How Much Does Each Bank Club Membership Cost? Membership Requirements, Benefits, Procedure, and More

Individuals enjoy a luxurious experience at the East Bank Club facilities for $500 a month. Partners can enjoy a further discount on their membership costs for the club.

Then, there are membership fee discounts for corporate members with a group of five or more.

Let’s get into some details of the East Bank Club membership fee, requirements, benefits, and more.

East Bank Club – Introduction

East Bank Club (EBC) is one of the well-known fitness and health club in Chicago. It was founded in 1980 by Daniel Levin when the industry was still in its early years.

Today, the East Bank Club spans over 450,000 square feet with over 11,000 members and counting. The club offers its members and visitors a wide range of health, fitness, sports, and dining facilities.

The club offers state-of-the-art exercise and training facilities. You’ll find professional coaches and trainers available to help you achieve your goals.

You can also find an excellent collection of amenities and facilities to relax and enjoy the occasion. The club is open for members and visitors of all ages, including children, with dedicated facilities and areas for family members.

How Much Does East Bank Club Cost?

The East Bank Club membership cost comprises two charges. The first one is an initiation fee or the registration charge.

Initiation Fees

The regular initiation fee for individuals is $500. Partners can enjoy a discounted initiation fee of $700 per person.

You’ll need to provide proof of domestic partnership or marriage to avail of this discount on registration fees for both persons.

The registration fee for members of age 18-29 is only $300. Again, this discount is available when you present proof of age.

Monthly Fees

The East Bank Club members then have to pay monthly fees as well. The monthly fee structure is similar to the registration fee with separate charges for individuals, partners, and children.

  • The monthly EBC membership fee for individuals is $235.
  • The monthly EBC membership fee for both partners is $390.
  • Individuals with age 21-25 pay a monthly fee of $190.
  • Children pay a monthly fee of $15, $30, and $45 depending on their age group. This fee is added to the partners’ monthly fee.
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Partners can add children’s fees to their monthly dues with an additional charge of $10 for the first child.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are offered to a group of five or more people working for the same organization.

The employer can obtain special discounts on the initiation and monthly fees by contacting the EBC membership support manager.

How to Apply for East Bank Club Membership?

You can apply for an East Bank Club membership online or by visiting the club.

Apply Online

Simply visit the link for the East Bank Club membership page here. Then, click on the “become a member” button to initiate the registration.

You’ll need to provide personal identification details like name, address, email, contact number, age, and so on.

Then, proceed with the process and verify your membership status through a verification email. Finally, pay your initiation fee and first monthly dues depending on the type of membership you select.

Apply at the Club

You can also ask for the membership form at the customer service desk. The process to apply for club membership is similar to the one outlined above.

You can pay the registration and monthly fees on the spot there and enjoy your membership perks straight away.

East Bank Club Membership Benefits

East Bank Club membership fees may be slightly higher when compared to other health and fitness clubs. However, it offers a splendid experience of joy and comfort when it comes to facilities at the club.

Fitness & Sports

You can enjoy a wide range of indoor fitness and sports facilities at the EBC, including aquatics, basketball, boxing, cycling, racquet sports, gym, yoga, and golf, to name a few.

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Each fitness and sports facility also includes individual and group training and coaching facilities.


EBC members enjoy a luxurious experience in saloons and spas. There are separate spa facilities for men and women in the EBC.

Both men and women can enjoy saloon amenities and the comfort of styling at their disposal during working hours throughout the week.

Food & Drinks

East Bank Club also offers dining and social events places to its members. You can enjoy the grill, juices, drinks, and sun deck.

Then, there are dedicated places for social events and banquets. Members can arrange their social events and parties there.


Some useful facilities for EBC members include dedicated car parking, car wash, dry cleaning, locker room, and physical therapy services.

Members can also enjoy coworking space and a pro shop.

Training and Coaching

Like its competitors, the EBC offers its members individual and group training and coaching facilities.

The training facilities are available for members of all ages, including children. Members can also obtain coaching facilities for different sports, fitness clubs, nutrition, yoga, and group exercises.

How to Pay for Your East Bank Club Membership Fees?

You can pay for the registration and monthly EBC fees online or at a counter.

Visit the CBC homepage first and locate the “make a payment” link in the top right corner. Then, use your online account credentials to log in.

Create the membership account online first if you haven’t created one already. Then, choose the payment method and amounts.

You can easily walk into the customer service desk at the EBC office and pay your registration and monthly fees there.

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All major payment methods, including cash, debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers, are accepted at the EBC office.

Gift Cards and Temporary Passes at East Bank Club

Existing members can purchase gift cards with multiples of $25 for their loved ones. These cards can be used to pay for membership fees or other facilities.

Then, you can also enjoy different facilities, training, coaching classes, and events with temporary passes.

These guest passes include:

  • Grill pass
  • Activity pass
  • Tour pass
  • Daily pass
  • Sun deck café pass
  • Salon pass
  • Spectator pass
  • HQ pass

Some of these passes are compulsory and free for existing members. Non-members of EBC can purchase these temporary passes as well.

East Bank Club Membership Fee Discounts

The official discount on membership fees from the East Bank Club is for partners only at the individual level.

Domestic partners and spouses can enjoy discounted fees and also a special discount on fees for their children.

Then, corporate members with a group of five or more can enjoy bulk discounts through their employers.

Some online portals and partner programs also offer discounts on East Bank Club membership fees.

For example, Northwestern University offers its students a discounted monthly fee of $100 through Wildcard.

Similarly, some other sites like,,, etc., also offer special discounts on EBC membership fees.