Cashier’s Check Capital One 360: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, and More

Although digital banking has replaced conventional banking in most personal use scenarios, whether you want to deposit money, withdraw it, transfer funds, or do other money-related tasks, digital banking apps are always up for it. However, in the world of business, checks are still important and often used.

If we talk about checks, they are still relevant for businesses, B2b payments, and even for paying large amounts. Cashier’s checks are the most popular for paying large sums of money to a person or business.

These are verified checks that the banks or authorized credit unions issue to the bank account holder requesting it. The money is withdrawn from the requester’s account, a cashier’s check in the name of a business or individual.

The other names of cashier’s checks are teller checks or bank drafts. The bank’s guarantee backs these checks. That’s why most businesses and institutions use cashier’s checks as a mode of payment or receiving money for large sums.

Capital One is a popular American bank offering several products in retail banking, loans, cards, etc. In this article, we will talk about the cashier’s check services offered by the bank under Capital One 360 solution. So let’s get into it.

About Capital One 360

Capital One Financial Corporation, an American Bank, was established in 1994 with its headquarters in McLean, Virginia. There are over 2000 ATMs, 30 Café style locations, and 755 full operational branches across the United States.

The bank has diversified its service portfolio and offers several solutions like credit cards, saving accounts, auto loans, checking accounts, etc., with numerous other instruments and services.

Capital One 360 is a popular service of Capital One and has a back story as well. ING Group, Dutch multinational banking, and financial services corporation with its headquarters in Amsterdam, sold its ING Direct Division to Capital One.

The bank announced the sale in June 2011. After the announcement, the public hearings were scheduled to be held by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

After everything, the regulators approved the sale, and Capital One acquired the division in Feb 2012. In Oct 2012, Capital One got permission to merge the division in their business, and it was rebranded as Capital One 360. The bank offers several services under the service label, such as checking accounts, saving accounts, etc.

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What Is Capital One 360 Cashier Check?

The Capital One 360 cashier’s check is the one with the bank’s guarantee about the amount written on the check. You can get two types of cashier’s checks from Capital One 360: Cashier’s check for checking account and cashier’s check for saving account.

Like all cashier’s checks, the amount written on the check is immediately withdrawn from the account holder at the time of check issuance by the bank. For instance, if A has to pay $5000 to someone(Mr. B), and he chooses a cashier’s check to pay the amount.

Mr. A has a Capital One 360 checking account; he visits the branch and asks to make a teller’s check of $5000 in the name of Mr.B.

The bank will immediately withdraw the funds from Mr. A’s account. Once Mr. B presents the check to the bank, the bank will pay the amount. However, the bank will debit the account of Mr. A at the time of the cashier’s check order placement. 

Can I Purchase Cashier Check From Capital One 360?

Capital One 360 is the division of Capital One Finance Corporation that offers cashier’s checks on saving and checking accounts. Therefore, the answer to the question if you can purchase a cashier’s check from Capital One 360 is Yes!

Capital One is an authorized bank that can issue the teller’s check to the bank customers requesting for the teller’s check to make payments. There are two methods to order the cashier check from Capital One bank, which we will discuss in the next sections of the article.

How To Get Cashier Check From Capital One?

You can purchase your cashier’s check from Capital One bank in different ways:

Cashier’s Check On Checking Account –On Location

If you have a Capital One 360 checking account, you can visit the nearest branch in person and order the cashier’s check for any amount within the prescribed limits.

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Cashier’s Check On Saving Account –On Location

If you have a Capital One 360 saving account, you can visit the nearest branch in person and order the cashier’s check for any amount within the prescribed limits.

Cashier’s Check From Online

You can also choose to order a cashier’s check for expedited delivery using the digital banking app of Capital One. The charges for online ordering are higher than for in-person visits.

What Is the Fee For the Cashier Check Of Capital One?

Depending on the mode of ordering you choose, the fee of the cashier’s check can vary. The bank has not divided the cashier’s check fee into tiers according to the amount. Instead, you are supposed to pay a flat fee. Here are the two methods of ordering cashier’s checks and the fee for each method:

  • The account holder has to pay a flat fee of $20 when ordering the cashier’s check using the banking app. The cost of online ordering also includes the shipping fee for expedited delivery.
  • The account holder has to pay a flat fee of $10 when ordering the cashier’s check by visiting the branch in person.

When Will My Cashier’s Check Arrive After Ordering?

When you visit the bank branch and order a cashier’s check, you will receive the check immediately.

However, when you order the check from the banking app, it can take some time to receive the check. In general, the expected schedule of receiving your Capital One 360 cashier’s check is as follows:

  • When you order before 2 p.m ET on any business day, you will receive the check via FedEx on the next business day.
  • If ordered before 2 p.m ET on the last business day of a week, you will receive the check on the first business day of the next week.
  • When you order the check after 2 p.m on any business day, you will receive the check after one working day.
  • When you order the check after 2 p.m ET on Friday, the check will arrive on Tuesday of the next week.
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It is important to note that your address might or might not be eligible for next-day delivery. For instance, if you are residing in Alaska and Hawaii, you can expect the check to receive within 3 to 5 business days.

Requirements For Capital One Teller Check?

What documents or requirements do you need to fulfill to purchase the Capital One 360 cashier check?

Here is what you need to know:

  1. When requesting a cashier’s check by visiting the bank branch in person:
  2. A checking or saving account in the Capital One bank; if you don’t have the account, you must carry the cash required to cover the amount of the cashier’s check
  3. The proof of identity with your picture
  4. The name of the person to whom you are issuing the check
  5. Any other details your bank needs you to give
  6. When you are ordering a cashier’s check online via web banking or the digital bank app:
  7. Your mobile number and verification with OTP
  8. Name of the payee, the account you want to make payment from, and the amount
  9. Address of check payer; address of the payee if you want the check to be directly delivered to the payee

Maximum And Minimum Limits

There is not much information about the minimum amount you can send via Capital One 360 cashier’s check. However, the maximum amount you can send via a cashier’s check is $250,000 per check. The daily limit for a cashier’s check is $500,000.The daily limit is refreshed after midnight every day.


We have discussed everything you need to know about Captial One 360 cashier’s checks. We have mentioned the requirements, types of cashier checks, minimum and maximum limits, different methods to order cashier’s checks, etc. We hope that next time when you want to order the cashier’s check from Capital One, you have all information on hand.