Who Owns Fox News? (Individual and Institutional shareholders)

Fox News has significantly impacted the media landscape since its establishment in 1996 by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. 

Throughout its history, Fox News has been a polarizing network, attracting both fervent supporters and ardent critics. 

Let’s delve into the key events and trends that have shaped the history of Fox News:

In 1996, Fox News Channel (FNC) was launched to provide a conservative alternative to other cable news networks.

FNC quickly gained traction and, within a year, became the most-watched cable news channel in the United States. 

This achievement marked a turning point for the network and solidified its position as a significant player in the media industry.

One of FNC’s defining moments came in 2001 when its coverage of the September 11 attacks garnered widespread praise for its comprehensive and timely reporting. 

This event showcased the network’s ability to deliver breaking news and captivate a vast audience during critical moments.

As the political landscape shifted, FNC experienced viewership fluctuations. 

With the arrival of the Obama administration in 2009, FNC faced a decline in viewership as its conservative viewers sought alternative sources. 

However, in 2010, FNC’s viewership rebounded with the rise of the Tea Party movement, which aligned with the network’s conservative leanings.

The 2016 presidential election brought both acclaim and criticism to Fox News. 

While the network’s coverage was widely criticized for alleged bias in favor of Donald Trump, it also attracted a devoted audience that appreciated its perspective. 

During Trump’s presidency in 2017, FNC achieved its highest viewership, reflecting the strong support it garnered from conservative viewers.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had a mixed impact on FNC’s viewership. 

Initially, the network experienced a decline as the pandemic dominated news coverage, drawing audiences to other sources for health-related information. 

However, in 2021, FNC saw a resurgence in viewership with the transition to the Biden administration, appealing to conservative viewers seeking alternative viewpoints.

In recent years, FNC has faced challenges as viewership continues to decline. 

Factors such as increasing competition from other cable news channels and evolving media consumption habits have contributed to this trend. 

The network’s viewership has remained below pre-pandemic levels, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has further impacted its performance.

Despite the controversies surrounding Fox News, it has been recognized for its strong newsgathering capabilities and ability to resonate with a significant American population. 

The network’s loyal audience appreciates its conservative perspective and the platform it provides for conservative voices.

Looking ahead, the future of Fox News is uncertain. The network will face mounting challenges as the media landscape evolves and consumer preferences shift. 

However, given its enduring influence and position as a powerful force in American politics and media, Fox News will likely remain a prominent player in the industry for the foreseeable future.

Who Owns Fox News? (Individual and Institutional shareholders) 

In ownership, Fox News Channel boasts a diverse and influential group of shareholders. Let’s explore their identities and their respective stakes in the company.

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The Vanguard Group Inc., a renowned investment management firm, is at the forefront of this formidable lineup. 

Holding an impressive 12.1% of Fox News shares, Vanguard wields considerable influence with its ownership of 10,159,300 shares, valued at an astounding $304.7 million. 

This hefty investment speaks volumes about Vanguard’s unwavering belief in the long-term prospects of Fox News.

Next in line is BlackRock Inc., another heavyweight in the investment management realm. 

With 9,035,000 shares, valued at an impressive $271.0 million, BlackRock secures a substantial 10.8% stake in Fox News. 

This significant ownership underscores BlackRock’s confidence in the company’s ability to deliver consistent growth and shareholder value.

State Street Corp. joins the ranks of influential shareholders, whose 7,319,000 shares command a notable 8.7% stake in Fox News. 

State Street’s ownership is valued at $219.6 million, which signifies its unwavering support for the network’s endeavors, further solidifying its position as a significant institutional shareholder.

FMR LLC, widely known as Fidelity Investments, fortifies Fox News’ ownership structure with its 8.2% stake. 

FMR LLC possesses 6,830,400 shares, valued at $205.2 million, in the company. 

This prominent financial services company’s investment stands as a testament to its confidence in the value and potential of Fox News.

Morgan Stanley, a renowned investment bank, is adding to the consortium of influential shareholders. 

With its ownership of 5,666,000 shares, valued at $179.9 million, Morgan Stanley secures a 7.2% stake in Fox News. 

This stake underscores their belief in the network’s performance and the opportunities it holds for sustainable growth.

T. Rowe Price Associates Inc., a notable asset management firm, secures a 6.9% stake in Fox News. 

With ownership of 5,452,000 shares, valued at $174.1 million, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. showcases its trust in the network’s financial performance and strategic direction.

Bank of America Corp., a leading financial institution, stakes a claim of 5.9% in Fox News. 

Their ownership of 4,484,000 shares, valued at $149.5 million, highlights their confidence in the network’s stability and growth potential.

Wells Fargo & Co., another influential banking and financial services company, secure a 5.3% stake in Fox News. 

With ownership of 3,898,000 shares, valued at $133.9 million, Wells Fargo & Co. further cements its belief in the company’s long-term value.

SSgA Funds Management Inc., a subsidiary of State Street Corporation and a global asset manager, is rounding out the list. 

With its ownership of 3,585,000 shares, valued at $125.7 million, SSgA Funds Management Inc. secures a 4.9% stake in Fox News, further validating its positive outlook on the network’s financial performance.

