Does USCIS Accept Mail on Saturday? Does It Work on Weekend and Holiday? FAQs

Whether you are a US citizen, an immigrant residing in the USA, or a foreigner looking forward to becoming a permanent resident of the US, you will have to get in touch with USCIS for several reasons.

Adoption, citizenship, green card, employment cards, and different e Visas to the US are overseen by the immigration agency of the United States.

The applicants have to go through the proper procedure before they can get rights to work, live, or enjoy other benefits in the US.

However, a lot of people living in the US do not know how the application process works. While many others have ambiguities about working days, sending requests to USCIS via mail, and a lot more.

In this article, we will try to address people’s questions regarding USCIS request sending and processing. We will also address the frequently asked questions regarding USCIS mail acceptance and working schedule.

So let’s get into it.

What Is USCIS?

USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and it is a government institution in the US. The federal government agency oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

The usual services offered by the agency include lawful citizenship, immigration, adoptions, humanitarian programs, and working permit in the United States.

The department’s purpose is to oversee the immigration process and analyze applicants’ knowledge and understanding of the United States, its history, legal system, government, etc. The department also manages the issuance of Green Card and US citizenship. There are over 18000 employees of the agency working at over 250 offices around the world.

Services Of USCIS

The United States Citizenship And Immigration Services agency is currently offering the following services to citizens and foreigners in the US:


If you are a foreigner who want to become a permanent resident of the US as close relatives or family member of an already US citizen, USCIS will be a service provider in this regard.


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency looks after matters regarding providing citizenship status to foreigners via the naturalization process. Thousands of people become part of the US fabric every year. It is one of the reasons why 25% population of the US consists of lawful immigrants.

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Working In The US

Foreigners who want to live and work lawfully in the United States will need to get temporary or permanent work permission by filing an application with USCIS.


For US citizens who want to adopt one or more children from countries other than the United States or its territories, the application process is channeled via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Agency.

Humanitarian Program

The agency also regulates and protects the individuals affected by wars, civil or political unrest, discrimination, etc., inside or outside the US under humanitarian causes and programs.

Individual’s Legal Rights To Work In The US

E-Verify is the system to electronically verify the employment eligibility of the newly-hired employees at any company. The participating companies of the e-Verify program are required to complete the e-Verification of their employees via USCIS.

Civil Integration

Civil integration is the initiative of the US to train and teach immigrants to become a better fit in the American civic culture. This program consists of information tools that allow immigrants to understand US residents’ responsibilities, norms, and citizenship rights.


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency has the Genealogy Program. This fee-for-service facility allows foreign researchers or relevant officials to access immigration records of deceased immigrants in the US.

How To Submit Your Applications, Petitions, And Requests?

When you have completed your application in all regards, the next step is filing it. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency offers two methods for request submission: via mail and electronic submission.

Let’s have an overview of both methods.

Traditional Mail

If you want to use the traditional mail for request or petition filing with USCIS, complete your application in all regards, assemble all the forms, supporting documents, and payment proof in a complete way, and mail it to the mailing address of the United States.

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Electronic Submission

When you choose to submit requests, petitions, and applications via online form, here is what you have to do:

  1. Sign up for USCIS free accounts.
  2. Add the personal information and complete the account setup.
  3. Submit your request via the online form and also send the supporting documents electronically.

When you use the online request filing mode, the USCIS will not issue any paper notices or decisions for such requests. Instead, all correspondence takes place electronically. However, if the mailer has requested to receive paper notices, the USCIS can decide to issue the paper notices.

Here are the features you can access when filing your requests online:

  • You can manage and link the paper-filed benefits/ requests via the USCIS online account.
  • When you choose the electronic mode of request filing, the correspondence by the USCIS regarding notices and decisions is also made electronically.
  • Pay the fee via online modes when filing electronically
  • You can always get information about the current status of your case.

What Happens Once USCIS Receive A Request?

Once you have sent the request and USCIS receives your requests, the processing starts.

  1. The first step is an assessment to know if the application is complete and meets the minimum requirements for an application to be accepted. The USCIS will reject the requests and petitions if the minimum requirements are not fulfilled.

Here are the minimal acceptance criteria for USCIS requests and petitions:

  1. Correct fee
  2. Complete the form with supporting documents and a proper signature
  3. Required initial evidence for intake purposes as per the form’s instructions

If any of the following requirements are not met, you will have to face rejection for certain requests:

  • The request or petition is not complete
  • There is no signature or improper signature
  • The applicant used an outdated version of the USCIS form for application filing
  • Principal application error
  • Incorrect fee, missing or wrong amount of fee

The rejection reasons are not limited to the reasons we have mentioned above. The USCIS might reject an immigrant visa application if the visa is not immediately available to the applicant.

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FAQs About USCIS Mailing

Here are the frequently asked questions about USCIS mailing:

Does USCIS Accept Mail On Saturday?

For the applicants who chose to file their applications and requests via USCIS Lockboxes, the answer is that USCIS will pick up the mail during business hours of Monday to Friday. Therefore, if you send a mail on Saturday, it will be accepted on the next business day.

Does USCIS Work On Saturday?

If you want to know if USCIS works on applications and requests on Saturdays, the answer is no. The USCIS agency works from Mon-Friday. However, you can access information via an online automated contact center or by calling on the helpline of USCIS.

Does USCIS Work On Weekend And Holidays?

If you want to contact USCIS on weekend or holidays, you will be glad to know that their automated menu and contact information is always live 24/7. You can also contact the national toll-free line by calling on the following number: 1-800-375-5283. The call service is available on Mon-Fri(8 am to 8 pm) and Saturdays(9 am to 5 pm).

Does USCIS work 7 days a week?

No, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency does not work seven days a week. Instead, the office services are available from Mon-Fri(8 am-8 pm).

Is Immigration Open On Saturday?

Immigration branches of the USCIS are normally open from Monday to Friday.

How do I know if USCIS received my mail?

You can check the status of your application or request via the receipt number. You will receive automated case status updates if you sign up for the USCIS website for automatic case status.


We discussed filing requests, petitions, or applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Agency.

We hope that the information shared and questions being answered will work as an information bank for people who are looking for relevant information. You can ask a question in the comments if you think that we have missed it in our discussion.