Is “Crypto Arbitrage VIP” Legit or Scam?

Indeed, every Bitcoin investor wishes to make money off their investment. A quick glance at the Crypto Arbitrage VIP site might give you the impression that it is a safe, reliable, and secure way of increasing your profits and doubling your bitcoins, especially if you’re an inexperienced investor.

The enticing benefits and charm of depositing your Bitcoin on this specific platform are irresistible to overlook. 

Still, a deeper look into the Crypto Arbitrage VIP’s primary pledge, “Get 340% return,” is astute enough to elicit one look before jumping on the bandwagon.

This leads us to the most sought-after question, “Is Crypto Arbitrage VIP legit or a scam?” According to many websites, Crypto Arbitrage VIP is nothing but a ruse designed to defraud novice investors. Let’s take a closer look into whether this platform is actually legit or just a scam. 

Crypto Arbitrage VIP Full Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

The idea behind Crypto Arbitrage VIP goes around in the digital and physical market. However, the digital market is relatively new as it entails a significant level of advancement.

In this scheme, one buys the asset at a relatively low price in one market and then sells it to another market for a somewhat higher price.

Crypto Arbitrage VIP represents itself as a legitimate operation for doubling bitcoins, giving investors the incredible opportunity of instantly doubling their bitcoins and receiving payouts in just under 24 hours.

Instead of registering yourself for the transaction, you must submit a BTC address where you can receive the doubled bitcoins.

The site also allows you to give an invitation to others to join their platform and be a part of the network. For each referral, you’ll supposedly be rewarded with Bitcoin. 

Still, the website hasn’t revealed the identity of the founders of this platform. The only information you will find on the Crypto Arbitrage VIP website is an unidentifiable office location and a somewhat shady company amount.

According to the official website for Crypto Arbitrage VIP, users’ Bitcoins can be doubled if they follow these three simple actions:

  • Providing their Bitcoin wallet address.
  • Making a payment to the bitcoin doubling address, they have submitted.
  • Wait for one day’s time to receive their bitcoins back. 

A few more things regarding the Crypto Arbitrage VIP scheme rouse nothing but suspicions. For instance, the website also claims that if you invest 1 BTC, you’ll get 1.5 BTC in 10 days.

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But, if you really think about it, it is almost impossible to believe you can get this kind of return in just 10 days

Besides that, Crypto Arbitrage VIP claims it is the only wholly transparent Bitcoin investment platform. Still, there is no credible information on their webpage to prove this statement.

They claim you are supposedly going to get your deposit, along with the interest rate, and no fees are mentioned. However, if this was true, it is worth wondering how Crypto Arbitrage VIP actually makes money.

It’s hard to believe you can get rich with this platform while they’re earning nothing. This is one of the reasons why it is deemed suitable for brokers to charge fees as it supports their operations. On the other hand, Crypto Arbitrage VIP doesn’t seem to charge any fees. 

Even though the Crypto Arbitrage VIP doesn’t employ a multi-level marketing strategy like Crypto 300 Club, it is safe to declare this service is obviously a scam attempt to lure in new and inexperienced investors and trick them into doubling their bitcoins

What Are The Red Flags of Crypto Arbitrage VIP?

Of course, every investor wants to make the most out of their investment. Hence, investors need to get accurate details to fulfill that aim.

However, if you’re new to the industry and want to invest in the Crypto Arbitrage VIP program, you must know that this service has raised certain red flags, which might want to make you reconsider your decision.

1.   Unrealistic Returns

The thing that makes this entire program so shady is the following meta description on their website on Google, which says, “Crypto Arbitrage VIPs get 340% return.” However, such a significant number for returns is entirely unrealistic.

It is a mere attempt to lure in inexperienced and new investors who have little understanding of how such things work.

It is worth thinking that if investors could double their bitcoins without any limitations, there would undoubtedly be no limit to the amount of profit they can earn over a specific period.

On the website, you will come across a section marked as “last deposits,” which basically contains information on bitcoin transactions extracted from It does not represent any investments made by real investors. 

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2.   Lack of Transparency

It can be seen from the Crypto Arbitrage VIP website that it lacks the fundamental honesty and openness required to verify it as a legal venture since the intention (the most important thing to identify a site’s credibility) is not expressed directly.

For example, the platform’s business model, such as its detailed products and services, potential customers, revenue sources, etc.) through which your bitcoin can be doubled, isn’t clearly explained on the webpage.

It also explains why you can’t find any information about the founding members anywhere on the website.

In fact, the entire Crypto Arbitrage VIP website is only made up of one page with no internal links. Moreover, it is highly inappropriate to ask new investors to submit a bitcoin address in order to identify them as a bitcoin address can’t be associated with your identity in real life.

The people behind this scam scheme seemingly chose this method to give new and inexperienced investors the confidence that they made all their transactions anonymously. In reality, the platform is designed to curtail the process of new investors bidding farewell to their money

3.   No Clear Arbitrage Trading System

The former points make it evident that the Crypto Arbitrage VIP program is a clear attempt to fool and defraud novices as it has no such business activities.

First of all, potential members are forcibly expected to purchase certain positions, such as 0.05 BTC, to be eligible to receive a two-fold reward.

This copies the method used by the notorious Twitter hacker who successfully gathered more than $100,000 in bitcoin within just 1 day from gullible investors.

As mentioned in several scam alert reports, there’s no such service available that enables Bitcoin holders to increase their assets twice as much.

In addition, arbitrage trading is a practice that involves making a profit by purchasing assets at a trading venue at significantly low prices and then selling them at another trading venue for a considerably higher price.

In theory, arbitrage pertains to no-risk trading, and there is a sure-shot and secure profit after the exchange happens. The team also hasn’t revealed any information on their website regarding arbitrage trading. 

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4.   Grammatical Inconsistencies

The easiest way to know that Crypto Arbitrage VIP is a sham webpage is to notice that the creators, who are apparently sitting on heaps of bitcoins, have invested absolutely nothing in creating any professional content on their site. In fact, you will come across several grammatical mistakes, such as:

  • Scroll down to see the payments we make to investors.
  • There isn’t any more effective advertising marketing than this.
  • You both won and we are trying to create the largest company in the world.

These few silly mistakes only prove that the entire Crypto Arbitrage VIP portrays itself as a get-rich-quick scheme but is actually a scam and is clearly not interested in providing clear information to its users. Instead, it is all about separating them from their money.


Any Bitcoin investor who is searching for new grounds to be better educated on the cryptocurrency basics or to make a profit must always take these red flags regarding Crypto Arbitrage VIP into consideration.

One of the most prominent red flags raised against this scheme is that there’s no such service available for doubling your bitcoins.

Besides, there is no way they can prove their income claims. The returns that Crypto Arbitrage VIP promises are unbelievable and downright outrageous.

The identity of the founders behind this program is simply unknown, and there is no business activity involved anywhere.

There are logos of renowned Crypto exchanges all over the website to fool inexperienced investors. In reality, there is no trade happening, and it is just a way to trap naïve people. As a result, this is a dangerous scheme to invest your money

We hope the information from this detailed review helps you reach a conclusion regarding Crypto Arbitrage VIP and understand why it seems nothing more than a ploy that aims to trick novice investors. The entire scheme is nothing but a scam that intends to steal your Bitcoins.

However, suppose a fraud scheme like this does somehow lure you in. In that case, you must always ask for a proven track record of successful trading and make them introduce you to at least one trader in their team.