How Can You Get the PIN for Chase Debit Card?

You’ll get a PIN code with the new Chase bank debit card. If you don’t get one, you can apply for a new one in a few minutes.

Let us discuss a debit card PIN and how you can get one for a Chase bank debit card.

What is a PIN for a Debit Card?

PIN refers to Personal Identification Number, usually a 4-digit number that comes with a debit card.

It can also be used for other products like credit cards, online banking, mobile app log-in, etc.

You commonly receive a 4-digit PIN in a sealed envelope from the bank when you apply for a debit card.

Often, this new PIN is usable only once and you’ll have to set a new PIN after activating the card.

This personal identification number (PIN) is the passcode to use the card it is linked to. It means anyone with the PIN can access that card.

So, protecting the PIN and changing it if you see any suspicious activity is important.

Why Does my Chase Debit Card Need a PIN?

The personal identification number (PIN) is the security code to access your Chase debit card. It lets you use the card after verification that the right person is using the card.

It means you’ll have to enter the PIN whenever you want to use the debit card. Thus, it protects your identity and helps avoid fraud.

A PIN is also a helping tool for banks to avoid scams and fraud. Through PIN codes, banks authorize the right person to use debit cards.

You’ll also use the PIN for some online and phone banking uses. For all purposes, the function of a debit card PIN is to authorize the use of the card.

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How Can You Get the PIN for Chase Debit Card?

When you apply for a new Chase debit card, you do not need to apply for the PIN code separately. It will come along with your new Chase debit card.

You’ll also get instructions from your Chase bank branch to activate the debit card and change the PIN.

You can either call the number on the back of the card or visit the nearest ATM to activate your debit card.

Once you activate the debit card, you can use it for debit transactions and reset the PIN for enhanced security.

How Can You Change the PIN for Chase Debit Card?

Many cardholders forget the PIN codes or lose access to their Chase bank debit cards for various reasons. If that is the case with you, immediately change the PIN before someone else uses it.

Here are a few ways to get a new PIN for your Chase debit card.

By Phone Call

The easiest way to reset a PIN is to call the phone number on your debit card’s back. For Chase bank, this number is 1-800-297-4970.

It will lead you to the automated menu. You can then choose the change PIN option from the menu, prove your identity and change the PIN easily.

Online Banking

If you have access to online banking while you want to change the debit card PIN, you can use this method as well.

Log in to your Chase bank online account and look for debit card security settings. Then, chose the option to change the PIN code for your debit card.

Chase Mobile App

A similar option for you is to use the Chase bank mobile banking application. It has the same log-in and account operating procedure as online banking.

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You can easily change the PIN code of your Chase bank debit card through the mobile app.

In-Person through ATM

This option is for you if you want to change the PIN but haven’t lost access to the old one. You can walk to the nearest ATM and log in by using the old PIN.

Then, look for the change PIN settings in the menu and reset it following the instructions.

In-Person Through Branch

Finally, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can visit the nearest Chase bank branch to seek in-person support.

For security reasons, bank staff cannot reset your PIN code directly. They’ll follow the instructions to set a new one for you and you’ll get a new PIN from the bank by your preferred method.

How to Get a new Debit Card from Chase?

You’ll get a new debit card from Chase bank when you open a new checking account. You can get a replacement card or apply for a new one if you didn’t get one.

Visit the nearest Chase bank branch to apply for a new debit card for your checking account. You can also call the bank customer service to request a new one.

Alternatively, you can request a new debit card online. You can use the Chase mobile app or online portal to apply for a new debit card.

You only need to verify your identity and provide account details to request a new card.

Can You Access Chase Bank Account if You Forget the PIN?

Yes, you can still access your Chase bank checking account if you forgot or lost the debit card PIN. However, it is advised to change the PIN as soon as possible in such situations.

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Although you do not lose access to your bank account, you cannot access a debit card without a PIN.

Also, if you lose your PIN code, your debit card and bank account security are compromised.

How to Protect Your Chase Account if You Forgot or Lost the PIN?

If for any reason, you cannot use your debit card PIN, you should immediately change it. Also, take a few steps to protect your debit card and bank account.

Here are a few ways to do it easily in a few minutes.

Lock Debit Card

Chase bank allows you to lock the debit card temporarily. This option is useful when you lose or misplace the debit card.

You can also use this feature if you can no longer access your Chase debit card PIN.

Change PIN

One of the very important steps to take is to change your Chase debit card PIN. You can easily use one of the several methods listed above in minutes.

Dispute a Transaction

If you see a suspicious account activity or observe an unknown transaction, you can file a dispute with Chase bank.

Chase bank allows you to report such transactions if you do not have access to a debit card, PIN, or both. Therefore, you should set transaction alerts and get bank statements regularly.

Freeze Your Bank Account

For better protection, you can request Chase bank to freeze your bank account temporarily. You should choose this option if your debit card is stolen and you suspect fraudulent activities.