Is Cash’em All App Legit: All That You Need To Know

Mobile video games are fun, but earning money and rewards from these games is more than fun and recreation. A free app called Cash’em All offers you a chance to play the games and make the rewards accordingly.

Does it sound inspiring or confusing?

Perhaps, before hitting the download button, you might be thinking about whether it is a scam or legit because numerous apps claim a bundle of offers, but only one or two of them deliver what exactly they flaunt.

So before taking any decision, addressing such concerns about Cash’em is justified.

Well, let me tell you briefly – Cash’em All is a legit app that pays you for playing on mobile, but it isn’t necessarily that it will always be worth your time and effort. So, to make a final decision, let’s unveil its features, identify some user reviews, and weigh the pros and cons.

Is Cash’em All App Legit Or Scam?

Cash’em All application is not a scam; it is legit as it pays you. However, considering the variables involved in this game, it is hard to tell a pet amount you can earn through this application.

Even a gamer cannot predict how much he can make because earning is based on the country he lives, the duration he plays, the tactics used, the number of times you switch the games, etc.

Cash Em All App: An Overview

  • Name: Cash’em All
  • Company: JustDice GmbH
  • Minimum Payout: £1 (PayPal)
  • Price: Free

Cash’em All application is an online GPT (Game, Protocol, Token) app that supports earning online money by completing a few microtasks.

Gamers can make a huge amount of money by playing games or downloading some applications on their device.

This free application doesn’t demand in-app purchases and is only available on the Android Play Store.

The JustDice company constitutes this app, which is the component of the Applike Group. The JustDice company was established in 2015 and contained over 500 million monthly consumers.

The headquarters of the company is in Hamburg, Germany.

The Cash’em All App has 4.3 stars reviews and more than 580 thousand contributors and has been installed more than 10M times.

What Are Basic Features Of Cash’em Application?

Cash’em All app is easy to use because it’s design, interface, and functions are straightforward.

All you need to do is – download the app, play the games, and get limitless rewards.

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Once you download the app, you need to prove your identity – verification is not compulsory to play the games, but it would help you when you withdraw money.

When you get a massive coin collection, you can withdraw your earnings through Paypal, or the other way round, you can pick a gift card from retailers.

Besides playing games, the app allows you to earn money by referring it to your family and friends. You also get a small percentage for bringing other users to the Cash’em All app.

How Does Cash Em All Work: Win And Play App

The app rewards you for playing different games, and with time games’ complexity increases.

The game level depends upon the earned coins; if the coins are more, the game’s level will get more complex.

The app pays you coins that You can convert into currency after touching the threshold of 4999 coins.

After opening the app interface, you will reach the featured tab, which is located at the app’s bottom.

By clicking at the bottom, you will identify the game you should play; after playing that game, you can earn the coins.

How To Join Cash Em All App?

The app users often think it is free to download, so it might be challenging to install and utilize, but in reality, it is pretty convenient to launch this app, play the games over it, and earn rewards through this application.

One crucial thing to consider is – this app doesn’t support the iOS platform, so to get it to download, you need the Android platform as it is available in Google Play Store only.

To start playing the games, you can sign up through the Facebook account, Google Play Store, or by adding login details.

Cash Em All App is available only in a few countries. If you find it in your Android play store with the download button, you can enjoy this app in your country; otherwise, it is unavailable over there.

What Are The Ways To Earn Through Cash Em All?

The first thing a gamer needs to note is that the more time you will take to play games, the less you will earn.

In simple words, this app’s coin/minute ratio is not the same; for various games, it gets smaller, and the time comes when you have no coin left.

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You should install and play another game in the list to manage earnings at this phase. Many users get stuck and cannot find any other sponsored game on the list.

Though it is not cheating, the company needs to be transparent and elaborate on what can happen if users play the game for a long duration because often, users get the wrong expectation of rewards.

For example, when the user finds a reward of 60 coins in one minute, they will automatically expect to make 3600 coins by playing Wizard for 1 hour. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same.

Note: After installing the game, don’t open it directly but open it through the Cash Em All app. Visit the My App section where installed features of games are available, and tap on the game option you are willing to play.

Cash Em All earnings go to the app minute by minute, so coins will be credited to the app’s account if you play any game for a minute.

However, remember that the data usage permission is allotted, or you will not be rewarded.

The amount you earn is not constant but varies according to the game you play; moreover, you also need to be patient while making this app.

Many games offer 55 coins per minute, while some pay 72 coins per minute.

Keep in mind that you don’t play high-pay rate games every time. In addition, you also need to remember that the longer you play, the less your earnings will be.

This way, the number of coins will keep reducing gradually. Gamer can pick the game he likes to play, and after finding the game of interest, they can tap the play button.

To play the games, you have to download them; then, it will avert the user to the play store page.

As mentioned, you can earn the reward by referring the app to other friends, family, and relatives. In this case, you will get 250 coins and 25% of the portion that your referral will make from the app, but to get this favor, you need to ensure that your referrals have access to the app through your referral link and they are legit.

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What Games Are Available On Cash’em All App?

Cash’em All App offers a wide chance to play multiple games; among those games, you can find different offers on your wall, such as Casual, Strategy, Adventure, Arcade, Action, Puzzle, and many more.

Don’t think you will get bored playing these games because the company keeps adding multiple new games – you are covered.

How Does Cash Em All App Pay?

In the Cash Em All app, you need to tap on the payout icon at the app’s bottom. Here you will find the option to withdraw your coins through iTunes or PayPal.

If you are living in the UK, 4999 coins make 0.5 pounds, and if you are in the United States, 4999 coins will be equivalent to 0.5 USD.

So, the least Payout threshold you need to withdraw through PayPal is 4999 coins.

Reaching the payout threshold demands a great effort, as playing a game for an extended time will minimize your earnings.

Pros And Cons of Cash Em All Application

Let’s dig out the pros and cons of the application to make the decision easier.


  • It is simple and convenient to join the app.
  • The app pays you through the most reliable and recognized money transfer, PayPal.
  • Through a referral program, you can earn rewards by inviting friends.


  • The app is not available worldwide.
  • High and challenging to access payout threshold.
  • Users get fewer coins after longer play hours
  • Overall, earning opportunities are limited

Our Summary

Cash Em All App is not a fake app; it genuinely pays rewards to users, but despite this, it is not strongly recommended because to earn the coins, you have to play various games.

Moreover, it has a few limitations as it is only available in a few countries and on Android phones.

You need to choose the game among various options, and to play them, you need to download the app. One more odd thing, the longer you play, the fewer coins you will earn.

There is no constant pay rate – a few games have more pay rates, but some have less. So. Earning will become hard for you if you get a minimum payout threshold.

However, if you can manage the downfalls of this app, you can download it and earn something better than nothing.