How and Where to Get Chase Debit and Credit Card Designs?

Chase debit and credit card designs are Disney-theme cards with special perks and benefits for Disney members. Chase customers can also apply for these credit card designs and enjoy exclusive Disney theme parks, dining, vacation discounts, and more.

Let’s dive in to learn more about Chase bank credit card designs.

What are Chase Debit and Credit Designs?

Chase bank offers several types of debit and credit cards to its customers. Debit and credit Designs commonly refer to customized card designs issued in partnership with Walt Disney and Disney Rewards programs.

These card designs are customized and come with unique Disney character themes on them. These card designs can change anytime and both companies may issue new designs at any time.

Disney Rewards is a special membership program for its visitors. These Chase bank credit cards are issued to Disney customers to offer them different types of perks and benefits.

Chase bank and Disney Rewards have 10 different credit card designs, each with a unique theme. These designs include Micky, Tink, toy story, Star Wars, and other movie character themes.

Disney Visa Premium Card

Disney Visa premium is a credit card issued by Chase bank in collaboration with Disney Rewards. The card can be issued to Walt Disney visitors, members, and Chase bank customers.

You can apply for this card at any Chase bank branch, through the Chase banking app, online banking, or Disney Rewards online page.

This credit card comes with one of the ten available themes you can choose from. It works like any other credit card and will be linked to your Chase bank account.

Customers can enjoy different perks with the Disney Visa premium card including:

  • $300 statement credit for new members on qualified purchases of $1,000 in the first three months.
  • 0% promotional APR for the first six months of Disney vacation financing.
  • 10% savings on qualified at
  • 5% Disney dollar rewards on selective categories.
  • $49 annual fee.
  • Redemption of Disney reward dollars for air travel purchases.
  • Other perks and benefits offered by Chase and Disney Rewards.
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Disney Visa Card

Disney Visa is a simpler version of the Disney Premium Visa card. It is also a credit card and it is issued by Chase bank to its customers and Disney Members as well.

Both these Disney credit cards issued by Chase bank come with similar perks and benefits. However, there are slight differences in the qualification as well as reward structures of both these cards.

Disney Visa card offers the following benefits to users:

  • $150 credit statement on qualified purchases of $500 or more in the first 3 months.
  • 0% promotional Disney vacation financing for the first 6 months.
  • 10% savings through discounts on different categories at
  • 1% Disney dollar rewards on selected categories.
  • 0$ annual fees.
  • Disney theme park, vacation, and online store offers.
  • Other merchant discounts and rewards.

Available Chase Credit Card Designs

Disney credit card designs change from time to time. Disney’s rewards program also issues new credit card designs on special occasions.

Currently, there are ten different Chase credit card designs available with Disney themes.

Vintage Mickey

The most commonly used Chase credit card design is vintage Mickey. It features one of the most famous Disney characters Micky Mouse. This credit card is currently available.

Mickey and Pals

The second Disney-themed credit card design card from chase features Micky and Pals. These are all famous Disney characters and they appear on the front side of your Chase bank credit card.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

It is also a Disney-themed credit card issued by Chase bank and powered by Visa. It features the sleeping beauty castle from the famous Disney movie on the front side.

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Walt Disney World 50th

This credit card was issued to mark the 5oth edition of the Disney Rewards program. It comes with the golden Disney castle theme on the front side.


It is another great Disney design credit card issued by Chase bank featuring the famous female Disney character Tink.

Toy Story

As the name suggests, this Chase credit card design features toy story characters on the front. These characters and the card theme can change though.

Darth Vader

This card features the Star Wars character Darth Vader. It is another Visa credit card that is designed with a customized theme of Star Wars in collaboration with Disney Rewards.

The Mandalorian

Another Star Wars theme appears on your Chase bank credit card. The credit card is also powered by Visa and issued by Chase bank.

Millenium Falcon

Millenium Falcon is another Chase credit card with another Star Wars theme on the front side.


Spotlight is a Disney-themed credit card with a unique and blank space on the front side of it. It is an elegant credit card design that resembles most other credit cards.

Available Chase Debit Card Designs

Chase bank usually issues card designs for its credit cards in collaboration with Disney Rewards. Its debit cards usually come with the usual Visa card themes.

On some occasions, Chase bank has issued debit card designs featuring different themes, including Disney.

How to Get Chase Debit or Credit Card Designs?

Chase credit card designs are offered through the Disney rewards program. These card designs are primarily offered to Disney theme park members and are issued by JP Morgan Chase bank.

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So, you can apply for these credit cards using both options.

Apply Through Chase Bank

The easiest option is to apply for Chase credit designs through Chase bank’s credit card page.

If you have an online banking account with Chase, you can sign in and use your credentials to apply for one of the available designs. Else, you can create a new online banking account in a few steps.

Chase bank also allows its customers to apply for a design credit card as a guest. However, you’ll need the same details to apply, which will take longer.

  • Sign in with your online banking account or as a guest.
  • Provide your personal information, address, contact details, and social security number if you are signing in as a guest.
  • Choose one of the available credit card designs.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions posted.
  • Click the submit form option and send your credit card design application to Chase bank.

Chase bank credit card designs are subject to approval and the bank will evaluate your credit profile before issuing one to you.

Apply Through Disney Rewards

The first step for you is to create a “My Disney Account” by registering with the Disney rewards program online or through its in-store support.

You can choose one of the available credit card designs and read about their perks, benefits, annual fees, and other charges before applying.

Once you provide basic details and choose the right credit card design, your credit card application will be redirected to the official Chase bank credit card page.

The next few steps will be the same as mentioned above. You can also compare credit card designs and features before applying through My Disney account.