What Is Tinder Gold And Is It Worth It? (2022 Update and FAQs)

Everyone wants to enjoy a cup of coffee with their loved ones in their free time, but how can you find true love in this fast-growing world where every moment is worth it? Well, Tinder is here to hold your back!

It is an online dating app or a gateway to getting into a relationship that can provide you with a list of people of your chosen category; you can get in touch with them with one click on their profile. Every user profile includes photos, a short biography, and a list of interested people.

Tinder Gold is the premium subscription of Tinder with some exclusive features like Unlimited likes, Passport, Rewind, Five super likes per week, One boost per month, and more profile control.

Moreover, this app helps save time and boost your confidence, which is genuinely appreciated.

In this blog post, we will brief all the features of the updated Tinder Gold 2022 that will help you comprehend why this app stands at the top of other dating apps.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Absolutely yes, Tinder Gold 2022 is worth your time, particularly if you are a frequent user and receive more likes, as it will make you a potential candidate. Tinder Gold will show you the fast result in finding your dating partner.

Moreover, its spectacular features five super like a week and monthly boost will make your profile prominent.

In addition, it enables you to view the profiles of other candidates who like you. Amazing, right?

It is time to dig out the features and advantages of Tinder Gold that make it unique and dominant in others.

Advance Features Of Tinder Gold

The following are all advanced features you get on subscribing to Tinder Gold:

1. Tinder Swiping Limits

People are used to swiping unlimited, Tinder app allows you to swipe left and right to see the profiles of their interest, but this may get you in trouble as a new user.

Tinder does not allow you to swipe unlimited. Many people cannot know about the swiping limits because they have not shown it publically.

Although after the survey of many profiles, it is noticed that younger women may get about 80-100 and men get 40-50 free likes per day. It can vary by account specification.

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2. Number Of Likes Shown

On your Tinder profile, showing a number with a circle, these are the likes you get from others that will pile up on your profile over time.

If you are using a simple Tinder application number will be shown blurred.

While you purchase Tinder Gold, you can see who likes your profile; you can message them and get connected at once. Tinder Gold gives you more chances of dating and finding the right one for you.

3. Five Super Likes

Super Like is one of the enchanting features of Tinder Gold; by using this feature, you can super like anyone’s profile by tapping on the blue star at the bottom of the screen.

This blue star will be the indication that you like them.

In Tinder Gold, you can use five super likes per week to get more people’s attention.

4: One Monthly Boost

Tinder boost is one of the most exciting features in Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Using Tinder boost will keep your profile at the top for 30 minutes, and in this duration, you can 10X your profile view.

You can use this remarkable feature by tapping on the purple lighting bolt on the main page you usually use to swipe the profile.

In Tinder Gold, you can use this feature once a month, although you can also purchase it for more than one use.

5. Rewind Your Last Swipe

If you are swiping the profiles in search of someone attractive, and if you accidentally swipe the profile left, you like it most.

You can swipe back by clicking on the yellow arrow icon on the screen’s bottom left.

This feature can be avail only if you are using Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus; the purchase of rewind the swipe is not available separately.

6. Tinder Passport Or Location

Tinder will show the profiles that match your location as it will always follow your location. However, if you are moving to another country and need to find the user around you, Tinder Gold repositions your profile and helps you find potential matches elsewhere.

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It will help you to find and access new people rather than your own country.

How Can You Activate Tinder Gold?

It is easy to activate Tinder Gold:

  • Open Tinder App
  • Tap on your Profile icon
  • Go to setting
  • Click on Get Tinder Gold
  • Select your preferred monthly plan

What Is The Subscription Price Of Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold subscription price depends upon your age, location, and discounts you are being offered, but a user can get a handsome discount by subscribing for 6 or 12 months.

You can buy Tinder Gold if you are under the age of 30 years at the rate of $9.99 for one month, $52.99 for six months, and $82.99 for twelve months.

Tips For Using Tinder Gold App

Here are some tips you should focus on while using the Tinder Gold App.

  • Ignore the profile that might be fake; you can easily recognize it. Avoid opening such profiles.
  • Choose the right profile, at least with two photos that must be clear enough to see the face.
  • Read the About me section carefully; it can increase the chance of a perfect match.
  • Never share your personal information and keep chatting on Tinder till you meet the person and like it.

If you think someone is annoying you, click on its profile and block him/her, he or she will not be able to message you further.

Pros And Cons Of Tinder Gold

Let’s dive right into the pros and cons of Tinder Gold as listed below.


  • You can hide your information by controlling your profile like you can hide your age and location.
  • Super Likes and Boost features of Tinder Gold will make your profile prominent and could be seen by more people.
  • You can like someone without swiping the profile by the feature who likes you. Just tap Who Likes You and check the list; if you also like someone, send a message and connect immediately.
  • The top picks feature will save time, choosing the person you are most likely interested in.
  • Good app for finding a partner abroad.
  • It is easy to subscribe to Tinder Gold instead of other apps’ lengthy processes.


  • Having Tinder Gold Subscription is not enough; you must have more than two good photos and a strong bio, which makes a person like your profile.
  • More time is needed swiping profiles to know who likes you.
  • In Tinder Gold, you might be paying for some extra features you are not using. For instance, you are not traveling but must pay for a Tinder passport.
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Frequently Ask Questions

Will Tinder Gold Helps In To Get More Matches?

Tinder Gold will not guarantee an increase in the matches, although you can use the above-mentioned advanced features of Super like and Boost to get good, appropriate, and more matches.

Does Tinder Gold Offers A Free Trial?

No, Tinder Gold never gives a free trial, but it can give some discount to its new user if you buy the subscription for 6 or 12 months.

Are The Tinder Gold Likes Real?

Yes, Tinder Gold likes are real; they show you the profile of persons who are serious about dating you.

How Can I Unsubscribe For Tinder Gold?

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the profile icon at the top right corner, tapping on the setting, tapping Manage payment account, and canceling the subscription.

How Can You Distinguish Between Tinder Plus And Tinder Gold?

See Who Likes You is the best feature of Tinder Gold, while Top Picker is one of the best features of Tinder Plus, which make both of them distinct.

Our Summary

Tinder is one of the best online dating applications; a subscription to Tinder Gold will help you get the perfect match quickly.

Tinder Gold provides more advanced features of super likes, monthly boost, location changing, Likes to see, and more swipes.

Also, Tinder Gold is worthy if you want to increase your profile’s traffic and meet the right person on this platform.

A subscription to Tinder Gold enables you to see the number of likes on your profile; visit the profiles who like you; message them, and see their photos; having a great conversation with them on Tinder will keep you safe from any inconvenience.

However, it is worth it if you want to spend more time on the mobile dating app and use the top pick and more likes features.