(2022 Update) Lowe’s Credit Card Login, Payment Address, Customer Service, Cancel, And More

Lowe’s is incredible –  in fact – one of the largest retail companies that sell home improvement products and appliances to enhance the aesthetic of your home and businesses.

Aside from providing numerous perks and favors, Lowe’s offers credit cards to customers that give cardholders discounts and financing options. Typically, the Lowe’s Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank that can only be used at a Lowe’s store and online for purchasing the products.

The cardholder can pick from a 5% discount to significant financing (over six months) on buying  $299 or a fixed payment (for 84 months) at a minimized APR of 7.99% with at least a $2,000 purchase.

It is swift and straightforward to log in to the Lowe’s Credit Card Login and exchange the payment; the customer service of Lowe’s store is also quick and reliable. If you also want to shop Lowe’s appliances and want to get a plethora of benefits from their credit card, for further detail, you can read the article till the end.

Lowe’s Credit Card Login Instructions

Suppose you want home improvements by purchasing a home or office appliance. In that case, you can buy the appliances through Lowe’s Credit Card, particularly if you want to cherish regular deals and discounts. For this, you can issue any of the Lowe’s Credit Cards from Synchrony Bank.

Lowe’s offers a significant discount to its cardholder to enhance its selling; you can avail of a great deal on purchasing for your home or business premises.

Steps to login credit card:

Step 1: Navigate To The Login Page

Tap the link for Lowe’s syf login page.

Step 2: Enter Lowe’s Credit Card Login Portal

Find the “Access Your Account” option and input the user’s I.D and password.

After entering the credentials, tap the Secure Login option, and here you are, ready to avail yourself of Lowe’s services and offers.

Note: Remember – users can log in to Lowe’s Credit Card account when they have already established their account. If they cannot view the login page option, reloading it, checking the internet, or changing the login I.P address are recommended.

Lowe’s Credit Card Options

Besides the credit card, Lowe’s offers various advantage cards to meet customers’ needs. If the customer wants to pay through Lowe’s Credit Card, knowing which card you have is essential, will make the payment process convenient and accurate.

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Here are some of the credit card options:

  • Lowe’s Visa Rewards
  • Lowe’s Advantage Card
  • Lowe’s Accounts Receivable
  • Lowe’s Business Account

Methods To Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card

If you are a buyer of Lowe’s and want to pay through your credit card, you can pick different methods – all are convenient.

Below are the steps for paying through Lowe’s Credit Card.

Method 1: Making a Lowe’s Online Payment

You can register with the bank online if you want to make an online payment. You can use the American Express login page to pay on American Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card.

The card that is issued from Synchrony Bank, its payment methods are:

  • Visit Lowe’s online payment webpage.
  • Give ZIP code and account number to get Synchrony cards; similarly, you must also provide your I.D. card and its number to the bank to register the card.
  • Different prompts will appear on the screen, fill them out to complete the registration method and to get logged in to your Lowe’s account.
  • Once you are logged in, use your bank account and routing number to make a payment.

Lowe’s customers can manage their accounts from anywhere and anytime; bill payments can be securely sent and received online or by physically visiting the store. On your choice, you can receive the account alert by email and text. However, for any query or technical support, you can call the customer service agent at 1-888–840-7651.

Method 2: Making A Lowe’s Card Payment By Mail

Lowe’s payments can also be made through email; customers can send money orders to the following mentioned addresses or the addresses mentioned at the back of the card.

Lowe’s Card TypeAddress for payment
Lowe’s Project Card or Lowe’s Advantage CardLowe’s, P.O. Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914
Lowe’s Accounts ReceivableLowe’s P.O. Box 530954, Atlanta, GA 30353-0954
Lowe’s Visa RewardsLowe’s, P.O. Box 960010, Orlando, FL 32896-0010
Lowe’s American Express Business RewardsCall 866-537-1397 to ask for your state’s payment address.
Lowe’s Business AccountLowe’s, P.O. Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970

Method 3: Making A Lowe’s Credit Card Payment In Store

Who can deny the favors provided by Lowe’s – besides the inline, the customer can also pay Lowe’s Credit Card in Lowe’s store.

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Lowe’s representatives are very kind and active; if you are making the first time up for in-store payment, you can ask for the process from customer representatives.

Method 4: Making A Lowe’s Credit Card Payment By A Phone Call

The customer can also make Lowe’s payment through a phone call, but it will charge expedited phone payment.

The user can call the given number according to their account type:

Account TypePhone Number
Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards866-537-1397
Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards888-840-7651
Lowe’s Business Account888-840-7651
Lowe’s Accounts Receivable866-232-7443

Ways To Cancel Your Own Lowe’s Credit Card?

Since Lowe’s is famous for selling quality home decorating and maintenance tools, plants, and appliances, users prefer to get their every offer and discount by logging in to their credit card.

Logging in to the credit card smoothens the shopping experience and helps the customers earn credit scores. Overall, Lowe’s offers a user-friendly and hassle-free shipping experience to customers.

If, in any case, the user wants to cancel the credit card, the company also covers the customers at this phase.

There are simpler ways to cancel the Lowe’s Credit Activation – follow the given three steps for cancellation Lowe’s Credit Card Activation:

Step 1: Visit Lowe’s Website

Lowe’s Credit Card can be canceled anytime by visiting Lowe’s website. So tap the account page and find the user account option on the left side of the account page.

Note: if you are first assessing your account, you need to provide your ZIP code and credit card information first.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

In this step, the user is supposed to log in Lowe’s online account by providing the correct username and password.

This login will help you get an option of credit card cancellation, so continue the process.

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Step 3: Cancel Lowe’s Credit Card 

Once you have logged in to the Lowe’s account, tap the account services option, then the account closing option. This way, your credit card will be canceled.

Note: If you want to cancel more than one credit card, your cancellation request will be confirmed through call, writing, or phone.

Lowe’s Card Information Or Customer Service

If you want to get any information or resolve any issue, you can call Lowe’s customer service at (888) 840 7651 from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern – Monday through Sunday.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Long Does It Take For Lowe’s Payment To Process?

It depends upon the method you are using for payment; if you are making payments through mailing, it will take 7-10 days from the mailing date to proceed.

If you use the electronic mail method, please check with your electronic payment provider; they will advise you on further steps.

What Should You Do When Your Credit Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

If you lost or stolen your card, immediately report it online through the website.

Please make sure of all the purchases in your account; if there is any extra payment or charges, call Lowe’s customer service department.

Is It Possible To Stop Or Change The Scheduled Payment?

Yes, you can change or stop the scheduled payment at any time, but you have to follow the instructions of the bill payments service you are using specifically. 

Can You Cancel A Lowe’s Credit Card At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Lowe’s Credit Card at any time. But if you want to need your credit card statement, you can access it.

What If I Don’t Have Sufficient Bucks In The Bank When I Make An Electronic Payment?   

We will be notified that the payment cannot be honored, and your Lowe’s account may be assessed a return payment fee in addition to any late charges and finance charges that may normally accrue.

Our Summary

Lowe’s sells countless home and workplace improvement products, making it easier for its customers to complete their dream project decoration.

This retail store also offers different credit cards and discounts to make their products accessible.

The company offers endless invitations, inspirations, and saving when the customer login to their credit cards.

Different percentages and duration of offers are offered to the customers for special financing.

The use of Lowe’s Credit Card is super-straightforward, yet in the case of trouble, the customer can take the assistance of a customer service agent by calling 1-888–840-7651 or visiting their store in their state.