What is Walmart Wire Transfer and How to Transfer Money with it?

Walmart wire transfer is a money transfer service for domestic and international money transfers at its stores.

Its partners Ria, Moneygram, and Western Union offer money transfer services for domestic and international money transfers and cash pick-ups.

Let us discuss Walmart wire transfer and how you can use it for domestic or international money transfers.

What is Walmart Wire Transfer?

Walmart offers local and international money transfers through its partners. You can avail of these services at any of the Walmart stores.

Customers can also use the online money transfer option through one of its partner brand services.

Its wire transfer services are fast and come at competitive costs. The local transfer partner for Walmart is RIA.

The international money transfer partners are Western Union and Moneygram. You can use one of these leading brands to send money to around 200 destinations around the world.

What are the Wire Transfer Options at Walmart?

Walmart has two distinctive money transfer services. It has two types of money transfer partners; domestic and international transfers.


This service is powered by RIA, Western Union, and Moneygram for domestic money transfers.

There are three money transfer options at each Walmart store for customers:

  • RIA – US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico
  • Western Union – US and Puerto Rico
  • Moneygram – the US and Puerto Rico

You can also use online money transfer options for domestic transfers through Moneygram or Western Union.

All of these services come with different charges.

Walmart to Walmart money transfers with Ria:

  • $2.50 for the domestic wire transfer of $0 – $500
  • $5 for the domestic wire transfer of $501 – $1,000
  • $10 for the domestic wire transfer of $1,001 – $1,300
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Your wire transfer charges for Moneygram and Western Union will also depend on the sending amount. You can always check the fee before sending money to a domestic destination.

Depending on the service availability at a Walmart outlet, you can use the wire transfer service to send money as cash, to a bank account, mobile wallet, debit card, and home delivery.


This is an international money transfer option for Walmart customers. You can use all three services for international transfers as well.

You can send money to over 200 countries using one of these three services. Depending on your selected service, you can use different money transfer options like cash pick up, account transfer, and mobile wallet.

Service partners like Moneygram and Western Union also keep a margin from exchange rates. It means the exchange rates you’ll get for international money transfers can differ from a physical FC exchange.

Your international money transfer charges will also depend on the service you use and the amount you transfer.

How to Transfer Money with Walmart?

You can send money through a Walmart store or using one of its partner’s online money transfer solutions.

Money Transfer with Ria

With Ria, you can transfer funds to Mexico only. The money transfer charges start at $2.50.

The money transfers options through Ria include:

  • Cash pick up
  • Bank account transfer
  • Mobile wallet
  • Home delivery
  • Direct Debit Card or ATM Pick up

You’ll need a US photo identity to send money using Ria at Walmart stores. You can also use the same Ria services for cash pick-ups through Walmart stores.

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Money Transfer with Western Union

The second option at Walmart is Western Union. It is one of the leading money transfer solutions in the world.

You can use Western Union services at any of the Walmart store outlets. You can also send online money through Western Union easily.

Western Union has international money transfer solutions for over 200 countries worldwide. The money transfer charges depend on the amount you send and the receiver’s location.

You’ll need a US photo ID to send or receive money through Western Union at stores or online. Western Union provides a funds transfer money tracking as well.

You can receive money through Western Union at participating Walmart outlets.

Money Transfer with Moneygram

Your third option at Walmart is Moneygram for domestic and international money transfers.

Moneygram also offers funds transfer services to over 200 countries worldwide at competitive pricing.

Remember, both Western Union and Moneygram will keep a margin on exchange rates as well. In other words, that’s also your cost of sending money using these two services.

You can use a Walmart participating store or Moneygram website for an online money transfer. Moneygram also offers a cash pick-up service.

With Moneygram you can use cash pick up, bank account transfer, mobile wallet, and ATM cash pick up services.

Important Points to Remember with Walmart Wire Transfers

Let us summarize a few key points when using these three money transfer options at a Walmart store or online.

Time Required

Moneygram, Western Union, and Ria all offer a cash pick service in minutes. Usually, when your transaction is completed and you get an MTC or PIN code for the fund’s transfer, your wire should be ready within a few minutes.

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However, you can experience a delay if there is a service issue or the receiver’s location has a different time zone affecting the working hours of these services.

Money Tracking

All of these domestic and international money transfers come with money tracking options. You can easily use the MTC or PIN code to track your money transfer transaction online.

Domestic and International Destinations

Ria is available for over 2,500 US domestic destinations through Walmart. It also offers services for Puerto Rico and Mexico.

However, Ria does not offer international money transfers to other destinations than Mexico.

You can use Moneygram and Western Union for domestic and international transfers and pick-ups.

Money Transfer Charges

Your money transfer charges depend on the following factors:

  • Sender service; Ria, Western Union, and Moneygram have different service charges.
  • The Amount you send
  • The receiver’s location

Cash pick-up services are free for all of these services.

Sending and Receiving Limits

Walmart wire transfers come with money sending and receiving limits. These limits also vary by the service provider and receiver’s location.

For example, if you are using Ria for a wire transfer to Mexico, you can only send 7,000 pesos. Similarly, other services will have a sending limit through one transaction in a day.

Exchange Rates

It is important to compare exchange rates through these services when using an international money transfer.

All international funds transfer services charge you a fraction of the fee through an exchange rate difference.