Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer 2022: Fees, Limits, Tracking, and More.

Walmart to Walmart money transfer is a money transfer service offered at Walmart stores and online platforms from its service partners.

These local fund transfers come with different charges, transaction limits, and tracking methods.

Let us discuss Walmart to Walmart money transfer options briefly.

How to Transfer Money with Walmart?

You can send money through Walmart services at stores or online. For local and international transfers, Walmart partners with three major money service providers; Ria, MoneyGram, and Western Union.

Once you arrive at a Walmart store, you can visit the customer service or money center to initiate a transaction. You’ll need a photo identification to send or receive money.

You can use one of these photo IDs to send money at Walmart stores:

  • U.S. driver’s license, including Puerto Rico
  • State ID, including Puerto Rico
  • US/International passport
  • U.S. permanent resident card

You can pay by cash in US currency or use a debit/credit card to make the transaction. Depending on your chosen service, the money transfer will be completed within a few minutes.

You can use Walmart reloadable cards like MoneyCard or Bluebird to send money to someone else.

It is an indirect method that reloads the debit card which can then be used by someone at a remote location (within the US).

You can also send money from Walmart to Walmart through online money transfer options. You’ll have to create an online account or download the mobile app of one of the partners at Walmart.

Once you log in to your online or mobile app account, you can initiate a local money transfer option.

Make sure to have a sufficient balance in your account or top up with a debit or credit card to complete the transaction.

Depending on the approval, your online Walmart to Walmart money transfer option will also be available within a few minutes.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Options

There are three direct methods that you can use for Walmart to Walmart money transfers. Ria, MoneyGram, and Western Union are money service partners at Walmart for domestic and international money transfers.

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Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer through Ria

You can use money transfer services provided by Ria at any Walmart store for local and international fund transfers.

Ria offers local money transfers to over 4,500 Walmart locations throughout the US. You can send money through Walmart store locations or online methods.

Sending money through Ria requires an online account or downloading Ria mobile application. Then, log in to your online or mobile app account to initiate the transfer.

Follow the steps to provide the receiver’s details, amount, and pick-up method. Depending on the availability, you can choose a cash pick-up, account transfer, mobile wallet, ATM pick-up, and home delivery.

Bank account transfers (ACH) will take more time than instant money transfer methods like cash or ATM pickups.

You can pay by a debit/credit card when sending money online or pay by cash at a Walmart store service desk.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer through MoneyGram

The second option for Walmart to Walmart money transfer is through MoneyGram. You can use Walmart store locations or an online MoneyGram account to send money anywhere in the US.

When using a store location, you’ll need to bring a photo ID and receiver’s information to send money.

You can only pay cash at the MoneyGram agent location within Walmart stores.

You can choose a cash pickup, bank account transfer, or mobile wallet to transfer the fund within the US instantly.

Bank account transfers may take 2-3 business days though.

When using MoneyGram online fund transfer through Walmart, you can use a debit or credit card to pay for the transaction.

The receiver will have the option of receiving money through Walmart or MoneyGram agent locations throughout the US.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer through Western Union

Western Union has also partnered with Walmart recently to offer money transfer services for local and international transfers.

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You can use any Walmart store or Western Union agent location to send money within the US. This includes the option of receiving money at a Walmart location throughout the US.

Like the other two methods above, you can send online money through Western Union that the receiver can receive at a Walmart location.

The money transfer options include cash pickup, account transfer, and mobile wallet deposits.

Online money transfers can be funded by debit or credit cards whereas money transfers at Walmart locations can only be paid through cash.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer – Fees

The Walmart to Walmart money transfer fee depends on the service provider and your chosen method.


Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer through:

  • $2.50 for domestic money transfer of $0 – $500
  • $5 for domestic money transfer of $501 – $1,000
  • $10 for domestic money transfer of $1,001- $ 1,300

You can use the Ria price estimator feature to calculate the exact money transfer fees before you initiate the transaction.

The total charges will depend on the amount, transaction type, and your debit method.


MoneyGram transfer charges depend on the receiver’s location in the US. It also depends on how you fund your transaction; credit card, debit card, or bank account.

For example, if you’re sending $ 100 to someone in New York, it will cost you $1.99 through a bank account, $2.99 with a debit card, and $ 18.49 with a credit card.

Western Union

Western Union money transfer through Walmart cost begins at $0 per transaction. Again, the total cost of the transaction will depend on the amount you send, the funding method you use, and the receiver’s location.

For example, a $100 transaction funded through a debit card and using a cash pickup within the US will cost you $2.25.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer – Transaction Limits

Transaction limits are usually set by the service provider and not by Walmart. The limits depend on different factors like the amount, the receiver’s location, and the funding method you use for the transaction.

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The maximum transaction limit for local money transfers through Ria varies by the receiver’s location and the money transfer method.

You can send up to $ 1,300 per day for some transaction types. For online money transfers through Ria, you can send up to $ 2,999 per day and $ 7,999 per month.

For partially verified accounts, you can only send up to $ 999.


The transaction limit for MoneyGram transactions is currently set at $10,000 per online transfer within 30 days.

Western Union

The maximum transaction limit for Western Union money transfers through Walmart is not listed officially.

However, the transaction limits can be estimated at up to $ 5,000 per transaction when using the online method.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer – Transaction Tracking

Online money transfers can easily be tracked at the service provider’s mobile or online links.


Ria offers an intuitive “track the transfer” tool to track your money transfer transactions. You can log in via Ria mobile app or online account to find this feature in the service menu.

Then, enter the PIN and transaction details to generate a QR code. You can use this QR code or account page to track your money transfers.


You can track MoneyGram fund transfer transactions online by using the transaction reference number and your last name.

It will instantly show the transaction tracking map for local and international transfers.

Western Union

You can use the online money transfer tracking tool at the WU website or mobile app to track and follow fund transfers.

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