Step-by-Step Guide to Get Cashier’s Check at Chase Bank

You get a cashier’s check from the bank branch counter usually. Other options are to get one from a credit union or a financial exchange that offers this service.

Chase bank customers can order a cashier’s check online by using internet banking or a mobile app. It offers a convenient but slower option to customers for ordering a cashier’s check.

Let’s dive in to get the step-by-step guide on how to order a cashier’s check online at Chase bank.

What is a Cashier’s Check?

A cashier’s check is a payment instrument issued by a bank or credit union on behalf of a customer becoming the guarantor of the payment.

Unlike a regular check, where the accountholder pays the check amount, the bank becomes the payer for a cashier’s check.

The customer applies for a cashier’s check with the bank. The bank deducts the amount from the customer’s account along with the official charges.

The customer then receives the signed cashier’s check from the bank and uses it for a payment to a third party.

The payee can deposit the cashier’s check into a bank account or get cash from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution.

A cashier’s check is similar to a money order or bank draft rather than a regular check. It is a safer payment instrument as the payable amount would already be deducted from the customer’s bank account.

It means even if the payer does not have sufficient bank balance at the time of the cashier’s check cashing, the bank will pay the payee.

Chase Bank Cashier’s Check

Like other leading banks, JP Morgan Chase bank also issues cashier’s checks. You can apply for a cashier’s check as an accountholder with the bank.

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Chase bank offers free cashier’s checks to several types of bank accounts for individuals and business customers. For instance, Chase bank customers with personal savings and checking accounts get free cashier’s checks.

For non-accountholders or other customers, the charges for a cashier’s check were $8 previously. Now, the bank has increased the charges to $10 per check.

You can use a Chase bank cashier’s check for security deposits and other types of financial transactions where you need a guaranteed payment.

Step by Step Guide to Get Cashier’s Check online at Chase Bank

Only account holders of Chase bank can order cashier’s checks online or using the mobile app. So, the first thing you need will be a bank account, a valid routing number, and activated online banking.

Here are the steps to follow when you want to order a cashier’s check online at Chase bank.

Step 01:

Enroll in Chase bank online banking by registering your account here. Provide essential details like account number, personal identification, and contact details.

Step 02:

The second step is to activate your online banking and log in with the credentials.

Step 03:

Rollover to the account services tab from the main menu. Then find the “order cashier’s check” from the dropdown list.

You may have to select savings or checking account or choose the one which you want to use to withdraw money for the cashier’s check.

Step 04:

Once you select the account type, choose the amount for the cashier’s check. You can use a previously used check or a template as well.

Step 05:

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Complete other details and submit the application online. Follow the prompts to confirm your cashier’s check order with the Chase banking system.

Step 06:

The final step is to select your cashier’s check delivery method. You can choose to pick it up from the nearest branch or get delivered to your registered mailbox.

If you want to change the mailing address for delivery, change it before ordering the cashier’s check. The online banking system cannot replace the mailing address during the process.

How Long Does it Take to Order a Cashier’s Check Online at Chase Bank?

If you want to order a cashier’s check online, it may take longer than you expect. Unlike other online banking services, ordering a cashier’s check online is a slow process.

Normally, the bank will prepare the cashier’s check on the same working day or the next. However, receiving it through mail takes 3-5 business days.

Even if you use the urgent mail delivery option by paying extra, it will take around 2 business days.

Also, keep in mind that ordering an online cashier’s check is a more expensive option. Chase bank may not offer free home delivery and would charge even more for express delivery if you need it fast.

Cashier’s Check from Chase Bank by Phone

A similar option for you to order a cashier’s check at Chase bank is through phone banking.

You can follow the same steps outlined above to order a cashier check through phone banking by calling the Chase bank customer support line.

You’ll have to activate phone banking first by verifying your identity and providing account details. Then, place an order for the cashier’s check for the desired amount.

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Like online banking, this method also takes time and you may receive the check in 3-5 business days. Chase bank will also charge you for a cashier’s check through the method.

However, you can save the hassle of visiting a branch by ordering online or by phone banking.

Cashier’s Check at Chase Bank Branch

The most convenient option to get a cashier’s check is by visiting a Chase bank branch near you. All you have to do is to fill in the cashier’s check application form and deposit the required cash.

You can also use your account balance to pay for the check’s amount. It will take a few minutes for the bank teller (cashier) to prepare and sign the check for you.

Moreover, you can get the cashier’s check on the spot and send it to the receiver immediately.

This option is convenient, cheaper, and quicker as compared to ordering a cashier’s check online at Chase bank.

How to Order Regular Checks from Chase Bank Online?

Chase bank provides the same facility to its customer for ordering regular checks online. You can use online banking or the mobile app to order new checks conveniently.

Chase bank’s business customers will have to use the Deluxe website or helpline to order new checks. Individual account holders can directly place an order for new checks using online or mobile banking credentials.

Both methods offer the same convenience and choices. The pricing for checks depends on the number of checks you choose.