What is Credit Card PIN and How to Get One? Complete Guide

The days when individuals used cash to pay for groceries, shopping, and travel tickets are long gone.

Now, most people manage their finances through their credit cards.

Instead of carrying a wallet full of cash and still running out of it, people are now carrying one or two credit cards in their wallets to meet all their financial needs.

If you are able to manage your expenses well with a credit card and pay your credit card bill every month, it can help you build a great credit score.

An excellent credit score will make you more credible in front of financial institutions.

Therefore, a good credit score will make the process quite simple for you whenever you need a personal or business loan.

However, with the recent technological development, there have been substantial changes in how your credit cards are processed.

For example, previously, people were asked to swipe their credit cards to make a payment. People are now asked to insert their credit cards to process the payment.

Sometimes, they might be asked to “tap to pay” with their credit card. Do you wonder what the driving force is behind these changes? Introduction of chip and PIN credit cards.

You have been using a PIN for your debit card, but do you know it is also available for your credit card?

PIN credit cards have been there for quite a while now. However, still many people are not familiar with it.

PIN credit cards are great for traveling enthusiasts as they will help you perform many transactions easily and protect you against fraud.

So, how do you know if you already have a PIN credit card? How to acquire a PIN for your credit card? Read on to know everything about PIN credit cards!

What is a Credit Card PIN?

Like a debit card PIN, a credit card PIN is a four-digit code assigned to a user after activating the credit card. It is used as an extra layer of security on top of your signature and card’s chip (EMV).

However, many people are unfamiliar that credit cards also have PINs as they don’t need them when paying through their credit cards in the United States of America.

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Instead, a credit card is simply inserted or swiped through the reader. Later, you have to sign for the completion of the purchase.

And sometimes, you are not even asked to sign. While some people may consider it a convenient and fast process, many might be concerned about the security as anyone can take their credit card and make payments through it.

However, with a unique PIN of your credit card that nobody but you knows, your transactions are more secure and less susceptible to scams.

After all, it might be easy to forge a signature and walk away with groceries purchased through a credit card that is not yours, but hackers or scammers can have a tough time guessing your four-digit code.

Unfortunately, not always do your credit cards come with a PIN. 

Where Might a Credit Card PIN Prove Useful?

Besides adding an extra layer of security, a credit card PIN can prove quite useful in the following:

Cash Advances

What if the local eatery you love does not accept credit cards? Well, you will have to carry cash with you.

However, with a credit card PIN, you can take out cash from it at any nearest ATM. You will have to enter your PIN to verify you are the authentic credit card owner.

However, if you don’t have a credit card PIN, you will not be able to complete the cash advance.

Shopping in Foreign Countries

As mentioned earlier, a credit card PIN is beneficial for frequent travelers as it will make various transactions easier for them.

Whenever a person travels abroad, they have the urge to shop for themselves or buy gifts for their loved ones.

However, your credit card will not work in foreign countries until you have a PIN to verify your identity.

Therefore, if you don’t want to carry a lot of cash with you to meet your expenses in a foreign country, you must have a credit card PIN.

How to Get a Credit Card PIN?

Do you have a credit card without a PIN? You might have declined to set it up when you opened your credit card account.

Many people have considered credit card PINs unnecessary until now. However, what to do now?

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How to acquire a PIN for your credit card?

The ways to find or request a credit card PIN depend on your credit card issuer. However, in general, here are a few ways through which you can get your credit card PIN:

Mail from your Issuer

Many people have not requested their credit card PIN while opening their credit card accounts but credit card issuer still send it along with their credit card paperwork.

However, PINs are often sent separately for security reasons. Therefore, you might not find it in the same envelope as the other credit card paperwork.

If you want to know your credit card PIN, you must thoroughly check your credit card paperwork sent by the issuer.

Online Account

If you are unable to find the PIN in your credit card paperwork, the next place to look for it is your online credit card account.

Open your online credit card account and search the website or app for information about your credit card PIN.

Contact your Credit Card Issuer

If you have got no luck with the credit card paperwork and online account, the last option is to contact your credit card issuer and ask about your PIN.

While the issuer might not tell you about the PIN over the phone, you might be able to request a new one.

The new credit card PIN will be mailed to your home address. However, you will have to set it up over the phone or by text.

How to Generate a PIN for your Credit Card?

Many people might not be familiar with it, but you can generate a PIN for your credit card all by yourself through net banking or an ATM.

PIN Generation Using Net Banking

  • Open your online credit card account by entering your valid username and password.
  • Select the “Credit Card” option. The options may vary from bank to bank.
  • Look for a “Change PIN” option and click on it.
  • Once you request a PIN change, the credit card issuer will send OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to proceed with the PIN generating process.
  • Choose the PIN that you can easily remember. It is recommended not to choose your date of birth as scammers or hackers are often aware of it.
  • Re-enter the PIN for confirmation.
  • Click on “Submit” to change your PIN. Your credit card issuer will soon notify you that your new PIN has been generated.
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PIN Generation Using ATM

A credit card PIN can also be generated through an ATM. Not sure how to do that? Follow these steps to generate a new credit card PIN using an ATM:

  • Visit your nearest bank ATM.
  • Insert your credit card and enter your current PIN.
  • Choose “Change PIN” from the menu.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to proceed.
  • Enter the new PIN you want to keep for your credit card.
  • Click on “Submit,” and your PIN will be changed.

Once you have generated a new PIN for your credit card, you must keep it to yourself. It is recommended not to share your credit card PIN with anyone.

Also, do not share your bank account or credit card PIN details through SMS or mail, as scammers and hackers can often get to your messages and emails.


Whether you are quite comfortable with your swipe and pay credit card, a PIN can make your transactions safer and more convenient.

Also, if you are a travel enthusiast, a credit card PIN might help you a lot in managing your finances in a foreign country.

You can make purchases in a foreign country with your credit card and take out cash from your credit card through any ATM.

If you don’t plan to travel overseas, the credit card PIN may not be able to provide you with many perks and benefits.

However, it will surely add an extra security layer to your credit card, making you feel safer as you shop. Unfortunately, many people have assumed that acquiring a credit card PIN is time-consuming.

However, in reality, it can be acquired within a matter of a few seconds. Read the article and get your credit card PIN right now! Make your transactions secure!