Chase Safety Deposit Box Guide: Locations, Fees, and Requirement 2022

Chase bank is currently not receiving applications for new safe deposit boxes. Existing customers can enjoy the services who already rented these boxes.

Here is our guide for you to know how Chase bank’s safe deposit boxes are used, their available locations, and important considerations about them.

Does Chase Bank Offer New Safe Deposit Boxes in 2022?

Chase bank currently does not offer new Safe deposit boxes. However, existing customers can enjoy the safe deposit box services at various locations.

If you are looking for a Chase bank safe deposit box, you may have to wait for a while. The bank changes the policy from time to time and may open safe box allocations again soon.

Chase bank may offer a safe box to existing customers depending on availability in certain locations.

For example, if you had applied for a safe box and have been waiting for it, you may get one if an old user evicts one safe box in your preferred location.

There is no official word from the bank but premium account holders may get a safe deposit box as a premium service.

How to Apply for the Chase Safe Deposit Box?

Since Chase bank is not accepting new applications for Chase safe deposit box, there is no formal application form or method available currently.

When applications are available, you can download them from the Chase bank website. Precisely, you can visit a Chase bank branch near your location and ask for a safe deposit box application.

New account holders can also get a safe deposit box through the same account opening application. Chase bank used to offer deposit boxes as an additional service to its account holders of specific account types.


You can check with your nearest branch or by calling the Chase bank helpline to confirm whether the safe deposit box is currently on offer for private checking accounts.

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What is the Fee for Chase Safe Deposit Box?

Chase bank’s fee schedule does not provide current annual charges for safe deposit boxes. It is because Chase bank is not currently offering new safe deposit boxes.

The annual fee for a safe deposit box is revised every year. It includes sales tax amounts as well and can vary by state.

Here are some examples of similar safe deposit box service charges from other leading banks in the US.

Box Size (in)3 × 55 × 53 × 105 × 1010 × 10
Bank of America$75$101$101$157$227
Wells Fergo$65$95$125
TD Bank$43$60$70$96$165

We can expect a similar fee schedule from Chase bank for its safe deposit boxes as well.

Free for Premium Account Holders

As mentioned above, Chase bank used to offer safe deposit boxes to its customers. It also waived off the annual fee for its premium account holders in the past.

Some account holders would receive a 50% fee waiver from Chase bank for certain bank account types. However, these offers are not available at the moment.

Fee by Box Size and Location

Generally, two factors decide the annual fee of the deposit box. The first one is the box size, and the bank would charge you more for a larger box.

Then, the bank charges also include sales tax. So, the amount of sales tax would vary by your location.

Which Items You Can Keep in the Chase Safe Deposit Box?

When choosing a safe deposit box, you should carefully check the list of allowed items you can keep inside the box.

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Moreover, the bank will be liable for your losses up to a limit. So, check the bank’s liability as well.

Here are a few items that you can securely place in a safe deposit box:

  • Personal Documents
  • Citizenship papers, marriage certificates, deeds, copies of wills and power of attorneys, car title, mortgage agreement copies, and so on.
  • Business Documents
  • Trade contracts, sale agreements, lease agreements, business registration papers, and so on.
  • Investment and Savings Documents
  • Saving certificates, bonds, paper stocks, etc.
  • Hard drives, flash drives, and other valuable memory storage devices
  • Collectibles, unique items, jewelry, and other belongings

You can keep any other valuable and non-perishable items that fit the size of the box as well provided its liability claim does not exceed the bank liability limit.

Which Items are Prohibited?

As a rule of thumb, you should never place cash inside a safe deposit box in any bank. Similarly, you cannot use it to store prohibited items.

Also, remember that you can only access a safe deposit box during banking hours. It means you shouldn’t place your travel documents like your passport or driving license inside the box.

Here are a few items that are prohibited or you should avoid keeping in a safe deposit box anyway.

  • Weapons (even when licensed), Firearms, guns, or ammunition
  • Drugs or narcotics
  • Passport, Driving License, uninsured valuable items
  • Cash, foreign currency notes, and precious metals like gold coins
  • Anything illegal to possess
  • Liquids, corrosive, pressurized, hazardous
  • Explosive materials such as dynamite, fireworks, flares, tear gas, and self-defense spray

What is Chase Bank Liability Limit for the Safe Deposit Box?

Chase bank’s safe deposit liability limit is currently set at $25,000.

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This liability limit is important for you to remember. If you keep any valuable items exceeding this limit and something unfortunate happens at the deposit box, you’ll get a maximum of this limit.

Also, make sure to check with your local branch for category liability limits. Each box size comes with different annual rent and may also offer a different liability limit.

Important Points to Remember with Chase Safe Deposit Box

Let us now wrap up with some key points to note with Chase bank’s safe deposit box offer.


Safe deposit boxes may not be available at Chase bank locations. So, it’s better to confirm with your local branch before you apply for one.

Also, you may have to wait for a deposit box to get vacated and if there is one available may not suit your size requirement.


You can only access the deposit box during the banking hours set by the bank. During weekends and holidays, you may not be able to access your belongings there.

The bank will also ensure that only authorized persons access the deposit box. It means you cannot simply hand over box keys and pin to access the box.

Authorization to Another Person

You must provide authorized access to any other person accessing the deposit box. This authorization must be verified by the bank as well.

However, if the authorized person uses the box on your behalf, the bank’s liability will not cover the other person’s belongings.

Canceling the Agreement

As a bank customer, you can cancel the safe deposit rental agreement with the bank at any time.

You must provide the bank with a notice period if you want a refund.

Keys and PIN Combination

You should keep safe deposit box keys and PIN to yourself only. Authorized persons must be notified to the bank if you want any other person to operate the box.

In the case of lost or stolen keys, you should immediately inform the bank to avoid any misuse.