Bank of America Card Activation – Your Guide 2022

Bank of America – Debit and Credit Cards

You can get two types of cards from Bank of America; credit and debit cards. None of these cards come activated for security reasons.

Here is a brief introduction to Bank of America cards.

Debit and Digital Cards

Your checking account comes with a Mastercard debit card. You can use this card to withdraw and deposit money into your account.

You can use the debit card for several other transactions like fund transfers through ATMs and check deposits.

Moreover, you can use a digital version of your debit card as well. It allows you to operate your debit card with mobile and digital wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Credit Cards

Bank of America has a wide range of credit cards for you. Individual and business account holders can order a credit card of their choice.

Some of the top credit cards by type available at Bank of America include:

  • Cash Reward Credit Cards
  • Travel and Airline rewards credit cards
  • Lower interest rate cards
  • Credit cards for students

Then, some other types of cards are suitable for credit building, points rewards, etc.

How to Activate a Bank of America Debit Card?

You should never ask bank employees or any other persons to activate your debit or credit card for you. Doing so will compromise your card security and get you in trouble immediately.

Here are a few simple ways to easily activate your Bank of America debit cards.

Activating Debit Card by Online Banking

The first method to activate your debit card is through online banking. If you have registered for online banking, it is an easy and quick option for you.

All you have to do is to log in with your online banking user ID and PIN. You’ll navigate through the menu and select activate your debit card option.

The Bank of America will verify your user identity, PIN, and debit card details seamlessly. Once approved, your debit card will be activated in a few minutes.

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If you don’t have online banking, you’ll need to register for it first to activate your debit card using this option.

Activating Debit Card by Mobile Banking

Another easy and quick method to activate your debit card is through the Bank of America mobile app.

Download the Bank of America mobile app first. Then, create a mobile banking account and activate it.

Once your bank mobile app is ready, you can choose the “activate debit card” option. You’ll navigate through a few steps to activate your debit card by providing personal, user ID, and card details.

Activating Debit Card by Phone Call

If you are not comfortable doing all steps by yourself, you can use the phone service of Bank of America.

It is a relevant service to mobile banking using your Bank of America mobile app. However, you can also call customer support to get direct help for card activation.

You can use the phone banking support line at 800.432.1000 to call the support team and ask for the debit card activation.

Activating Debit Card Directly

A convenient method of activating a Bank of America debit card is to use the card for a transaction anywhere.

For example, if you withdraw cash using your debit card, it will be activated automatically.

How to Activate the Bank of America Credit Card?

You can also use all of the methods mentioned above to activate your credit card. Bank of America provides the same guidelines for activating a credit card.

Bank of America offers different types of credit cards but the activation process for all types of cards is the same.

Debit/Credit Card Replacement

You can also use the contact methods mentioned above to order new debit or credit cards.

If your debit or credit is not working or gets blocked due to any reason, you can order a replacement. However, you should try to activate the card using one of the four methods listed above.

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A replacement card will incur you a fee as the bank does not provide a free replacement card if it’s broken or damaged from your side.

Use internet banking, mobile banking app, or phone services to order a new replacement debit or credit card.

How to Block a Lost or Stolen Card?

One of the urgent situations where you would want to contact the Bank of America support team is when your card is lost or stolen.

You should immediately log in to your online banking account and get your debit/credit card temporarily blocked. You can also use mobile banking app to temporarily block the card.

If you don’t have access to internet banking/mobile apps, you can always call the Bank of America support team for blocking your card.

You should inform the bank support team if you have lost access to a digital debit card or have forgotten the PIN/Passcode of your digital card.

How to contact the Bank of America Support Team?

There are different methods to contact Bank of America for different situations including card activation, lost/stolen card reporting, or other issues.

Chat and Live Support

You can use the Bank of America live chat option through the internet and mobile banking apps.

It is the quickest and easiest method to get answers to your regular questions. A customer support team member will answer your queries and can solve regular issues like guiding you on how to activate a card.

Schedule an Appointment

A convenient way for you to visit the financial center of Bank of America is by scheduling an appointment before you go there.

You can use this “schedule an appointment” Link to easily schedule a visit to your nearest branch. It will save you time and offer a convenient way to activate your debit card and discuss other issues with the bank.

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Contact by Email

You can also send an email to the customer support team of Bank of America at any time. Just log in to your online banking account and navigate to the “contact us” page.

Then, select the email option and create an email to contact the bank support team.

Contact by Call or Mail

You can also call or send a letter by general post to get answers to your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bank of America Cards

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Bank of America cards.

How can I temporarily block my card?

You can call or use online/mobile banking methods to block your debit/credit card temporarily.

How can I set up Card Alerts?

You can use online/mobile banking app to set debit/credit card transaction alerts. You can also set transaction limits.

How to use my digital debit card?

Your digital debit card is a temporary card offered by Bank of America when your plastic card is not available. It will expire as soon as you get a replacement debit card or activate the existing one.

What can I deposit through Bank of America ATMs using my debit card?

You can deposit cash and paper checks through ATMs by using your debit card.

How to change Debit/Credit card PIN using ATM?

You’ll need to provide your old PIN to access ATM usage. Once you log in using your debit card, you can navigate the menu to find the “PIN change” option. Then, you can set a new PIN for your debit card and confirm it.