When Does USCIS Update Case Status? How Often Is It Update? FAQs and More

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is a government-owned department that provides immigration services to foreign people looking to become US residents.

Lawful immigration, citizenships, adoption, different visas, and work permit are the services provided by the federal government agency USCIS.

The department’s purpose is to oversee the immigration process and analyze applicants’ knowledge and understanding of the United States, its history, legal system, government, etc.

The department also manages the issuance of Green Card and US citizenship. There are over 18000 employees of the agency working at over 250 offices around the world.

The mission of the agency is to administer the nation’s lawful immigration system. Therefore, every alien person has to open an application with USCIS to get the resolution accordingly. However, a lot of people don’t know about the case updating system of the USCIS.

In today’s article, we will talk about the USCIS case status updates and how it works. So let’s get into it.

What Is USCIS Receipt Number?

Whenever you file an application or petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, a receipt number is sent to the applicant to acknowledge the application received.

The applicants can use the issued receipt number to track the application status or petition filed with USCIS.

It is a 13-character identifier that has three letters followed by a – and numeric characters. A receipt number issued by USCIS is written as follows: EAC-22-123-45678. USCIS sends the receipt number to the applicant via the mailing address mentioned in the application.

If you have lost your receipt or have not received the number after the due processing time, you can call the phone number of USCIS to recover the receipt number against your application.

Different Methods To Check Your USCIS Update Case Status

Once you have applied with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, there are several ways you can leverage to check the application status and updates by the relevant department.

Let’s have a brief overview of all methods you can count on:

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1.    Via Online Website

You can leverage the online system developed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency to check your application status with USCIS. Here is what you need to do to track your USCIS case processing:

  1. Visit the official webpage for application tracking by USCIS here.
  2. You will need to enter your 13-digit receipt number in the empty field given on the page. Although you received the receipt number with hyphens, you have to enter the receipt number on the online portal without using hyphens.
  3. Finally, click the ‘Check Status’ button to proceed with your application status update. ‘
  4. A new page will open in front of you with your application’s latest updates and processing details.

2.    Email

Many people wonder if they can receive USCIS updates on their applications via email inquiries. However, the important thing to know here is that USCIS no longer accepts or responds to email inquiries regarding the case status.

An online account with USCIS is the most practical solution to receive regular updates from the department regarding your applications.

When you create your USCIS account and opt to receive emails regarding case statuses, you will ultimately receive email updates against your applications.

3.    By Phone

Checking the most recent status of your application or petition with USCIS is simpler with a phone call. You can make a call at the USCIS number and inquire about your case status via your 13-character receipt number.

The phone number for calling USCIS is as follows:


Once you are on the call, you can choose the language you want to proceed with for correspondence.

The automatic prompts during the call allow you to enter your 13-character receipt number and get the update on processing.

Applicants having any disability like deafness, speech disability, etc., they will call on the following number:

  TTY 800-767-1833

If we talk about the office hours for status updates on the phone, you can call from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm (New York Time). You can not get updates on public holidays, federal holidays, or weekends.

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4.    Third-Party Apps

There are certain third-party apps you can capitalize on to check your application status by simply entering the receipt number received from USCIS.

Lawfully app is a predictability app with advanced features of predicting the average processing time required for your applications with USCIS. However, the app’s free features include checking your USCIS application’s current status.

You must install the app on your phone(iOS or Android), enter your receipt number, and get an update about your application with USCIS. You can also get real-time updates about your applications with the Lawfully app.

5.    Via Mail

You can also request correspondence from USCIS regarding your application’s status via mail. However, this option is no longer available for checking your application status.

In the past, applicants would send Direct Mail to the relevant service centers. It would take 15 to 30 days to receive the information.

Since faster accessibility is possible nowadays, the department has discontinued the slow and manual method of receiving updates via mail.

6.    In-Person Visit

Lastly, in-person visits are also an option for checking the processing status of your application or petition.

Not normally preferred or used by applicants, but you can opt for in-person visits if you have a specific reason or emergencies that make it unavoidable to visit.

You can visit the service center, correspond with representatives, and provide them with your credentials and your application details to get information. However, make sure to make a pre-booking with USCIS for making an in-person visit.

What Is the Normal Processing Time Of USCIS Applications?

The average processing time of USCIS for applications and petitions is not a hard and false rule to quote generally.

The processing time of the USCIS is very specific to the type of application and petitions, availability of supporting evidence, additional requirements, and paperwork volume.

However, you should expect a few months at least and over a year at max as the normal processing time of USCIS applications.

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1.    When does USCIS Update Case Status?

United States Citizenship and Immigration update the status of applications once a  month. The general practice of USCIS implies that the status of all applications is updated every 15th of a month.

2.    How Often Does USCIS Update Case Statuses?

The frequency of case status updates in USCIS is monthly. Irrespective of application type, processing time, and new actions, the department will update the status once a month.

3.    How long does it take for USCIS to update the case status after approval?

Once you send your application to USCIS and they receive the application, the receiving notice is updated with the receipt number mailed to your mailing address.

4.    How do I get USCIS case status updates?

We have discussed different methods to receive case status updates from USCIS regarding your applications and petitions with the agency.

However, an online status check is the most convenient method you can leverage for checking the status of your application.

5.    Why is the USCIS case status not updated?

The department updates the case once a month, but it doesn’t mean that processing on different applications is also done once a month.

You might receive a notification from USCIS regarding your application, but it is not reflected on the online portal. It might be due to the monthly frequency of status updates.

6.    What happens when USCIS is reviewing your case?

When the case status update regarding the USCIS application might say that ‘USCIS is actively reviewing your case.’

It means that agency is reviewing paperwork, documentary evidence, supporting evidence, and other necessary information before they approve your application.

7.    How long does it take USCIS to make a decision after the interview in 2022?

Once you have gone through the interview process, it can take up to 120 working days or four months to get the final decision from the agency regarding your application.