Collectively, these individual and institutional shareholders fortify the ownership structure of Fox News Channel, infusing it with diverse perspectives and substantial investments. 

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Their unwavering belief in the network’s business model, growth potential, and ability to generate shareholder value bolsters Fox News’ stability and success as a leading cable news channel.

The Fox News Business Executive:

The Fox News Business Executive, under the leadership of CEO Lachlan Murdoch, operates within the broader framework of Fox News Channel, a prominent cable news channel in the United States. 

Here’s an overview of the executive’s performance and its position in the media landscape:

With its headquarters in New York City, Fox News Channel has a significant presence in the media industry. 

As part of the Fox Corporation, which encompasses various media properties, including Fox Sports and the Fox Broadcasting Company, the network benefits from a diverse portfolio of offerings.

Since its launch on October 7, 1996, Fox News has emerged as the most-watched cable news channel in the United States, attracting a substantial viewership. 

The network’s conservative political viewpoint has played a significant role in its popularity and has cultivated a dedicated and loyal audience.

Despite its success, Fox News has faced criticism for its perceived bias and sensationalism. 

The network has been accused of spreading misinformation and disinformation, which has sparked controversy and debate surrounding its journalistic integrity.

In recent years, Fox News has encountered challenges, including increasing competition from other cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC. 

This intensifying competition has contributed to a decline in viewership. Additionally, the network has faced scrutiny for its role in disseminating inaccurate information, leading to a loss of trust among some viewers.

However, amidst these challenges, Fox News still holds growth opportunities. 

Expanding its reach beyond the United States by launching international channels could open up new markets and audiences. 

Exploring alternative revenue streams, such as entering the streaming services arena, could also bolster the network’s financial prospects.

Moreover, appealing to younger viewers and adapting to their changing media consumption habits presents an avenue for audience expansion.

The Fox News Business Executive, operating within the larger framework of Fox News Channel and Fox Corporation, commands a significant presence in the cable news landscape. 

While facing challenges such as declining viewership and criticisms surrounding misinformation, the network’s loyal audience base and established position as the most-watched cable news channel demonstrate its enduring influence. 

With strategic initiatives to address emerging opportunities, Fox News is poised to remain a significant player in the media industry for years.

Fox News Business Model

Fox News operates on a robust business model that capitalizes on its products and services, target audience, distribution channels, advertising revenue, cost structure, and profitability. 

Here’s a comprehensive review of Fox News’ business model:

Products and Services:

Fox News offers a diverse range of news, opinion programming, sports, and entertainment content. 

Additionally, the network operates a website and a streaming service. These products and services serve as the primary revenue drivers for Fox News, attracting viewers and advertisers alike.

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Fox News targets conservative-leaning adults, tailoring its programming to align with their interests and viewpoints. 

The network’s success hinges on its ability to attract and retain this specific audience, recognizing them as a vital asset. 

Fox News cultivates a loyal viewer base by delivering content that resonates with its target demographic.


Fox News is accessible to viewers in the United States through cable and satellite providers. 

Moreover, the network has expanded its reach globally by offering international channels in various countries. 

The distribution strategy employed by Fox News plays a pivotal role in reaching and engaging its intended audience effectively.


Advertising represents a substantial revenue stream for Fox News. The network monetizes its programming and website by selling advertising spots to advertisers. 

The ability to attract high-profile brands and secure advertising deals is critical to Fox News’ financial success. 

Ad revenue is the primary driver behind the network’s profitability.

Cost Structure:

Fox News operates with a relatively high-cost structure. The network invests heavily in programming, production, and marketing to maintain its reputation for delivering high-quality content. 

Managing these costs without compromising the network’s programming standards poses an ongoing challenge for Fox News, requiring a balance between expenses and profitability.


Fox News is a profitable company, consistently generating revenue that surpasses its expenses. 

The network has achieved positive cash flow in recent years, demonstrating the success of its business model. 

Fox News’s ability to build a strong audience, attract advertisers, and leverage its conservative-leaning programming has contributed to its profitability.

So, Fox News’ business model revolves around its diverse portfolio of products and services, a dedicated conservative-leaning audience, effective distribution channels, substantial advertising revenue, and a focus on profitability. 

Despite the challenge of a high-cost structure, the network’s ability to balance expenses while delivering quality programming has led to its continued success. 

Fox News’ business model positions it as a dominant player in the media industry, catering to its target audience and capitalizing on its profitability through advertising partnerships.

Who has the most share in Fox News?

Vanguard Group Inc. holds the highest number of shares in Fox News. With a substantial ownership of 10,159,300 shares, Vanguard Group Inc. commands a 12.1% stake in the company, making them the largest shareholder.

The market value of their shares amounts to an impressive $304.7 million, underscoring the significant investment they have made in Fox News.

Who has the smallest Fox News share?

SSgA Funds Management Inc. holds the smallest number of shares in Fox News. They possess 3,585,000 shares, representing a 4.9% stake in the company. While their shareholding is relatively smaller than other investors, it still holds value with a market worth of $125.7 million.