What Happened to Pavlok After Shark Tank?

It is common for people to have bad habits like nail biting, smoking, sleeping late, oversleeping, overusing social media, drinking alcohol, and much more.

While these habits may not seem harmless at first, they become a massive problem in the future if not taken care of immediately.

Once you develop a bad habit, quitting seems like an impossible task.

Are you also struggling to quit a bad habit? Well, in that case, Pavlok might have a perfect solution for you.

The brand has managed to help many people get rid of their bad habits with its super-effective product – the Smart Wrist band.

If you are a fan of Shark Tank, you might already know about Pavlok and its success story.

On Shark Tank’s platform, many contestants have presented their business ideas. However, quite a few have managed to make a strong impression on the audience’s minds.

One of those memorable contestants is Maneesh Sethi. He appeared in Shark Tank season 7, episode 29, and grabbed the attention of a larger target audience due to his unique business idea.

Now, a few questions must pop into your mind –  Did the Sharks agree to seal the deal?

What happened to Pavlok after Shark Tank?

How is the company doing after Shark Tank? Read this article to learn about the Pavlok Shark Tank story and recent updates about Pavlok!

What is Pavlok?

Bad habits can become a disease if they are not taken seriously in the initial stage. Once you eliminate bad habits, you can improve your productivity, efficiency, focus, and motivation.

However, breaking bad habits is not as easy as it sounds. While there are many solutions for breaking bad habits on the internet, not all are as effective as they claim.

Pavlok is a brand that claims to help people break their bad habits with its unique product – Smart Wristband.

It is a wearable device that shocks people whenever they oversleep, drink alcohol, do nail-biting, or have other bad habits.

The goal of this wearable device is to make the user link the electric shock with a bad habit, eventually leading them to break the bad habit.

The smart wristband comes with a user-friendly app to help people break any bad habits they might have.

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Once you have set the goal in the app, the device will handle the rest for you. Also, it will alert you whenever unwanted behavior is detected by beeping, vibrating, or giving an electrical shock.

People who have used Pavlok’s wristband have only good things to share. They have had an amazing experience with it. All the customers’ reviews about Pavlok are positive, making the product worth investing in.

The users have stated that the wristband has helped them exercise more consistently, reduce social media usage, and become a better version of themselves when used as directed.

Features of Pavlok

Many people often fail to understand the hype around Pavlok. While many smartwatches have advanced features, Pavlok still has built a large customer community.

Now, you might be wondering what is so special about Pavlok. Pavlok is a unique wristband that people have never seen or heard about.

It delivers a mild electric shock to stop the user from engaging in an undesired habit or behavior.

Whenever you diverge from your behavior change route, the wristband will send you an electric stimulation to bring you back on track.

The device is capable enough to deliver shock therapy up to 340 volts. The main aim of Pavolk is to give you a quick snap to bring you back into awareness mode.

Here are some prominent features of Pavlok:

  • Elegant design
  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant (Pavlok 3)
  • Availability of different colors
  • Effective waking-up-device
  • It helps users practice good habits
  • Increase productivity, motivation, and focus

Who is the Founder of Pavlok?

Maneesh Sethi is the founder of Pavlok. He came up with this unique business idea while struggling to control his internet addiction.

The social media addiction was so severe that Maneesh had to hire someone to keep him away. The role of the candidate hired was to slap him whenever Maneesh got diverted to social media.

It may sound weird, but the harsh treatment made show improvement in changing Maneesh’s bad behavior.

Through his personal experience, Maneesh thought of a way to help people deal with certain bad habits. He got inspiration from the aversive condition idea for developing his device.

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Maneesh always had a kind and helping nature. At the age of 12, he started his own business and raised $5000 for a school project in India when he was 16.

Therefore, it is evident that Maneesh always had the mindset and skillset required to become a successful entrepreneur.

He is a highly qualified entrepreneur with a degree of Bachelor of Science with concentrations in Technology and Society from Stanford University.

When Maneesh was working on his idea, he got diagnosed with Hyperactivity disorder—focusing on work and staying motivated became difficult for Maneesh.

However, Maneesh still did not give up and developed a device as a way to not only help himself stay focused and motivated but also help others to break their bad habits.

How Did the Pavlok’s Pitch Go on Shark Tank?

When Maneesh finally developed his device, he started looking for investors to promote the product to a larger target audience.

Soon, he got support from Angel investors and could gather sufficient funds to start his company.

Although the funds he raised were five times more than the targeted amount, Maneesh still required more to expand the production.

Therefore, he decided to give Shark Tank a shot. Maneesh Sethi appeared in Shark Tank season 7 and requested $500,000 in exchange for 3.14% equity in Pavlok.

He began his pitch by stating the importance of breaking bad habits and how his device – Pavlok, can help with that.

Unfortunately, his pitch was not well-received by the Sharks, and they laughed it off.

However, Maneesh did not lose his confidence and shared more details about the device’s operations and how it has helped many users to break their bad habits.

Lori Greiner showed interest and inquired Maneesh about his inspiration to develop this idea. Maneesh explained his challenges with social media addiction and hyperactivity disorder.

After all the explanations, Sharks were still unconvinced and wondered how the company had made such huge sales.

Lori and Mark rejected the business idea, leaving Kevin to be the only Shark interested in Pavlok. Kevin O’Leary offered Maneesh $500,000 for 3.14% equity in his business.

However, he made it clear that Maneesh had to return the amount within two years at an interest rate of 7%.

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However, Maneesh rejected the offer, making Kevin quite angry, and he asked him to leave the stage immediately. Therefore, Maneesh left Shark Tank without signing any deal.

Did Shark Tank Impact Pavlok’s Success?

Although Maneesh Sethi left the platform of Shark Tank without signing any deal, Shark Tank still helped him gain an immense amount of exposure that was important to his business.

After the Shark Tank episode aired, the number of Pavlok users jumped to 10,000. Later, Maneesh participated in a crowdfunding campaign and raised $200,000 in 3 rounds.

Also, Pavlok got two investors – Mass Challenge and IncWell. The devices ranked highly in the Gadgets and Electronics category in 2015.

Considering the immense popularity, Maneesh decided to launch second and third versions of Pavlok to serve its users with more advanced features.

Is Pavlok Still in Business?

As for 2022, Pavlok is still in business and making huge profits. According to reports, the company sales are increasing significantly, and costs are declining by up to $100,000 per month.

Also, Pavlok has launched a coaching program that contributes quite well to the business’s profitability.

While Daymond John was one of the earliest users of Pavlok, he still has not announced any investment plans yet.

The latest update to Pavlok has further enhanced the functionality, allowing the users connectivity with devices such as GPS and Amazon Echo.

Moreover, Pavlok has introduced a Google Chrome extension to help users keep track of their daily goals. Overall, the company has evolved greatly and it seems like it will continue to grow.


Running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Entrepreneurship might seem exciting and fun, but it is inherently risky.

Many people are unable to kick-start their businesses because of insufficient funds. However, Shark Tank has emerged as a ray of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs.

While Shark Tank has helped many businesses grow, it also has rejected quite a few business ideas that had the potential. Pavlok was one of them.

The company ranks high among all its competitors with almost a $2 million net worth. Even after getting rejected on Shark Tank, the company succeeded with the help of three other investors.