon Fresh stores, and you can’t even use these cards for tipping. It is because these gift cards are only made to be used on certain platforms, and they also have a usage limit.

Amazon doesn’t allow users to constantly use these gift cards to buy items from Amazon Fresh because that could interfere with the platform’s overall performance and profit margin too. So, it is better not to take a gift card at the Amazon Fresh store the next time you go.

It is pretty easy to get hold of these gift cards, and there’s nothing exclusive about them, so if Amazon allows users to redeem these gift cards at Amazon Fresh, things won’t really go well for them, and that’s why users aren’t allowed to use these gift cards.

Some people say that they have used gift cards on Amazon Fresh, but those gift cards might not be from Amazon because it is clearly written in Amazon’s policy that you can’t use any gift card or voucher in Amazon fresh stores. It might sound a little rough but, there are a whole lot of things for which you can use this gift card so, don’t worry.

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What Kind of Gift Cards Amazon Fresh Accepts?

Interestingly, Amazon Fresh does accept gift cards but not regular ones. They accept Amazon Fresh gift cards that are of a special kind and are specifically made to be used in the store. If you use the regular gift cards of amazon on Amazon Fresh, it certainly won’t work.

But instead, when you’re checking out, you can just add your Amazon Fresh gift card, and you’ll be good to go. It is because you’re using the gift cards for the purpose that they’re actually made. So, you won’t have any issue using them.

Though the Amazon Fresh gift cards are slightly exclusive and you might find it a little harder to get your hands on these gift cards. But once you have them, you can simply go ahead and make a purchase because it actually is that simple.

Amazon Fresh is a lifesaver for so many people as it delivers grocery and fresh food items to your doorstep. With this unique concept of making your life easier, the customers actually started using Amazon Fresh quite a lot.

When Amazon Fresh wasn’t accepting the regular Amazon gift cards, most consumers complained about it, so the company came up with a solution and introduced a unique gift card that can only be redeemed at Amazon Fresh.

Can I use Amazon Gift Cards for Whole Foods?

No, all types of Amazon gift cards and vouchers are not accepted as a legitimate payment method at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is also a pretty huge marketplace and is a pretty big competitor of Amazon Fresh.

But, it also doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards. So, the consumers often don’t like the fact that one of the biggest fresh grocery companies doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards. You can only use the gift cards for Amazon and the platforms affiliated to it.

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You can redeem Amazon gift cards on the site as well as on the app. There are a whole lot of other platforms where you can actually use an Amazon gift card. The thing that you can do is get an Amazon Prime membership, and this way, you can get quite a few benefits with Whole Foods.

Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards?

Can I use my Amazon gift card at Amazon Fresh? The answer is no. But don’t worry because Amazon gift cards can be used at a whole lot of places. We’re listing all of those platforms, so you don’t get confused the next time you try to redeem your gift card. Just keep in mind that the Amazon gift cards don’t work for Amazon Fresh. So, let’s get into it and find out all the platforms where you can actually use Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Prime

You can use your Amazon gift cards to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription quite easily. Gift cards could be used for both monthly and annual subscription payments, and it wouldn’t take any time at all in redeeming your gift card.

Just make sure that you use the gift card while setting up the payment, and you’ll be good to go. It is easier for people to redeem gift cards on Amazon Prime because, for the most part, it is pretty hassle-free.

Amazon Stores

Redeeming gift cards has never been easier with Amazon physical stores. You can simply walk toward the payment counter and use your gift card while making any purchase. It is helpful because you can just go to a store any time and get something fun with the gift card.

Also, you won’t have to wait in lines to get into an Amazon store because these stores are pretty big, and they sell a whole lot of options for you to pick from.

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Amazon Website

It is pretty easy to get use of your Amazon gift card from the official Amazon site because there are millions of products that you can choose from. You can get the items delivered quite quickly at your doorstep with Amazon’s official site.

For using the gift card, we would highly recommend you to use the official site of Amazon because that’s what the gift cards are meant for, and you won’t face any sort of glitch or error during the process.


Kindle is heaven for avid readers, and you would be pleased to know that you can now get some use of your gift card by purchasing a book with it. Also, the book collection on kindle is quite remarkable, and you’ll definitely find a book of your liking.

You might not be able to use your gift card for Audible, but Kindle books are more than enough to make use of all your gift cards.


Can I use my Amazon gift card at Amazon Fresh? We hope that you found the answer to this. Getting good use of your gift cards sounds kinda difficult especially when you can’t use it on Amazon Fresh. Most people often get confused when they can’t figure out if they can use their gift card for Amazon Fresh or not.

But the trick is pretty simple. Amazon Fresh gift cards can be used for Amazon Fresh, but the general gift cards that you get from Amazon can’t be used for sure. So, just keep this rule of thumb in your mind and use your gift cards for things that you can actually use it for.