Can Uscis Mail be Forwarded? FAQs And Everything About USCIS!

The United States is one country where everyone wants to go and settle for life. It is one of the reasons why 26% of the US population comprises immigrants, as per data for 2021. The population includes immigrants and their children.

Even more, 56,800 Indians, 48,200 Philippines residents, 47,600 Cuba residents, and 27,800 Dominican Republic residents were given American citizenship.

However, many people who are taking services of immigration and citizenship are unaware of several things. They don’t know what services they can get from the department and how things and processes work at the institutions.

Therefore, we have come up with an article to address everything you need to know about USCIS. We will answer all the frequently asked questions about USCIS, the mission & vision of the department, their services, and other things you need to know!

So let’s get into it.

What Is USCIS?

USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and it is a government institution in the US. The federal government agency oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

The usual services offered by the agency include lawful citizenship, immigration, adoptions, humanitarian programs, and working permit in the United States.

The department’s purpose is to oversee the immigration process and analyze applicants’ knowledge and understanding of the United States, its history, legal system, government, etc.

The department also manages the issuance of Green Card and US citizenship. There are over 18000 employees of the agency working at over 250 offices around the world.

Mission And Vision

According to USCIS, the mission and vision of the agency are as follows:

“US Citizenship and Immigration Services administers the nation’s lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.”

The strategic goal of USCIS are as follows:

  • To strengthen the immigration system’s integrity and security
  • Provide customer-oriented immigration benefits and information services
  • To promote flexible and sound immigration programs and policies
  • To strengthen the infrastructure that supports the USCIS mission
  • To operate a high-performance organization for promoting a talented workforce and dynamic work culture
  • To support immigrants’ integration and participation in American civic culture
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Services Offered By USCIS

What are the different services USCIS offers to customers?

Here is the description of the services the US Citizenship And Immigration Services agency is offering:


People from around the world who want to become citizens of the US can get citizenship rights through naturalization. The documents are submitted to the USCIS, and the agency assesses, evaluates, and determine eligibility for US citizenship.

Immigration of Family Members

Permanent residents or US citizens can bring their close relatives or family members to the US for work or live with them. USCIS regulates the immigration of family members for all citizens.

Working in the US

The people who get citizenship or legal immigrant status in the US can get permission to work in the US on permanent and temporary opportunities. The US Citizenship and  Immigration Services processes the whole process and application.

Humanitarian Programs

According to the official website of the USCIS, the agency also regulates and protects the individuals affected by wars, civil or political unrest, discrimination, etc., inside or outside the US under humanitarian causes and programs.


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency regulates and processes the procedure of adoption for US citizens who want to adopt children from other than US countries.

Verify Individual’s Legal Right To Work in the United States (e-Verification)

E-Verify is the system to electronically verify the employment eligibility of the newly-hired employees at any company.

The participating companies of the e-Verify program are required to complete the e-Verification of their employees via USCIS.


Researchers who want to access historical immigration and naturalization records of deceased immigrants can also take services from USCIS.

The USCIS Genealogy Program is a fee-for-service facility for researchers who want information or access to immigration records of deceased immigrants.

Civic Integration

Civic integration refers to training the immigrants and providing them with the information tools to understand the responsibilities, citizenship rights, and other norms to fit well in American civic culture.

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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the US Citizenship and Immigration Services:

1.    Can USCIS mail be forwarded?

No! USCIS mail is usually sent via USPS. The mail is classified as ‘Return Service Requested.’ It implies that the mailing company can’t forward such emails. Instead, the envelope should be sent back to the sending agency.

USPS or other mailing services abide by the same rule of not forwarding the mail by USCIS or any other similar agency. If you recently changed your address, report it to the department, but a letter was already dispatched; don’t expect the mail to be forwarded to your new address.

2.    What will happen if USCIS mail is not forwarded?

When the USPS mailing company, in most cases, doesn’t forward the mail of USCIS to another address, it will be sent back. For instance, in the case of USCIS, the USPS will send the mail back to the immigration agency.

3.    How to change your address with USCIS?

If you want to know the right way to change the address registered with USCIS, here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your USCIS online account if you registered via the online form. Follow the screen prompts or search function to find the change of address page. Follow the instructions and change your address. Here is the link to the Change of Address page of USCIS.
  2. Alternatively, you can file Form AR-11, Alien’s Change of Address Card. Filing for this form will update your address on any pending or upcoming applications, requests, and petitions.

4.    How can civil surgeons change their address with USCIS?

Civil surgeons can update the mailing address by using the email address received along with the Approval Notification from the agency.

A surgeon must report any change in contact, address, or other information within 15 days of the change(s).

5.    Will my case be processed faster if I file a second Form I-485?

No such exception is given to the individuals who have filed a second Form I-485. Your case will not be processed faster. Instead, you can expect a slower lead time due to added burden on USCIS with your second form.

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6.    I have been waiting longer for a decision than the time displayed for my form type and office. Why?

Processing time is not an independent variable, but several factors impact the processing time. The main factors in this regard are the number of applications and petitions, workload allocations, staffing levels, and many more.

And every case is referred to specific experts that process the application. It can no longer depend on complications or other factors that require additional time.

7.    I think my case is taking too long; when can I submit a service request?

Once the website updates the processing time regarding your case, you will get access to certain tools to contact the agency and ask questions about your case.

You have to enter information like the receipt date and check your processing time. If your application requires additional steps or processing time, there will be a link to provide details regarding the inquiry.

8.    Are premium processing cases included in the processing times calculations?

No, there is nothing such as premium processing cases to be included in the processing times calculations.

9.    When will USCIS provide data on processing times for newly designated or redesignated countries for TPS?

When a new country is designated, or an older country is redesignated, the department will take almost 6 months to provide data on processing times for such countries.


We have discussed everything about the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. We answered the most frequently asked questions about the agency.

Therefore, we hope that you will have answers to your inquiries regarding the mail forwarding of USCIS. If you have any other inquiries about the agency, make a comment on the post, and we would love to update the frequently asked questions regarding USCIS.