(2022 Update) Target Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancellation, and More

Target offers a debit card and two types of credit cards to its customers. Its most widely used credit card is the “RedCard” which can be used at its stores and online portal only.

Let us discuss what is Target credit card is, how to apply for it, and what are your options to contact customer support, cancelation, and more.

What is Target RedCard?

Target offers two types of credit cards to its customers. One is a private-labeled or branded credit card “RedCard” and the other is Mastercard.

The RedCard can only be used at Target stores and its online portal. The Mastercard is your standard credit card that can be used anywhere.

Both these credit cards come with similar features and benefits for users. However, the application approval for both cards is different and depends largely on your credit score and creditworthiness.

Target offers these credit cards through its financial banking partner TD bank in the US. The RedCard is more commonly used by Target customers as it works like a top-up card.

Target offers a debit card to its customers as well. The debit card also comes with similar features, rewards, and payment options to the RedCard.

How to Qualify for Target RedCard?

The exact credit score requirement for the RedCard or Mastercard is not listed officially by Target. Customers can check through prequalification whether they can apply for these cards.

The pre-qualification process does not harm your credit score. You can apply for one of these cards through prequalification online easily.

Generally, you can expect approval with a credit score of 600+. However, if you are looking to apply for the Mastercard through Target, you may need a higher credit score above 720.

 You can use one of the three methods listed below to apply for these credit cards. You’ll need the following details:

  • Personal information including name, DOB, and contact number.
  • Complete residential address
  • Social security number and monthly income details
  • Email address

How to Apply for Target Credit Card?

 You can apply for the Target RedCard or Mastercard in one of the three ways available. Each method will require the same information from your side in a different way.

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Apply Online

The easiest way to apply for your RedCard is to apply through the online link of Target financial services.

Use this online RedCard Credit Application to apply for the card in a few steps. Before that, you can also go through the prequalification process.

Create your online application by providing the essential details and submitting the form. Once approved, you’ll receive your RedCard by mail at your registered address.

Apply in-store

Find your nearest Target store to apply for the RedCard at its customer service desk. You’ll receive a printed application form instantly.

Fill out the form and submit it at the counter. You may need to provide a copy of your identity documents there.

Apply By Mail

 The third method is to print the RedCard or Mastercard application form from Target’s website. You can complete this application form and send it to the mentioned mailing address.

Target RedCard Credit Card Key Features

Target’s RedCard and Mastercard credit cards come with several features and reward benefits for its customers.

Unsecured Card

Like most private-labeled credit cards, the RedCard and Mastercard credit cards issued by Target are also unsecured. It means you do not need to put any money into a security deposit.

It also means there will be no deduction from your credit limit as security fees. You can use the full limit without depositing any funds for these cards.

Private-labeled and Mastercard

Then, customers can choose from one of the two credit card options available. If you are a regular shopper at Target, you can choose its RedCard.

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This card comes with the combined features of a credit card and a debit card. You can use it as a credit card at Target stores or on its website.

If you’re looking for a standard credit card, you can go for the Mastercard. Both cards come with similar reward benefits.

Rewards and Benefits

The RedCard does not offer any rewards for its users. It offers a straight 5% discount on all purchases made through this card for in-store and online purchases for Target only.

As a private-labeled card, you cannot use RedCard outside Target. Hence, its 5% discount applies here only.

  • 5% discount on qualified purchases at Target.com or stores.
  • 2% rewards on dining and 1% on gas costs outside of Target. (Only for Mastercard)
  • Extended return period for purchases of 30 days.
  • Exclusive offers and gifts.
  • Up to $675 annual savings on groceries.
  • Up to $500 savings on baby’s first year shopping through Target.

Interest Rate and Card Charges

The Target Mastercard and RedCard both come with variable annual percentage rates (APRs) for their customers.

Currently, Target is charging an APR of 25.15% for Mastercard and RedCard. The RedCard has no option for cash withdrawal, so it does not charge anything for that.

The cash withdrawal APR for Mastercard is currently 28.15%.

Annual Fee, Penalties, and Other Costs

 Both these credit cards come with no annual fees. The late fee penalty for both cards is $40 and returned payments are up to $30.

The cash advance fee is 3% or $10 whichever is higher for the Mastercard.

Target RedCard Log-in Details

You can access your RedCard and Mastercard histories through the online portal and mobile app.

You’ll need to register first to apply for these credit cards. Go to Target.com and choose the “apply” for the card button.

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Once your application is approved, you’ll get the card.

On the home page of target.com, you’ll see the “sign in” option in the top right corner. Navigate through the menu to create a new account or sign in.

Once you create a new account and set your username and password, you can use these credentials to log in every time.

You can follow the same steps through Targe mobile application as well.

How to Contact Target Credit Card Customer Support?

Target offers a dedicated “help” page on its website. You can find an abundance of FAQs on its website to help you find an answer to your query.

Then, it has dedicated customer support for its different sections including the RedCard and debit card payment and other issues.

You can contact the Target support team for the RedCard, Mastercard, or debit card through the online account.

Log in to your account and send a direct message to the customer support team with your query.

You can send your payments and queries by mail at:

Target Card Services

P.O. Box 660170

Dallas, TX 75266-0170

The phone helplines are:

  • Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard (U.S.): 1-800-424-6888
  • Target Mastercard (outside the U.S.): 1-612-815-9922
  • Target Debit Card: 1-888-729-7331

You can also seek customer support from dedicated desks at any of the Target stores.

How to Cancel Your Target Credit Card?

If you want to cancel any of the credit or debit cards issued by Target through its banking partner TD bank, you’ll need to contact Target’s customer support directly.

You can apply for the card cancellation through online or mobile app portals. You can also call the customer support center of Target to cancel the credit card.

You must clear all outstanding payments and charges before you can apply for the cancellation.