Cashier Check at Kroger: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, And More

When it comes to shopping for groceries at affordable prices, Kroger is the first place Americans prefer. Kroger is the largest food manufacturing business in the United States, with 35 manufacturing facilities.

The company is in the business of every food item, be it bread, milk, ice cream, cookies, or even peanut butter.

The company operates its grocery retail stores under different banners like Ralphs, Metro Market, City Market, Dillons, King Soopers, Smith’s, etc. When it comes to shopping, cashier checks or official checks are something that is accepted by a lot of grocery stores.

But does Kroger also accept cashier checks? Can you cash all types of checks at Kroger? What are the requirements, procedures, and fees for a check cashing at Kroger?

These are questions that most people wonder about but do not get the right answers to.

We will discover this in this article. We will talk about everything you need to know about the check cashing at Kroger, alternatives to cashier checks, and whether you can buy cashier checks at Kroger. So let’s get into it.

About Money Services Kroger

Money Services Kroger is the service of Kroger to facilitate customers in paying bills and using different payment modes while shopping at any retail store of Kroger.

The payment services of Kroger are powered by MoneyGram, FirsTech, Western Union, CheckFreePay, and Fidelity Express.

Customers can avail of bill payment and management services with Money Services Kroger from over 15000 different billers. These features have enabled Kroger to provide different payment tools and features through Money Service.

The main services you can enjoy with Kroger are:

  • Check Cashing Service
  • Pay bills like cell phone, gas, water, cable, electricity, child support payments, rent payments, etc.
  • Money order service to make sure funds will arrive on time, and you can avail of the facility at more than 2000 stores.
  • Send money to friends, family, colleagues, businesses, etc.
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Offers and Coupons

Why Kroger Services?

You should Money Services Kroger because:

  1. It is affordable
  2. Money Services are convenient
  3. The service is reliable, having collaborations with over 15000 trusted billers
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What Is Cashier Check?

A cashier check is also called a teller check or official check; what differentiates cashier checks from personal check is a guarantee. Personal checks are issued on the guarantee of the account holder, and a financial institution’s guarantee does not secure it.

On the other hand, cashier checks are issued and guaranteed by financial institutions and credit unions through their own funds.

How it works is that an individual visits the bank/credit union, requests a cashier’s check, will move out the money from your account, and the bank teller will sign the check toward a third party.

A cashier check also contains information like amount, date, recipient, and remitter. Another difference between a personal check and a cashier’s check is the presence of a watermark on the check.

The cashier’s check is never bounced; that’s why it is a secure way to receive payments. However, cashier checks are issued for large amounts generally.

Can Kroger Issue/Sell Cashier Check?

It is one of the commonly asked questions by a lot of people: can Kroger issue or sell cashier checks? Can I buy a cashier’s check from Kroger?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO! Kroger is not a financial institution or Credit Union. Therefore, they are not authorized to make or sell cashier’s checks.

Although Kroger provides money services powered by Western Union and many other financial institutions, they do not sell cashier checks.

Another reason why they can’t sell cashier’s checks is the verification process for funds availability before signing the check.

However, you can cash your checks at Kroger via Money Services Kroger. We will talk about it in the coming sections.

What Is Fee For Check Cashing?

Well, the Money Services Kroger provides the service of cashing checks of different types. The fee for check cashing depends on the amount of money you want to cash.

The cashier’s check fee is around $10, but they can’t be bought from Kroger stores.

If we talk about the fee for check cashing at Kroger, it varies depending on the amount you are cashing at the store:

  • If you are cashing a check worth $2000 or below, the price is $4.00 for people having Kroger’s Shopper card and $4.50 for people not having a Shopper card.
  • If you are cashing a check worth $2001 or above until $5000, the price is $7.00 for people having Kroger’s Shopper card and $7.50 for people not having a Shopper card.
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Types Of Accepted Checks

Kroger’s check cashing service lets you cash different types of checks, such as cashiers or official checks. We have listed the types of accepted checks for your convenience:

  • Income Tax Refund –If you have received a tax refund check from the government, you can cash it at Money Services Kroger. You can get the money instantly against your checks.
  • Government checks – You can bring the government checks you have received from the government against any benefits and cash at any local store of Money Services Kroger.
  • Business checks –If you have received business checks and want to cash them instantly and effortlessly, Kroger is a good option for that as well. You can bring your business teller checks and get the cash instantly.
  • Payroll Checks – With Kroger’s payroll check cashing service, you can cash your payroll every month at the nearest Money Service.
  • Insurance Settlement Checks –You can bring in your insurance settlement checks received from your insurance company and get the cash at local Money Services by Kroger.
  • Debit Card Cashing – Get any amount by debit card cashing with the convenient, quick, and easy process at Kroger’s Money Services.
  • Child Support Check – Once you receive a child support check, bring it to any nearest Money Services and cash it instantly to get your exact amount.

Documents Required For Check Cashing

When you are looking to cash your cashier checks at Kroger’s Money Services, you will require to bring certain documents along with you for the verification process.

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Here is the list of the documents you must keep with you to avoid delays or inconvenience at check cashing:

  1. The check you want to cash, of course
  2. Your Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number
  3. ID Proof that can be a US-issued passport, Driver’s license, State-issued ID, Resident alien ID, Matricula Consular ID, Military ID, or Tribal Nation or Reservation ID must be brought when cashing your check

What Is the Maximum Limit Of Cashier Check At Kroger?

Although cashier’s checks are usually bought when paying large amounts to anyone. However, there is still some limit on how much can be cashed at Kroger.

In the case of Kroger, you can cash your cashier checks up to $5,000. The charges for cashing the checks vary depending on the amount, but it is not more than $7.50.

How To Cash Your Check At Kroger?

It is very simple and convenient to cash your cashier’s check at Kroger Money Services. All you have to do is as follows:

  1. Visit your nearest store where Money Services are available.
  2. Make sure you have all the required documents, and check with you.
  3. Go to the Money Services Desk and let the team know about the services you need. They will take care of everything else.
  4. Receive your cash, and you are good to go.

Alternative For Cashier Check

Money Order is an alternative to a Cashier check that can be capitalized by users when receiving money or sending money to someone. The benefit of Money Order is that you can make a money order even if you don’t have a bank account.

If we talk in the context of Kroger, you can’t buy a cashier check from the Money Services Kroger, but you have the facility to send money via Money Orders using Money Services.


We have discussed everything you need to know about Kroger Cashier Check, its fees, requirements, limits, procedures, etc. We hope you will be able to cash your checks easily when visiting your nearest Money Services Kroger.