Is Jasmy Coin a Good Investment in 2022?

Jasmy coin is the native digital token of Jasmy company. It is a Japanese-based blockchain company that offers services in the blockchain and the internet of things (IoT).

Let us discuss what is Jasmy coin and whether it is a good investment in 2022.

Jasmy Coin – Introduction

Jasmy is a Japanese technology company that provides platforms and solutions to users. Its core business is the internet of things (IoT) and it aims to develop data infrastructures to allow users to safely utilize data.

Jasmy was founded in 2016 and is headed by former Sony company executives. Its top leadership includes Kunitake Ando (representative director), Kazumasa Sato (president & CEO), Masanobu Yoshida (vice-president & CTO), and Hiroshi Harada (CFO).

 Jasmy Token was launched in October 2021. It is the digital currency of this platform that enables users to pay for using its services. Jasmy token is an Ethereum token built on ERC 20.

The general idea of Jasmy is to offer Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) services to its clients. Its main focus so far is on data utilization and data decentralization.

The core concept of Jasmy is to offer a secure place for users to store and utilize data. It means offering a decentralized place where individuals can store their data securely.

This stored data is then offered to corporate users who want to extract valuable customer data such as their shopping tracks to boost their marketing plans. The corporate clients then pay Jasmy and the data owners (individuals).

Jasmy aims to democratize data utilization by combining the concepts of WEB 3.0 and IOT through connected devices and easier access to internet users.

How Does Jasmy Work?

Jasmy wants individual data users to own their data. It then sells that data to corporate clients and also pays the data owners (individuals).

Let’s dive into its working mechanism.

Jasmy Concept

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Jasmy utilizes blockchain technology and IoT to offer data democratization services. Its main business concept rests on data utilization and democratization.

 Jasmy wants to become a data marketplace where individuals can store their data securely and data users can purchase that data.

It is also focusing on providing secure IOT device registration to the Jasmy coin network.

Jasmy Ecosystem

Individuals opt to store their data on the Jasmy platform. In return, Jasmy utilizes that data to offer it to business users.

Corporate users can then use that data for marketing, promotions, and research purposes. In turn, they offer Jasmy tokens to individuals and pay Jasmy as well.

Thus, the Jasmy ecosystem works as a data marketplace where the concept is to democratize data and keep it in the hands of the original owners (individuals).

Jasmy Token

Jasmy token is the native cryptocurrency of the Jasmy platform. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology and it’s an ERC 20 token.

Jasmy token can be used for:

  • Paying data owners who have stored data in the Jasmy platform.
  • Investments and trading purposes like any other cryptocurrency.

Both these uses would create a higher demand for data utilization and accelerate the data decentralization process.

What is Unique about Jasmy?

Any digital asset or cryptocurrency can become successful if it holds a unique competitive advantage.

Jasmy aims to solve a real-world problem of data decentralization and data access (democratization). It means as long as Jasmy offers these valuable services, they’re in the market.

The success of Jasmy token will obviously be derived from the success of its parent company.

Edge Computing

Jasmy uses a decentralized data network for storing data. In this way, it distributes data evenly unlike the centralized approach of storing data.

These decentralized computers then work as edge servers that are further protected by heavier security layers and encryption.

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Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

The IFPS is a peer-to-peer file-sharing system. It combines with blockchain technology to further enhance the data democratization and data security aspects for Jasmy.

Jasmy Net

Jasmy net is a network of secured data users. Only members of the Jasmy network can alter, store, or use data. Existing members can use smart contracts to provide new services or use existing data to offer new services.


The secure knowledge communicator (SKC) is the flagship technology of Jasmy. It lets individuals own their data and control whether to share it with corporate users or not.

Individuals can use SKC for:

  • Personal authentication (KYC)
  • Accumulation of personal data on smartphone and storing it in the blockchain
  • Freely exchanging this data with companies with full control over it


Smart Guardian (SG) is another core product of Jasmy that enables IoT devices to be registered in the blockchain system.

How to Buy Jasmy Coin?

Jasmy coin is available at all major crypto exchanges. You can easily buy and sell Jasmy coins through one of these exchanges.

Here is a list of crypto exchanges to buy Jasmy coin:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kucoin
  • BitFinex
  • Bittrex Global
  • Huobi global

Is Jasmy Coin a Good Investment in 2022?

Jasmy coin is a relatively newer digital token as it was launched in January 2021 only. Let us analyze the pricing trends and predictions for Jasmy coin.

Early Bullish Trend

The coin had a bullish launch. Surprisingly it rose beyond the $1 mark immediately unlike its competitors that could wait for years to reach this psychological barrier.

Soon the coin touched the $5.0 mark when it reached the all-time high price of $4.99.

Later Bearish Trend

Soon after its bullish start, the Jasmy coin began to drop. Its price dropped to around the $2.0 mark for a few days and then even fell to $1.0.

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Soon it saw a bearish trend when its price plummeted below the $1.0 mark and could never reach there again.

Price Prediction

Currently, the Jasmy coin is trading at $ 0.0149. The current supply of this coin at the moment is less than 5 billion coins with a maximum supply of 50 billion.

It means the supply of Jasmy coins has already exceeded the demand which has resulted in lowering its price as of now.

Major crypto market analysts see a continuing bearish trend for Jasmy coin for the foreseeable future. It is unlikely to reach the $1.0 mark any time soon.

However, as it banks on a solid foundation and its parent company has strong leadership, it holds good prospects. If the parent company manages it well, the coin could rise again.

Overall, we can say that investors should consider the risks associated with the crypto market generally and with a newly launched digital token particularly before investing in it.

Why You Should Buy Jasmy Coin in 2022?

Here are a few compelling reasons for you to buy Jasmy coin in 2022:

  • The Jasmy company is built on a sound foundation with good leadership.
  • The company offers unique services of data decentralization and utilization.
  • The company attracts both individual and corporate clients.
  • The coin is built on the Ethereum (ERC-20) and had an excellent launch.
  • The coin has the potential to perform well in the future.

Why You Should Not buy Jasmy Coin in 2022?

Here are a few reasons you should not buy Jasmy coin in 2022:

  • The crypto market has seen a large dip in 2022 overall.
  • The coin largely follows the pricing trends of major cryptocurrencies.
  • It is still a new launch with a very short history of fewer than two years.
  • Even with a fraction of the total coin supply, it has already exceeded the demand lowering its price significantly.