QVC Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, And More

Millions of people prefer shopping from home instead of roaming in malls. QVC is one of the vast and trustworthy shopping channels. QVC keeps on introducing convenient ways of shopping for its consumers. Recently, QVC has teamed up with Synchrony Bank and introduced Qcard credit cards.

With Qcard, you can shop anything from QVC and make your payments handily. While shopping with a QVC credit card, you’ll also get hundreds of exciting rewards. Being a newbie, you must worry about login, payments, customer services, and other factors.

Take a breath! This article will give you all the essential information about QVC credit cards. You have to spare a few moments to skim this writing. Here we come.

Key Takeaways:

1- Login to your QVC credit card with a single click on to clear your payments. 

2- You can make the Qcard credit card payment via phone number 1-877-490-1787 or mail at the following address; 

Qcard/ Synchrony Bank

PO BOX 530905 

Atlanta, GA 30353-0905 

QVC Credit Card Login Process

The initial riddle regarding the QVC credit card is the credit card login. You must be thinking about where you can start. Don’t worry. The following steps will guide you in considering a QVC credit card login.

  • Firstly, visit the official site and go to the login page.
  • In the next step, enter your user ID.
  • Here comes the time to enter your password. Your login password must be secure and robust.
  • Now, click on the login icon and proceed.

Forthwith, you can shop anything you want from QVC and clear your payment with a Qcard credit card.

How To Register For Online Access?

Presently, online practices are leading the world. Being a QVC customer, you must want online access to your Qcard credit card. For online access, you’ll have to pursue the following instructions.

  • Now, you’ll see two slots asking for your account number and ZIP code.
  • Enter the credentials and tap on the “Continue” icon. 
  • Currently, you’ll have to select a reliable password.
  • Press “Confirm,” and the site will give you online access to a Qcard credit card.      

QVC Credit Card Payment

When you log in to your Q Card and get online access, the next step is recognizing the payment method. You already know that QVC is collaborating with synchrony bank for payment with Qcard credit card.

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Various ways have been introduced for expenses via Qcard credit card. Let’s explore all the standard payment techniques.

1- Payment Via Phone

Sometimes you have to make an immediate payment but are unaware of what to do. QVC credit card has solved your problem. Now you can clear your payment anywhere with a single tap on your phone.

You can pay your bills with your phone by following the procedure.

  • Call at Q Card customer service number, which is 1-877-490-1787.
  • After connecting, you’ll have to select the “Payment” option.
  • This option enables you to make any payment immediately.

The Qcard customer service will be available from 7 am to 1 am ET for a whole week. You can also ask for a representative’s assistance. The representative aid will command you $10 per payment.   

2- Online Payment

Online payment is the widely used payment method for QVC. You can make your Qcard Online Payment in a few simple steps.

  • Open the QVC official site and login into your Qcard account.
  • You can login to your credit card account by entering the user ID and password.
  • After accessing your account, you can pay by following the terms.
  • One Time Payment
    • Schedule a Payment
    • Enroll in Automatic Payments 

And you’ll be done with your fee in a few moments.

3- QVC Easy Pay

If you’re a Qcard user, you must know QVC’s easy pay. Most of you will love the QVC Easy Pay method. It is a technique where you can get your essentials immediately and pay for the items in installments.

The installments will be deducted through your Qcard, Paypal account, or Major credit card. Easy Pay will ask for an installment after every month or 31 days.  

4- Payment Via Mail

Mailing your Qcard payment is a unique yet helpful method. Yes, you heard it right. You can transmit your QVC credit card payment through the post office. All the wage mails should be sent to the following address.

Qcard/ Synchrony Bank

PO BOX 530905

Atlanta, GA 30353-0905 

While thinking about payment via mail, you must go before 4-7 working days. This is because the Qcard payments will be processed the same day they receive them. The late payment submission will cost you a $37 fine.   

QVC Credit Card Customer Service

QVC always takes care of its customers. If you have trouble processing the Qcard credit card, you can directly approach QVC customer service. You can contact customer service promptly for Qcard payments and assistance via a phone number 877-49001787.

Whenever you face difficulty getting customer service through the given number, you can move to 800-376-9444.

How To Connect With The Live Agent Of QVC?

There’s no rocket science behind connecting to the live agent of QVC. You can pertain to the live agent of QVC in pursuing strides.

  • Call at 888-345-5788
  • Dial 0 without leaving the line.
  • In a few moments, you’ll be connected to the live agent of QVC.
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Now, you can share your query with the representative and will get your problem solved in no time.    

How Can You Cancel QVC Order?

Canceling the QVC order will not be an easy task. Whenever you try to cancel your order from any online store, they create a lot of hurdles. Do you want to cancel your recent order on QVC?

Before withdrawing the order, you should check whether your order has been dispatched or not. The initial step is to visit the QVC official website and explore QVC Order cancellation.

Most of you might be unable to understand the cancellation method from the QVC site. Cheer up. This writing will give you the three most convenient ways to cancel your order.

1- Via Phone

People think order cancellation via phone is a straightforward method. It is a fact that you can cancel your order by calling customer service at 888-354-5788. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea.

Your call will be on hold for various hours due to daily hundreds of calls at QVC customer service. If you connect to the live agent instantly, your order will be canceled shortly. 

2- Online

Online order cancellation is the most effective and broad method. You don’t have to wait for assistance from QVC agents in online cancellation. You can cancel your order online in a modest step-by-step guide.

  • Firstly, Login to your account with your user ID and password.
  • Inquire whether your item has been posted or not.
  • If your order is still in the firm, you’ll get an option stating, “Cancel Your Order.”
  • Tap on the cancellation, and you’re done.

You’ll find your order in the “In process” or “Awaiting stock” icon.    

3- Apps

Another strategy for canceling your order is via the QVC app. Your account on the QVC app is mandatory to cancel your order. Therefore, first of all, make your account on the app by providing your credentials.

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Please track your order in the app by the order number and cancel it. QVC app is also a standard cancellation method because if you’ve ordered an unnecessary item, you can cancel it in any region of the earth by phone.

Can You Request A Refund From QVC?

Yes, you can ask for a refund from QVC. Sometimes, you find any trouble canceling the order, and the article arrives at your doorstep. You don’t have to bother yourself by keeping the unwanted stuff in your place.

QVC has introduced that you can return your product to the firm within 90 days. You should be aware that the return will only be accepted if you have an actual reason for the return.

You can ask for a refund too via the return page at the QVC site. To return your order, you should pursue the given strides.

  • Obey all the instructions given on the return page of QVC.
  • Your carton must contain a Q return label fastened.

If you have no Q return label, you shouldn’t be worried. You can get a new return label by visiting the order details. At order attributes, you’ll have to press on the “Print Return Label” and affix it to the returning product.

You can also request a return via DoNotPay. DoNotPay is a site that assists you in requesting a refund instead of accepting a spare product.

Pros & Cons Of Qcard Credit Card

QVC credit cards have the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Extended compassion duration.
  • There will be no tax for crossing your card limit.
  • Qcard is great for purchases at the  QVC store and online site.  


  • Shortage of reward policies.
  • APR – 22.80% (Considered a high standard).
  • Qcard will not enable you to get any bonus.  

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve got everything about QVC credit cards. Now, you can login to your Qcard credit card anytime. You’re able to make payments in various ways conveniently. You can also approach customer service for a better experience.

You have also got the tactics to cancel the unwanted order at QVC. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the QVC and log in to your Qcard.