(2023 Update) McDonald’s Employee Break Policy & Other Benefits You Should Know

Most organizations have set policies for their employee’s breaks and other benefits. Mcdonald’s, the famous fast-food chain, is known for providing great employee benefits.

The privileges offered at McDonald’s make employees feel safe, especially minors.

As a result, they’ll stay loyal to the organization and perform their duties properly even if they are working at the minimum wage.

If you’re interested in working at a McDonald’s franchise, continue reading this article and learn about: McDonald’s break policy, employee benefits, working hours, and more.

What is the McDonald’s Break Policy?

The law states that every organization must provide a proper meal break for employees. Obeying the law, McDonald’s offers two kinds of breaks for the employees.

Half-hour meal breaks

Meal breaks for McDonald’s employees are not paid. However, a worker is entitled to half-hour meal breaks. These breaks can be taken if one has been at work for more than three and a half hours.

Hence, it is important to mark your time when you start working a shift. Throughout these 30-minute breaks, you don’t have to stay on the premises of the franchise.

In order to start your primary 30-minute break, employees are supposed to sign off and sign back in when they have to resume.

If a worker chooses to cut their break short, under 15 minutes, they will also get paid for that time. Such conditions in McDonald’s break policy make employees satisfied and loyal to their jobs.

Another benefit provided by McDonald’s – if you get called into work during your 30-minute break, you can take another 30-minute break later.

For working minors, the managing staff makes sure that they take breaks when they have been working continuously for four and a half hours. However, for employees of age, it is a choice.

10-minute rest breaks

Besides the 30-minute meal breaks, workers are also entitled to 10-minute resting breaks after constantly working for four hours.

Unlike meal breaks, these breaks are paid. During these ten minutes, employees can sit and take a breather, freshen up, or rehydrate themselves for the upcoming shift.

However, you cannot leave the franchise that you work for.

Similarly, the system does not require employees to sign off the register when they’re taking this resting break.

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Moreover, if an employee leaves the building during these ten minutes, the employer will no longer pay for this time.

What are some other benefits that McDonald’s offers to employees?

Meal Concessions and Rules

As mentioned earlier, the meal breaks at McDonald’s aren’t paid for. However, every employee gets a 50% discount on the regular price.

If you are a McDonald’s employee, you can order lunch like a regular customer during your meal break and pay half the price.

The shift manager will take your order to ensure that you get the employee reduction you are entitled to.

Each meal you order can cost up to $8 (maximum), and you would only have to pay $4, thanks to the employee discount.

Moreover, all employees are supposed to eat at the location allocated for employee meal breaks.

You aren’t allowed to eat and serve at the same time. Every employee must finish eating in the lunch area, and you cannot go and have a meal in the dining area made for regular customers.

Salaried Break Times

A McDonald’s shift lasts 8 hours if you are not working overtime. An employee can enjoy a 10-minute salaried break after working for four straight.

So, in an 8-hour shift, you get two of these 10-minute breathers. During these minutes, you cannot leave the premises of the fast food restaurant.

Besides the resting breaks, you can take a 30-minute break for eating. However, this break is not paid for, so you must sign off the register.

During this half-hour break, you can leave the franchise, take a walk, eat elsewhere, or just enjoy the fresh air. No matter what you do, don’t forget to go back when your thirty minutes are over.  

Break Rules for Minors

The law states that a person below 18 years of age is considered a minor. For such employees, every organization must follow the fixed laws stated by the government. If an organization doesn’t follow the law, it will be fined and face serious consequences.

However, management ensures that these rules are followed strictly at McDonald’s. Therefore, minors cannot skip their 30-minute lunch break if they have constantly worked for four to a half hours.

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If minors want their meal break to be paid for, they must try to shorten their breaks from thirty to fifteen minutes. This way, they can continue to make more money as their meal time will also be paid for by the company. 

Paid Leaves

At McDonald’s, all employees could enjoy paid vacations on one simple condition. If an employee has been working for the same franchise for one year, they can utilize the privilege of five days of paid leave once every year.

Similarly, they also offer a two-week leave for medical emergencies, 3-month maternity, and 1-week paternity leave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Can you skip breaks?

The United States Law makes it illegal for people of age to work constantly over twelve hours. For minors, it is illegal to work beyond eight hours a day. So, stating it simply, you cannot skip meal breaks; they are obligatory for everyone.  

McDonald’s employees need to be mindful of their working hours. McDonald’s has specific rules and regulations in place that require the staff to remain near the restaurant during a meal break and register their break times. These rules are set for the safety of the organization and the employees.

2.    What happens if you are asked to resume working during a break?

Being a McDonald’s employee, you might occasionally be asked to resume work. This could occur during peak hours like lunchtime or dinnertime.

And if that happens, you’ll get a fresh 30-minute munching break when everything is more organized.

But also, you will not be permitted to take a rest break at McDonald’s within 10 minutes of starting or ending your shift.

Subsequently, these breaks should be taken when specific time intervals have passed. For instance, you can take a lunch break after working four hours consistently.

3.    Do you get paid if you work during your lunch break?

At a fast-food restaurant, there is little to no room for error. Such restaurants are pretty busy, and it is challenging to make sure that each person has a break for lunch.

However, you must know that it is illegal for an employer to demand that you perform labor for them unpaid during your free time, may it be a meal break or a 10-minute rest interval.

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At McDonald’s, the management ensures that every employee utilizes their meal breaks. These issues usually arise when employers are not compelled by law to provide employees with a proper meal break.

4.    How do I apply for a job at McDonald’s?

To get a job at McDonald’s, you can search for vacancies online or walk into the nearest franchise and ask in person.

You can take a resume with you if you want to seem formal. However, that is not at all necessary. You can easily learn about vacancies through a friend, coworker, or an online advertisement.

5.    What skills should I have to be hired at McDonald’s?

If you are looking for a minimum wage job, then you don’t really have to be a professional because they also hire minors.

Just try your best to communicate effectively when you go in for selection. After hiring, you will undergo one day of orientation and two weeks of training.

However, if you are applying for a higher post, you must have relevant experience and considerable managerial skills.


We have now given you all the knowledge you need about McDonald’s break policy and some other employee benefits.

Employees can avail of a lunch break only if they have been working for three and a half hours. This break is unpaid and can extend up to thirty minutes.

If the employee has already taken their lunch break and worked for four hours, they get to take a paid resting break that lasts only ten minutes.

During meal breaks, workers can enjoy their time outside the boundaries of the franchise. However, during the rest breaks, one cannot leave.

However, during the 30-minute break, employees are only permitted to eat in specific locations. Workers can therefore take full advantage of menu items that are 50% discounted (the meal can be worth 8 dollars maximum).

For the first four and a half working hours, minors must take a 30-minute food break. Every state has a separate system for handling employees and their break timings according to the laws practiced there.