Does Walmart Have MoneyGram in 2022? Let’s Find Out

One of the best things about this modern world is that money transfers are now super easy and secure. You can send money thousands of miles away within minutes without any worries. There are many platforms that offer such kinds of services, and MoneyGram is one of them.

It is used by hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people because of the convenience of sending money. But many people often ask, does Walmart also have the facility of MoneyGram?

Yes, Walmart has MoneyGram too. You can go to any nearby Walmart store or download the App and make any transfer using the MoneyGram there. This has made people’s lives easy as Walmart is present in every city at convenient locations. So, sending and receiving money via MoneyGram at Walmart is a big blessing!

If you want to know how to send and receive money using MoneyGram at Walmart, then stay till the end. 

MoneyGram And Walmart- Brief Details

MoneyGram is one of the safest ways to send your money to any recipient (whether local or international). It is operational in around 200 countries, with thousands of locations.

Walmart is the first store that comes to people’s minds whenever they have to buy anything. It has more than 10,000 stores, and almost every one of them is at the best location for people to visit.

Walmart is indeed one of the biggest retail corporations in the world that supports a number of money transfer methods. Luckily, MoneyGram is also one of them.

The combination of Walmart and MoneyGram is a real relief. It is because you don’t have to travel too far away to MoneyGram locations to transfer or receive the money.

You can go to the “Money services counter” of any Walmart store and inquire about the MoneyGram there. However, only a few Walmart deals with MoneyGram at the “Customer Services counter.”

So, how to know which Walmart counter you should do to transfer the money via MoneyGram? Simple, ask any Walmart employee. They are always there to help you with any query you have. Moreover, the convenient locations and opening hours of Walmart make every process easy.

According to an estimate, MoneyGram is available in more than 4000 Walmart stores. These are pretty big numbers.

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You can just go to any of these stores and transfer the money.

But How?

How Can You Send Money Via MoneyGram?

There are two easiest ways you can send money via MoneyGram:

  • From Walmart App
  • From Walmart Stores

Walmart App

If you have the Walmart App downloaded, then the process will become easy for you. You can begin the money transferring process by sitting on your chair at home and finishing it up when you shop at the nearby local store. I prefer this method because all the information you need to transfer the money is nearby you at home.

Here’s the procedure:

  • Open the Walmart App and log in.
  • Tap on the Walmart account and then go to the “Services” option.
  • Next, go to the “Money Services” option and then tap on the “Send Money.”
  • The screen will display some terms and conditions that also warn you of fraud. Tap on “Accept and Continue.”
  • After that, you have to fill out the details carefully. There, you will also have to select from which store you are going to send the money. Plus, all the other important information like your Id information, recipient, the money you want to send, etc., should be put with great care.
  • Next, tap on the “Accept and Continue.”
  • Lastly, go to that Walmart store which you chose and then scan the confirmation code at the counter. You can also get help from Walmart employees there.

From Walmart Store

If you are Alien to using Walmart App, you can then just start the money transfer over the Money services counter at the Walmart store. A store employee will assist you in transferring the money there.

But remember, you must have all the important things with you to transfer the money via MoneyGram.

Most importantly, you must have a valid ID with you. This can be a passport, national identity card, driver’s license, or any other form of ID issued by the government.

An equally important thing is to have the money you need to send. You must have the cash in your hands if you are in a store. Moreover, don’t forget that the transfer fees also apply.

You should also calculate the transfer fee yourself and bring it with you to a Walmart Store to make the transfer via MoneyGram successful.

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I’m describing that later.

But wait. That’s not it. You will need much more information which you should know now first.

Sending money with the MoneyGram is indeed fairly simple if you have all the information.

You just need the name of the recipient, address, and country name. In addition, another important thing you should know is the bank number or the identification information of the recipient so that he can go to the nearby MoneyGram location and receive the cash without any interruption or complications.

When you put the information, you will have to put how much money you want to send.

All of this won’t take more than five minutes if you know every detail you have to put. But I suggest you do everything carefully and slowly. Make sure you input everything correctly and also double-check the details before you press send. If you put the wrong information, then only you are responsible for all the mess that will come afterward.

How The Recipient Will Receive Money?

When you are transferring the money to a recipient, MoneyGram asks you how the recipient would like to receive the money.

Generally, people select the pickup option as it is convenient for most of them. In this way, they can go to any Walmart store and just receive their cash from the counter. If the MoneyGram location is nearby, they can go there to receive the money.

But what happens if you have to transfer the money internationally?

You can also select the pickup option in this case. In this, the recipient can go to the nearby Walmart or MoneyGram location and get their payment too. It’s simple.

Another option you can select is directly transferring the money to the recipient’s bank account. In this, they also have to go to the bank’s ATM nearby and get the cash from there.

MoneyGram Cost At Walmart- The Transfer And Other Fees

MoneyGram charges a small fee for the services they provide. If the payment is sent to the local accounts, then the transfer fee will be 1.99$. It is the same for every local transaction and does not vary like the international payment. When it comes to international payments, Walmart fees start from 8.99$ and then rise up depending on how much you are sending and the additional fees that vary.

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If the money you are sending is over 1,000$, then the Walmart fees vary from 0.75% to 1% of the total money transferred.

Here’s an example.

If you are sending 5000$ internationally, Walmart is going to charge a 50$ fee. It’s not much considering how many services MoneyGram is providing you.

When Does Walmart Open MoneyGram?

You can transfer money via MoneyGram at Walmart between 7 am to 11 pm. During this time, there will be an employee to assist you in transferring money. Or, if you know how to do it yourself, then you can come to the Walmart store during this time and make the money transfer.

In addition, there are some days on which Walmart is open 24/7, and you can then come to the store any time you want.

With MoneyGram, you can transfer money, pay the bills, and also get money from others too.

Now, onto one of the most asked questions…

How Much Time Does MoneyGram Take To Send The Money?

The money transfer using MoneyGram can complete within 8 to 10 minutes only, But if you are sending money internationally, then it will take more time, possibly from 30 minutes to up to 24 hours, depending on the country you are sending and the services you selected.

Final Words

So, does Walmart have MoneyGram?

Yes, you can transfer or receive money via MoneyGram by using Walmart App or by going to any nearby Walmart store. Even if you use the App, you still have to go to the nearby Walmart store to scan the confirmation code.

But if you don’t know how to use Walmart App, you can go to the Money services counter and get the help of Walmart’s employees there.

Make sure you have all the information required to make the money transfer successful. This includes government-issued Id, recipient name, recipient bank account, address, and other things described in the article above.

The money transfer using MoneyGram takes 8 to 10 minutes if the recipient is local. However, international money transfer needs some more time. All of these services make MoneyGram a must-use.