Mark Meldrum CFA Level I Videos Review 2022

Mark Meldrum CFA level I videos are a popular prep course collection for CFA students. The course is an online video course format with access to tutor counseling (for additional cost).

Let us review the Mark Meldrum CFA level I video course briefly.

Mark Meldrum CFA Prep Course

Mark Meldrum is a Ph.D. professor with over 20 years of teaching experience in different universities. Mark’s professional career comes from teaching in the US and Canada for several years.

Mark also has extensive practical experience in investing/trading different asset classes including stocks, commodities, and currencies. The teaching and work experience combined offers discrete value to his students. is the online collection of CFA and FRM courses offered by Mark Meldrum. The website offers free resources and paid access to the main courses.

Mark Meldrum offers all three CFA-level courses. You can choose one level course at a time or purchase an all-in-one course with a special discount. You have a choice to purchase the content on a per-module basis as well.

Key Features of Market Meldrum CFA Level I

Mark Meldrum is a widely recognized prep course provider for CFA exams. It comes with a comprehensive set of videos, PDF notes, webinars, mock exams, and practice questions to prepare you for any CFA-level exam.

There are quite a few prep courses for CFA exams in the market. Here are a few key features unique to Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course making it one of the best in the market.

Teaching Methodology

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course is suitable for students with no finance background. Mark covers every topic from scratch and explains every point in detail.

Students with a finance background may find it stretchy but the teaching methodology is equally appealing to everyone. The course aims to prepare students for exams as well as their professional careers.

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Course Format

Mark Meldrum’s CFA prep course is an online course. Students get access to recorded video lectures, PDF notes, webinars, and more.

Students get a study planner, access to video archives, a question bank, and performance stats. These tools help students to stay on track for their exam preparations.

Video Lectures

The main theme of this prep CFA course is that all the content comes in video format. Even the PDF notes and exam questions are recorded in videos.

You can easily access these videos through the online browser or mobile app. Then, the access level will differ for each CFA level course or depending on your purchased package/subscription.

You can expect the following break-down of the CFA level I video course:

  • Reading Videos: 99 hours +
  • Seminar Videos: 7.5 hours +
  • EOCQ Videos: 31 hours +
  • Review Videos: 17 hours
  • Total Videos Length: 155 hours +

Exam Pass Guarantee

Mark Meldrum offers a unique exam pass guarantee for all students. If you enrolled in one of the CFA-level video courses and couldn’t pass, you’ll keep access to the course for free for the next exams.

All you have to do is to provide proof of sitting an unsuccessful exam and registration for the next one.

Exam Practice Questions

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course provides students with thousands of exam practice questions. You’ll get exam practice questions for every level.

These practice exam questions mimic the real CFA exam papers to help students get a feel of what they’ll face in the papers.

Mock Exams

Mock exams are essential for students to test their knowledge before appearing in an exam. Marke Meldrum offers a complete set of mock exams for CFA level I and other prep courses as well.

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Instructor Availability

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course does not include live instructions. You do not get feedback from the instructor either on video content.

If you want tutor counseling, you can purchase an additional session at $55 per hour. It is an on-demand service for all video courses.

Course Cost

The CFA level I video course comprises 10 sections. Students can purchase a subscription of $31 per section or bundle access to all 10 at $310.

Although the total cost is the same for the full package, it offers additional features you don’t get with the section purchase.

The additional features in the full package include the following:

  • Mock Exams
  • Formula sheet
  • Archive
  • App Access
  • One-Fee-To-Pass

Students can purchase additional mock exam sets at $80 and a tutor counseling session at $55 per hour.

When Mark Meldrum CFA Level I Videos are the Best Option for You?

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course is the best option for you if you prefer a self-study style. It helps you control the pace and schedule as you like.

Then, you can split the prep course cost by purchasing one section at a time. Once you are fully prepared, you can purchase mock exams before sitting the real CFA exam.

Mark Meldrum CFA level I video lectures appeal to students with or without a finance background.

So, it’s your best option if you want to dig deeper and develop an understanding of the course from scratch.

Then, the course format allows you to prepare ahead of exams with the help of practice questions and mock exams. You can purchase access to a tutor counseling section as well.

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Finally, the total cost of the Mark Meldrum CFA level course is $310 (+ $55 counseling). It is a fairly cheaper option as compared to some other online courses in the market.

Limitations of Mark Meldrum CFA Level I Videos

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I video course also has some limitations.

  • It does not offer access to the instructor live or without additional charges.
  • There is no review of students’ preparations before the exams.
  • The pass guarantee is limited and offers only one free course after an unsuccessful attempt.
  • The detailed video lectures may be overwhelming for students with good financial backgrounds.
  • Students cannot choose to pick the course content from the recorded lectures.
  • Access to archive videos and other key features comes only with the full subscription package.

Mark Meldrum CFA Level I Videos Alternatives

Mark Meldrum’s CFA level I videos course is one of the most widely used in the market. However, there are a few alternatives available too.

Wily CFA

Wily CFA course is another popular online prep course available. It offers tutor counseling for all course sections, recorded videos, exam questions, a planner, and a preparation review.

Willy’s CFA course is a more comprehensive one with short videos. However, the total course is $ 645 for the self-study and $ 1,395 for the platinum course.

Kaplan /Schweser

The Kaplan/Schweser CFA course is the leading online course provider with an established history and brand reputation.

It offers comprehensive video and written format course content. The course format is also mainly on-demand videos.

The total cost of the Kaplan course is $699 plus an additional cost of a review workshop $999.