Is Motive Loan Legit?

Considering the rise in inflation, it has become difficult for people to fulfill their basic needs no matter how much they earn.

The more they earn, the more their needs grow with time. Many people have many dreams to fulfill. Some need to build their house; others want to start small businesses. However, they cannot pursue their dreams due to their bad credit situations.

Some people turned to traditional banks for loans. However, the long list of requirements made it impossible for them to qualify for bank financing.

Fortunately, many finance-providing or lender-connecting services have emerged in the market to help people gather the finances they need to fulfill their dreams.

However, with the gazillions of private lenders or loan-providing companies available, it has become quite challenging to choose the right one.

Motive Loan – a lender-connecting service, has become quite popular among young entrepreneurs and investors for all good reasons.

Over the past few years, it has connected many people with potential investors to help turn their business plans into profit.

If you have land and want to develop it or have a business plan, now is the perfect time to look for a specialized lender to turn your dream into reality.

Read on to learn everything about Motive Loan and its legitimacy.

What is Motive Loan?

Motive Loan is a referral service that helps connect people to many licensed lenders all across the USA willing to provide personal loans for a fixed interest rate.

The company has a huge network of potential lenders so that consumers can have a vast range of options for them and choose the one that best meets their needs and requirements.

Unlike bank financing, Motive Loan does not have a huge list of requirements and tends to release funds much faster than banks. They usually provide finances for projects that even most banks do not approve of.

Therefore, if acquiring a personal loan through a bank seems quite complicated to you, you must consult with a Motive Loan. They will find a potential lender for you in no time!

How Does Motive Loan Work?

The primary goal of Motive Loan is to connect consumers with potential lenders as soon as their financial needs arise.

With the help of Motive Loan, consumers can find many potential lenders willing to release the funds as soon as possible.

All you need to do is fill out the form online at Motive Loan. Once you have submitted your application form online, one of Motive Loan’s financial experts will contact you soon and guide you further.

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After your information is verified, you will be connected to a few potential lenders in their network.

 Finding the best lender that suits your needs and requirements will take a little time. However, as soon as your deal is closed with a potential lender, funds will be released the next business day.

Even if you are bankrupt or have no assets to show your financial stability, Motive Loan will still provide you with the funds you need to start your business.

However, the interest rate might be a little high if you are dealing with a bad credit situation or bankruptcy.

What types of Loans Does a Motive Loan Offer?

Motive Loan has a huge network of potential lenders willing to provide $100 to $5,000. However, not all lenders can provide funds up to $5,000.

Considering your financial need, Motive Loan will only connect you to lenders capable enough to meet your financial need.

However, now you must be wondering what types of loans are approved by Motive Loan. Here are a few types of loans that are approved by Motive Loan easily:

Paying off Debts

Most people take loans because they want to pay off their debts that are causing them huge stress.

People usually apply for a loan to pay off multiple other loans such as credit card payments, vehicle installments, and many others.

Grouping the debt to make it one monthly installment makes it easier for people to pay off their debts.

It is the best option for paying high-interest debts. The more time you take to pay off the debt, the higher the interest.

Therefore, the wiser decision would be to take a loan at a lower interest rate and pay off your high-interest debt.

Home renovation

Do you want to renovate your house to later rent or sell it out for profit but lack the funds for it?

Well, a Motive Loan can help you acquire funds for your home renovation.

You can use the funds released for upgrading your home or completing necessary repairs.

Later, you can pay off the debt slowly and gradually without feeling overwhelmed. Also, it is a great option for people with deteriorated properties having no funds to fix them.

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Therefore, getting a loan to upgrade your home or complete the necessary repairs is better than building from scratch.

Emergency expenses

Acquiring a loan can be a great option if you have a sudden emergency, like paying for a loved one’s funeral.

The average funeral cost is from $3000 to $7000, which is quite difficult for few families to afford.

Therefore, acquiring a loan through a Motive Loan can be a great idea to bid goodbye to your loved ones the way they deserve.

Later, you can pay the debt in small monthly installments without feeling stressed. Moreover, the loan can also be acquired to pay the surprise medical bills, especially if the doctor demands payment in full.

Plus, funds through Motive Loans are acquired so quickly that they can be used to cover an emergency or unexpected expense.

Large purchases

Did your washing machine break down? Do you want to upgrade your car? Well, you can do all of it by acquiring the loan.

You may not have full payment to buy a new washing machine or car, but you can easily pay off your debt in small monthly installments.

Doing so will allow you to buy appliances as soon as you need them without worrying about collecting the full payment.

Wedding or higher education expenses

Do you want to have your dream wedding but do not have the funds for it? For couples who do not have enough cash, a personal loan can help them cover costs now and repay them later.

You and your partner can have your dream wedding and repay the debt in small monthly installments without feeling overwhelmed.

Moreover, if you want to pursue your higher studies but lack the finances, a Motive Loan can help you find a lender willing to provide funds for your studies. Later, you can pay off your debt in small monthly installments.

Requirements for Personal Loan Approval

Qualifying for Motive Loan’s personal loan is much easier and simpler than qualifying for bank financing. Here are a few requirements you must fulfill for personal loan approval:

  • An applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  • An applicant must live in the United States of America.
  • An applicant must have a stable job (employed by the same company for a minimum of 3 months)
  • An applicant must have a valid email address, bank account, and telephone number.
  • An applicant must meet the minimum income requirements.
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Pros & Cons of Motive Loan


  • Offers a wide network of potential lenders
  • Easy and fast online application process
  • Minimum loan approval requirements
  • Provides personal loans up to $5000
  • Releases funds faster
  • Flexible timeline to repay your loan (up to 72 months)
  • Small monthly installments to repay a loan
  • No pre-payment penalty


  • Not a direct lender itself
  • No customer support service is available
  • No information about the founders
  • Not available in many other countries.

Is Motive Loan Legit?

The genuineness of Motive Loan is highly debated on the Internet. Some people cannot stop raving about the referral service, while others claim the website to be another scam on the Internet.

It is quite hard to believe that they are willing to lend money to almost anyone without asking for proof of financial stability.

However, many reliable private lenders provide funds to people with no financial stability.

These private lending companies’ primary goal is to understand people’s financial needs and support them when they need it the most.

A Motive Loan can be one of them, too, making the world a better place by approving loans fast as well as setting a flexible timeline to repay.

However, there is no information about the founders of Motive Loan, which seems like a big red flag.

Also, there is no customer support service available, putting a big question mark on the website’s legitimacy.


Nowadays, scammers are not only restricted to fake bank calls or door-to-door campaigns. Instead, they have many creative ways to scam people.

One of these creative scam methods is building professional quality bogus websites. These websites look deceivingly professional and authentic.

A Motive Loan can either be one of them or a legit site providing finances to consumers.

While Motive Loan does not ask people to pay registration fees like other scam websites, it does have no information about founders, no social media presence, and no customer support service, raising doubts about the website’s legitimacy.  

You must go ahead if you want to try this private lending company. However, make sure not to invest too much of your money at once or provide details of a bank account with all your life savings. It can be a genuine lender-connecting service or another scam on the Internet.