Do Stamps Expire? 7 Fun Fact About Stamps

Almost all of you must be aware of postage stamps — a symbol that illustrates the person has pre-paid the charges of postal duties.

Still, you should be conscious about the payment because the stamp doesn’t demonstrate the total expense of services.

The postage stamp can be either about a partial contribution or a complete charge.

A common query that keeps on banging in people’s minds is whether stamps expire or not. You should know that U.S.-based postal stamps have no expiry date. Various postage insignias are introduced now, and you can wield any postage inscribed for your aid.

So, let’s jump into the following guide where you’ll learn some fun facts about stamps, including how to start making your stamp collection!

Fundamental Facts About Stamps

Most of you undoubtedly know everything about postage stamps. Nevertheless, there are many fun facts you might not know.

These facts came from the invention of signs.

So, let’s swoop in and scrutinize the fascinating certainties you should know about stamps. 

1.   Penny Black Stamp

Everything commences from an exciting initiative. When we talk about postage stamps, it all starts with the Penny Black stamp, as the name illustrates that the display of the Penny Black stamp was black.

You also say that Penny Black was a significant push to alter the whole postal network.

The best thing that makes Penny Black stamp extraordinary is that it contains the countenance of Queen Victoria on it. You can still explore the Penny Black in the museums of London.  

2.   Invention Of 1st Adhesive Stamps

Did you know that the non-adhesive stamps were initially sewed on the envelope? Yes, you heard it right. At the time of invention, labels could not stick the envelope on their own.

Accordingly, the people used to stitch the seal on the letter so the stamp wouldn’t misplace.

With time, Sir Rowland Hill took the emblems seriously and came forward with the invention of adhesive stamps. In 1837, Sir Rowland maneuvered on the impression of Adhesive stamps, while in 1840, he bestowed the clear adhesive stamps wielded now.

If Sir Rowland didn’t consider the adhesive stamps, you must also be stitching the stamps on the envelopes.      

3.   Philatelist

If you are fond of collecting and exploring stamps, you must be familiar with the term philatelist. For those who don’t know, a stamp collector is called a Philatelist.

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It sounds good to hear you as a philatelist, right?

In 1864, Georges Herpin discovered the term philately for the one who contains stamps. Georges Herpin was a French resident who loved to collect stamps.

Therefore, by following the phrase of Sir George, everyone started calling Philatelist a stamp collector. 

4.   Alteration In Stamps

Every second thing needs a change with the passing of time and trends. Likewise, after a considerable gap, stamps also make a change.

Penny Black was used for many years to assist the people.

However, there was a little complication that kept on bothering people. As you know, Penny Black was an entire black stamp, so it didn’t exemplify any signs or symbols on it. This drawback was overcome by replacing Penny Black with the Penny Red Stamp.

The Penny Red was utilized for an extended period by many of you. The existence of Penny Red Stamps on envelopes ranges from 1841 – 1879. No other Penny Red stamp was produced after October 1879.  

5.   Sender Pay The Postage

You might know that before the Penny Black stamp invention, the sender could not pay for the postage. If you sent a letter to your spouse, you could not pay for the postage at that time.

The postal system didn’t allow the sender to reimburse the charges. You must be stunned to know that the receiver needed to pay the postage.

The invention of stamps leads to a convenient life for people. Symbols enable the sender to pay the postage instead of the receiver. The best thing about labels is that they don’t force anyone to compensate for the total charges.

So, if you’re sending any postage with a seal, you have the right to pay the entire or the half payment.  

6.   Appearance Of Folks On UK Stamp

When you explore the stamps of numerous eras, you’ll know that the logo always contains the faces of significant people.

You will also recognize that only the members of royal families were featured on the stamps for a long time.

Undoubtedly, the faces changed with time, but Royal families never let anyone be featured on the postage stamps.

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Nonetheless, in 1964, the picture of Shakespeare on the logo boomed in the entire postal network. So, William Shakespeare was the solely non-royal individual who got a glorious era for the whole state to be accentuated on a stamp.     

7.   British Guiana 1c Magenta Stamp

Billions of stamps have been introduced and sold out yet. Still, only one stamp sanctioned the world with its worth.

When it comes to the most expensive stamp in the world, you’ll see only one name, the British Guiana 1c magenta stamp. The penalty of British Guiana 1c magenta brings the ordinary logo to be part of Guinness World Records.

You must be thinking about the worth of British Guiana 1c magenta. In 2014, the British Guiana 1c magenta was sold for $9,480,000. When you round off the figure, you’ll know that the simple stamp was sold for £5,588,577.

The British Guiana 1c magenta price is still touching the sky by increasing to billions from its original cost.

What Are The Significant Terms To Consider While Collecting Stamps?

Stamp collection is one of the most favorite hobbies worldwide. Most of you like to explore and compile the antique stamps in your collection.

However, if you’re new to stamp assortments, you should evaluate a few elements before commencing your assemblage.

Here are the primary tactics that will assist you in collecting stamps.

1.   Type Of Stamps

While commencing a stamp collection, the most initial thing to consider is stamp types.

There are various stamps from which you should find a specific one that can be part of your collection.

The most common yet attractive kinds of logos are given below.

  • Large & Colorful
  • Christmas
  • Event & Subject
  • Express Mail
  • Holiday Celebration
  • International Rate
  • Love

There are many more, as you can always find your desired stamps based on country, topic, worldwide, used, and mint.

2.   Means Of Stamps

Moving forward to your stamp collection, the second thing you should consider is the means of stamps.

You should know from where you can get your desired stamps.

The most common way to get your stamps is by asking your relatives and friends to recoup them. The local post office near you can also sell you stamps. Interaction with the other collectors can also lead you to find special symbols.

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It would be best if you knew that few stamp dealer clubs can provide you with unique yet essential stamps.

Therefore, you must socialize and be more enthusiastic about strengthening your stamp collection.   

3.   Elimination Of Seals From Envelops

While compiling stamps, most of the time, you’ll need to remove the logo from an envelope.

You should know that only an unharmed imprint will be perfect for your collection. So here are a few convenient ways to eliminate the seals from an envelope.

  1. Rip off the whole spare envelope instead of the stamp & its enclosing.
  2. Dip the stamp for approx 20 minutes in the cold water.
  3. After a while, you’ll see the stamp floating on the water.
  4. Dry the stamp carefully with the paper towel and keep it under heavy weight. The heavyweight will not let the stamp curl and give you a perfect stamp.   

4.   Special Equipment

There’s a common query about whether the stamp collection requires any tools. A few significant pieces of equipment assist you in analyzing and storing the perfect stamps. You can collect the following tools:

  • Watermark Detector Fluid
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Perforation Gauge
  • Tongs

Each piece of equipment plays a crucial role in stamp collection. A magnifying glass will give you even a minor peek, while the tongs will help you to move your stamp—meanwhile, the perforation gauge estimates stab along the horizons of authorizations.

5.   Stamps Storage

When you learn the rudimentary tactics of stamp collection, the following stride will be the storage of stamps. The most common way of storing stamps is to purchase a stamps album. Most people also use the loose leaf paper method.

You can use the second technique if you don’t want to buy an album. While binding the stamps on loose leaf paper, don’t forget to use transparent glassine. The covers of glassine inhibit the air that can demolish your logo.

Final Verdict

Here you got the complete guide to postage stamps. Now, you have complete information about labels, including the expiration and the facts of seals.

If you’re utterly unconscious about stamps, don’t trouble yourself. Skim the given article, and you’ll have enough knowledge to understand.