How to Get Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check?

Alliant credit union (CU) offers several banking, borrowing, and investment services to its members. A cashier’s check is an essential service that it offers to its members for making secured payments.

Let us discuss what is Alliant CU cashier’s check, how to get it, and what are the pros and cons of using it.

Alliant Credit Union – Introduction

Alliant is a leading credit union based in Chicago since 1935. It was formed as an employees’ credit union initially and has expanded its operations since then.

Alliant has over 600,000 members currently with total assets of $14 billion and loans of $9.1 billion. It offers its membership to several communities in Chicago and the employees and their family members of its listed partner companies.

Alliant CU is a fully digital credit union. It offers its services using digital means only without any physical branch locations anywhere in the US.

However, members of Alliant CU can obtain different services through a wide network of ATMs throughout the US.

Also, unlike many other credit unions, Alliant CU is not part of any shared credit union network in the US.

Alliant CU offers a wide range of products including:

  • Banking Products
    • Savings
    • Checking
    • Credit Cards
    • Custodial Accounts
  • Borrowing Products
    • Auto loans
    • Home financing
    • Credit cards
    • Personal loans
    • Commercial real estate
  • Investments
  • IRAs
    • Trust Accounts
    • Retirement investments
    • Protection – Insurance

How to Get Alliant Credit Union Membership?

You can join the Alliant credit union by applying online or through a printed application form.

Different community members and employees of partner companies with the Alliant CU can apply for the membership.

You’ll need the following documents and information to apply for the membership:

  • The Social Security Number or
  • An ITIN and a completed W-8BEN
  • One of the valid ID copies from the following:
    • Driving license
    • State ID
    • Passport
    • Permanent resident card
    • Foreign passport
  • Address verification through:
    • Utility bill
    • Lease agreement
    • Mortgage agreement
    • Vehicle or voter registration


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You can become an Alliant CU member if you:

  • Are you a current or retired employee of one of Alliant CU’s partner organizations and businesses?
  • Are you a domestic partner or family member of an Alliant member?
  • Live or work in communities listed as eligible by Alliant CU.

Additionally, if you become a member of the FC2S foundation through donations, you’ll become eligible for membership in Alliant CU as well.

The membership fee of $5 is waived off for FC2S members.

What is an Alliant CU Cashier’s Check?

A cashier’s check is a banking instrument used to make payments with a guarantee from the issuer for the availability of funds.

An Alliant CU cashier’s check is an instrument issued by the credit union at the request of its members that offer increased security features.

It is similar in physical shape to an ordinary check. However, the amount mentioned on it is drawn by the bank/ credit union and verified by the staff.

Therefore, an Alliant CU cashier’s check is a more secure form of payment for the customers. Even if the customer defaults on a payment, the Alliant CU will pay the payee for the amount of the cashier’s check.

How to Get Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check?

Alliant CU members have different options to get a cashier’s check. However, the term cashier’s check is interchangeably used with the “Alliant Official Check” at Alliant CU. Both these checks are the same as popularly termed cashier’s checks.

Online Banking

Alliant credit union is a fully digital credit union. All of its members must utilize one of its digital methods to obtain its services.

Ordering a cashier’s check at Alliant CU is easy with its online banking system. Members can log in to their online banking accounts and apply for a cashier’s check.

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The Alliant CU cashier’s check will be processed immediately after deducting the mentioned amount from the applicant’s account.

The Alliant CU cashier’s check will be dispatched to your mentioned address for you or the payee. If you need an urgent delivery, you’ll need to pay additional charges.

There is no fee for issuing the Alliant CU cashier’s check other than urgent courier charges.

Mobile App

Alliant CU members can use the same process as mentioned above by using its mobile app. However, a mobile app experience offers further flexibility and ease of use for its members.

The application process for the cashier’s check and the charges are the same using the mobile app as well.

The amount of the cashier’s check will be deducted from the applicant’s account at the time of issuing the check.

Phone Banking – Auto and Human Assistance

Alliant CU offers two types of phone banking services. The first is through an automated response service that members can use to order a cashier’s check.

The second one is through live support by talking to a representative of Alliant CU. The human-assisted phone banking is a more comfortable option for members who are familiar with a physical branch experience.

Can You Get Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check at a Branch?

As mentioned above, Alliant CU has no physical branch outlets anywhere. It does not operate through service centers and branches.

All of its services can be obtained using digital mediums only. Also, it is not a part of any shared branch network of any credit union as well.

Although it offers services through a large network of more than 80,000 ATMs throughout the US, the cashier’s check application cannot be processed through ATMs.

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Where You Can Use Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check?

Alliant CU cashier’s checks can be used for any type of payment. Most users make large payments through a cashier’s check where online fund transfer or wire transfer is not available.

Common uses of Alliant credit union cashier’s checks include payments for real estate transactions, down payments for mortgages, vehicle payments, merchant payments, and other business/personal purchases.

As a cashier’s check is not available at disposal of the issuer, it is used for significant transactions only. 

Advantages of Using Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check

Alliant credit union cashier’s check offers several advantages to its users:

  • It is a secured form of payment.
  • The payment amount is backed by a guarantee from the Alliant CU.
  • It is cost-free as there are zero charges for an Alliant cashier’s check.
  • The check can be processed overnight or within one business day.
  • The payer can use the Alliant cashier’s check for all types of personal and business transactions.

Disadvantages of Using Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check

Despite offering several benefits, Alliant credit union cashier’s check also has some disadvantages.

  • Alliant CU cashier’s check can only be processed through online or phone banking mediums as there is no physical outlet of Alliant CU.
  • The service is available for Alliant CU members only.
  • The quick processing of the Alliant CU cashier’s check means there is no reaction time for the payer in the case of stop-payment or cancellation is required.
  • A cashier’s check is not 100% safe as it still possesses a risk of forgery or counterfeit activities.

Alternatives to Alliant Credit Union Cashier’s Check

Common alternatives to a cashier’s check include wire transfers, online fund transfers, and money orders.

All of these mediums serve the same purpose for issuers with different application processes and costs.