What Happened to RokBlok After Shark Tank?

Have you ever driven past a record store and wondered if anyone still listens to old sound albums?

Well, most people are quite fond of listening to old sound albums.

While the need for CDs has declined in recent years due to the launch of various music applications, many people still look for ways to listen to old sound records.

Do you fall into a similar category?

Thanks to Logan Riley, who developed a fantastic technology to return your old records only if you have kept them safe.

If you are a huge fan of old sound records, you might have already heard about RokBlok.

Initially, RokBlok was not known much, and only a few people might be familiar with it. It was just a concept that Logan Riley was looking to sell.

However, after Shark Tank, RokBlok gained immense popularity and is currently one of the most profitable businesses.

While many people are familiar with RokBlok’s success story, a few are unaware of it. If you are one of them, stress no more. Keep reading to learn everything about RokBlok and its recent Shark Tank update!

What is RokBlok?

RokBlok has become quite popular for all the right reasons. While many people are familiar with its success story, there are still a significant amount of people that do not know what exactly RokBlok is. RokBlok is the world’s smallest and most portable record player.

It is a lightweight wireless record player having a 4 x 2 bamboo block that will lay on top of an album.

All you will have to do is lift the lever, and RokBlok will spin and play the music of a vinyl record. Also, RokBlok can help you send music to wireless speakers or headphones through Bluetooth.

This fantastic technology has fulfilled the dream of vinyl record lovers. RokBlok is becoming immensely popular because it is one of a kind. After Logan Riley’s pitch aired on Shark Tank, RokBlok is reaching new heights of success.

Features of RokBlok

Do you wonder what is so special about RokBlok? It’s eye-appealing design and, of course, functionality.

It is made of bamboo and fiberboard material, making the record player lightweight and durable. One of the top features of this top-quality record player is its built-in speaker system.

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The two-inch speaker may look small in size, but it is definitely tough on performance. It is powerful enough to fill the entire room with the sweet sounds of vinyl. Another feature that makes RokBlok not worth skipping is its Bluetooth connectivity.

Suppose you are unsatisfied with the built-in speakers’ sound quality or want a louder version. In that case, you can always connect it to external speakers using Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, you must wonder how this RokBlok record player is powered. It comes with a lithium battery. Therefore, you can carry the tiny wireless record player anywhere you go to enjoy the music you love.

However, if you don’t want your entertainment to get interrupted, you must charge it for two hours after four hours of continuous usage.

With this portable record player, you can enjoy your favorite vinyl record albums in your room, backyard, camping site, or anywhere you want.

Here are the most prominent features of RokBlok:

  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with a pre-amplifier
  • It offers a Bluetooth connectivity
  • It can play 33 ⅓ with 45 rpm records
  • It includes a robust built-in speaker
  • The mixture of bamboo and the fiberboard-made record player is durable.
  • The rubber wheel is designed around the vinyl for protection

Who is RokBlok’s founder?

Logan Riley, a creative lead at Apple for nine years, finally decided to work on the idea he had been planning for many years.

With limited funds of $2000, he decided to chase his dream of developing the world’s smallest wireless record player, which no one had ever thought of creating.

Logan Riley, an audio engineer, was so determined that he had self-taught himself electrical engineering from Youtube videos and began working on creating the prototype.

Riley knew in his heart that if this product were developed right, it would definitely be loved by people, as most people want a product that can play record albums as well as is travel-friendly.

For this reason, Logan Riley saw the opportunity and invented the product. However, with insufficient funds, it seemed impossible for Logan Riley to make his products reach a larger target audience.

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That’s when he decided to pitch his idea on America’s biggest reality show, Shark Tank.

How Did the RokBlok’s Pitch Go on Shark Tank?

Logan Riley decided to pitch RokBlok on Shark Tank in December 2017 and was looking for funds worth $300,000 and was willing to offer 15% of the equity in the business.

The pitch was focused on the prominent features of RokBlok and how much value it can add to people’s lives.

Also, Logan Riley emphasized the product’s portability and lower power consumption. While most judges liked the business concept, Barbara stepped out of the deal claiming that the business is quite at an early stage to invest.

Also, she declared that RokBlok might not grab people’s attention as the market for this kind of product is quite limited.

Kevin also realized that the product does come with few risks, but he saw a potential in RokBlok that no other judge could.

That’s why he decided to take a risk and offered $300,000 to Riley but, in return, asked for 50% of the equity in the company.

Robert Herjavee also took part in and offered Riley $500,000 for 100% equity of the company while hiring Riley on a two-year contract for a six-figure salary. Furthermore, Riley would also get a $5 royalty on every RokBlok unit sold.

After considering all the judges’ offers, Logan Riley accepted Robert’s offer. This deal has definitely boosted RokBlok sales. Before Shark Tank, the company used to sell 5 units per day. However, now, the company is selling almost 200 units a day.

How Shark Tank Impacted RokBlok’s Success?

It will not be wrong to say that RokBlok became immensely popular after the Shark Tank show went on air.

Also, the intention to collaborate with different artists and other groups on different projects was revealed. Therefore, the website traffic of RokBlok increased, and so did the sales.

After the show’s premiere, Shark Tank’s revenue increased significantly. According to various reports, RokBlok’s sales have massively increased from 5 units to 200 units sold daily.

Since then, the RokBlok company has become unstoppable and is now recruiting more employees to meet the increased demands.

Now, you must be wondering how did this happen? Robert is a renowned businessman with a large group of investors.

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Now the RokBlok company is fully under him, Robert Herjavac has financed 100% of the investment in the company.

Is RokBlok Still in Business in 2022?

Currently, RokBlok is doing quite well. It is not wrong to say it is currently one of the most profitable companies worldwide.

Moreover, it is ready to collaborate with artists in the media and entertainment industry to find further innovative options.

The company is quite lucrative because of its earnings and product market share. As for 2022, the RokBlok company’s net worth is 5 million and is continuously growing.

Due to the tremendous interest people show, most of the products are out of stock. Therefore, the company is updating its inventory as soon as possible to make the customers not wait too long.

However, the company has built such a strong customer community that it waits patiently for the next stock to come in rather than looking elsewhere.


In today’s world, many new businesses start every year. However, only a few can make a name for themselves in the highly competitive market.

The majority of new businesses, due to lack of experience and insufficient funds, disappear from the market within a year of their launch dates.

Shark Tank, America’s biggest reality show, has gained immense popularity among entrepreneurs for all the right reasons. It is definitely more than just a show.

It has helped many entrepreneurs convert their small startups or budding businesses into established brands. However, even on Shark Tank, not every business gets the chance to flourish.

Only the businesses that have potential can become one of Shark Tank’s success stories, and RokBlok is definitely one of them.

RokBlok had been on Amazon and Kickstarter for months, but not many people knew about it. However, as soon as the RokBlok episode of Shark Tank went on air, people went crazy and could not stop obsessing over this fantastic record player.

Currently, RokBlok’s company is rapidly growing and has the potential to grow even more. If you are a fan of vinyl record albums, you must place your order at RokBlok.