Overstock Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

Overstock is a brand that sells goods at a discount – this legitimate and reliable web store keeps liquidated inventory from other retailers on its shelves.

The vast selection of liquidated products is a good option for users wanting to purchase items from any major retailer.

The loyalty program, affordable prices, and money-back guarantee of this web store inspire every user.

The Overstock store proudly offers credit card options with the partnership of Comenity Capital Bank.

The credit card can be exclusively used for purchases and sales on Overstock.com. Through this card, the user gets unique financing options for up to 24 months!

To enjoy the Overstock Credit Card perks, Overstock customers must know how to log in to the card and make payments. As a new Overstock user, you can dig out this article and unfold all the necessary information to make a hassle-free Overstock credit card login, payment, cancellation, etc.

Key Takeaway:

Overstock Credit Card

P.O. Box 659834

San Antonio, TX 78265-913

How Can I Apply For The Overstock.Com Store Card?

  • It is very straightforward to apply for the Overstock Store Credit Card; if you want to apply, you can visit their page and tap the Apply Now button.
  • By tapping the Apply now section, you will be landed in the Prequalification application, where you can prequalify for the card. Find out how much you could be verified without any inquiry regarding your credit card.
  • After reading the terms and policies, you can tap “apply.” 
  • Then click on the Accept option and submit the complete application.

Note: Comenity Capital Bank funds the card; hence, they have got the authority to review your application, so they have got the authority to approve or deny the application.

Overstock Credit Card Approval Time

If the bank accepts your application, it will take only a few minutes, and you will receive an approval page. This approval page enlists the limitations of your approved credit.

The Overstock Store will add your account information for the Overstock Store Credit Card. After this process, you will be ready to use Overstock.com immediately.

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However, your Credit Card will take at least ten days to arrive at your doorstep. Remember – The Overstock Credit Card cannot be used for purchasing goods from any other store; it only works at the Overstock Store.

What If The Bank Redirects You To An Information Page?

If, in any case, your browser sends you to a Pending page, it indicates that Comenity Capital Bank needs your additional information to progress your application.

The purpose of this redirection doesn’t mean that your application is rejected. It just means some of the data was missing and is now required to finalize the process.

What If Your Application Is Rejected?

If your application is declined, you must apply again for the Overstock Store Credit Card but wait at least 90 days (starting from your previous application submission date).

What Are The Benefits Of Being An Overstock.Com Store Cardholder?

Overstock credit card holders can enjoy the perks-we know you won’t stop yourself from getting entertained by these services.

  1. On the first order of $300 or above, the customer will get an extra $30 back as a reward.
  2.  Finance options for up to 24 months.
  3. If paid in full within half a year, there is no interest when the purchases are over $249.
  4. If paid in full within a year, there is no interest when the purchases are over $499.
  5. If paid in full within one and a half years, there is no interest when the purchases are over $1499.
  6. If paid in full within 24 months: no interest when the purchases are made over $1999.
  7. No Annual Fee
  8. Quick and comfortable Online Account Management
  9. Special offers on birthdays
  10. Exclusive Events for Cardholders, such as Early Sale Access

You can tap here to find more terms and conditions for the Overstock Credit Card.

Ways Of Making Overstock.Com Payment

Every customer transaction that is done through Comenity Capital Bank is made transparent. The bank monthly mails the Overstock Store credit card statement to customers.

Following are the methods to pay your Overstock Credit Card:

Method 1: Online Payment

If you want to make your credit card payment online, the steps are:

  1. Visit the website of the Overstock Credit Card.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Visit the Payments section.
  4.  Click on the Make Payments option.
  5. Enter the card’s billing details.
  6. Tap the Confirm Payment button, and you’re done!
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Method 2: Payment Via Phone

If you don’t have a computer to pay online, you can make your payments by phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take your customer credit card and call the number given at the back.
  2. Enter your 16-digit credit card number when you are asked.
  3. Observe the prompts.
  4. Confirm your payments by adding the amount.
  5. You are done – it will take one business day to process your payment.

Method 3: Payment By Mail

An Overstock Store Credit Card holder can make payments via mail, and the steps are:

  1. Take an envelope and write your account number on the money order or the back of the check.
  2. Mail the payment to the given address:

Overstock Credit Card

P.O. Box 659834

San Antonio, TX 78265-9134

Tip: Keep the copy of the money order or check safe as a record.

Method 4: Payment Through The Mobile App

The methods of paying card bills through the mobile app are:

  1. Take your mobile phone and open the mobile app.
  2. Visit the My Credit Cards menu.
  3. Tap the Overstock Credit Card.
  4. Hit the Pay Card Bill option.
  5. Put in the required details and Confirm the option of the Transaction.

Tip: If you want to receive the statement, you can register for online account access right after receiving the credit card. Delightfully, you can perform all of your Overstock functions online—pay online bills, view online statements, and update account information.

Comenity Bank offers auto-pay to its customers! You need to set the updates and leave everything to the bank.

After registering for an online account, the customer can navigate to the payments tab and tap on Set up Automatic Payments.

Customers can select the amount they need to pay and the account they want to pick. After that, payment will be automatically drawn from your selected account on the due date.

Overstock Credit Card Customer Service

Let’s figure out how you can contact Overstock.com to avail of the services of a Credit Card.

The Overstock brand doesn’t leave its customers at any phase but supports them in their time of need.

The vigilant and qualified customer agent instantly replies to every customer query—application process, billing, card cancellation, and other issues.

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However, customers can also directly contact Comenity Capital Bank for their payment process. The phone number to contact Comenity Capital Bank is 855-810-2546.

The Customer Service Agents are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST. The bank remains closed on Sundays and other major holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can jump into our FAQs section if you have more hassles and queries regarding Overstock Credit Card.

What Is The Overstock Store Credit Card?

The Overstock Store Credit Card allows you to enjoy premier card member deals and acquire exclusive financing while shopping for products on Overstock.com.

How Do I Apply For An Overstock Credit Card?

Applying for the Overstock Credit Card is pretty simple so you can click on this link.

Are There Fees Associated With The Account?

You don’t need to pay dues or fees while opening or keeping the account open. Nevertheless, it would help if you made on-time settlements to avoid extra fees.

Whom Can I Contact To Fix My Overstock Credit Card Query?

If a customer has any queries about a credit card, he can get information from the card service provider by dialing 1-855-810-2546 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918).

How Do I Make Payments And Manage My Account?

Overstock customers can make payments and manage the account by signing their account or calling 1-855-810-2546.

If for any reason, you are willing to cancel your account, report the stolen card, or have any other discussion, you can again call 1-855-810-2546.

How Long Is The Credit Card Agreement?

The Overstock Credit Card is valid for as long as you want; this card has no expiry date. If your card stays inactive for a long time, the card will be canceled for security reasons.

Our Summary

Overstock Credit Card Store is users’ favorite store that offers customers liquidated inventory products and credit cards.

This credit card brings various deals and discounts for customers and helps them make more manageable online payments. Still, any other retailer or ATM cannot assess the Overstock Credit Card.

This card’s login, payment, and cancellation are also so simple and quick. The customer representatives of Overstock.com and Comenity Capital Bank are always ready to serve customers.

So, if you want to enjoy Overstock products, buy its credit card, login into your credit card, and enjoy quick online transactions.