PayPal Express Checkout Stuck Pending: Key Issues and Solution

Online shopping is all fun and games until your PayPal payment gets stuck at checkout, and now, you can’t really do anything. For some people, it takes several weeks to get this money back or complete the order.

The key issue for PayPal Express checkout stuck pending usually is having one email for the PayPal account and the other one for shopping. Some people don’t confirm their accounts, which could also be an issue.

While these are rather simpler issues, their solutions are pretty descriptive. So, keep reading to find out more about it.

Key Issues with PayPal Express Checkout Stuck Pending

There often are a whole lot of issues with PayPal Express Checkout, and there have been complaints about the amount not being retrieved for months. But there obviously has to be some reason behind all this, right?

So, we did some digging and found out the key issues that can cause your PayPal Express checkout to go pending and can potentially make your money stuck for a very long while. Let’s get right into it:


There are people who don’t really realize that their PayPal express account has some limits. These limits range from a fixed spending amount or buying only from certain regions. So, if you try to buy or sell a product that doesn’t fit your limitations, that’s when your payment gets stuck.

This applies to both the buyers and sellers because sellers could also have amount limits that could stop them from receiving the payment. You won’t be able to receive your pending payment or place an order until you fix these payment issues.

Security Check

PayPal Express is quite serious about the security of its users, and it often asks you to verify your account while logging in. If you haven’t passed a security check or if your PayPal Express isn’t logged in properly, you might face the issue with pending payment.

It also happens when you’ve not completed the necessary verifications on the platform. PayPal Express does need a little extra verification just to keep your payments secure, and if you haven’t done those, then it could be a very possible reason for your payment being stuck on checkout.

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Unconfirmed Email

It is an absolute rookie mistake, and you’re not really supposed to be making it at this point. The issue starts when you verify your PayPal account from one email, but then you go on to a marketplace and make the purchase with a whole different email.

PayPal is unable to identify this new email, and it immediately considers it a threat and stops the payment.

Your money could be stuck for weeks and even months if you don’t fix this issue of two different emails. Or, you could just avoid this whole debacle by using only one email for both your shopping and PayPal Express. It would actually save you from a lot of trouble.

Recipient’s Account Issues

If your payment is stuck at checkout and you can’t go on with it, then there is a high chance that there is some issue on the recipient’s end.

PayPal Express often holds payments because the recipient either doesn’t have a verified account or isn’t using PayPal at all.

You might get your money back once you contact the customer service of PayPal. But, in the meantime, just ensure that your recipient has a proper PayPal account without limitations, so you don’t have any issues while making the purchase.

Solutions for Stuck Payment at Checkout in PayPal Express

As common as this problem of stuck payment is, there are quite a few solutions to it. However, not every method works for everyone, so make sure that you give each method a try and see if you get your payment back or not.

These methods could sound slightly complicated, but they’re relatively simple and hassle-free, so make sure to follow through and don’t skip any of them. So, it is time to finally get into the solutions of stuck payment at checkout in PayPal Express.

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Get Verified Account

Getting a verified account is very important to make a purchase through PayPal Express. If your account isn’t completely verified, you can constantly face issues with pending payments during checkouts.

Also, if you’ve recently changed your phone number on PayPal, it could also result in your payment getting stuck during checkout.

So, just make sure to verify your account completely and don’t make a purchase right after changing your number because it could cause your payment to get stuck at checkout.

Add the Email on PayPal Express

Another great solution for making your life a little easier and for reducing your chances of getting stuck at checkout is to use the same email. But, if you’re already stuck, then there is a solution for you.

You can simply go to your PayPal Express account, list the email you’ve used for the purchase there and simply verify that email too.

So now, PayPal would know that the account making a purchase is also yours, and it wouldn’t stop the payment from being processed. Most people immediately received an email of processing right after they listed their email.

Deactivation of Connection

Deactivating your connection with PayPal would definitely work for you, as it has worked for a whole lot of people. All you need to do is go to your PayPal settings and deactivate your connection from there. It is a rather simple process.

But, you won’t be leaving this connection deactivated. Just wait for a little while and then reactivate the connection again and refresh the page. You’ll most probably receive an email that your payment isn’t stuck anymore, and it is being processed.

The issues often happen because of certain errors in the network. So, when you deactivate the connection and then reactivate it again, the issues are automatically fixed.

Account Completion

It is important to add all the necessary details to your account and complete it. It is something a little different from account verification, as you just have to enter all the necessary details instead of getting yourself verified. 

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People often forget to add necessary details to their accounts and proceed to checkout with PayPal Express.

It is the very reason why their payment often gets stuck. The only solution to this problem is for you to complete your account and enter all the important details required. In most cases, the pending payment is immediately processed after account completion.

Check Your Spam Folder

If you’re stuck at checkout of any online marketplace, it is time for you to dive into your spam folder.

It might sound a little absurd, but PayPal Express often sends emails to the account holders to either confirm their purchase or to verify their account.

The chances of one such email being in your spam folder are very high. So, all you need to do is go to the folder and look for any emails from PayPal Express.

If you find any email, you’ll most certainly free yourself from the issue of payment being stuck. Just make sure to put the PayPal emails as primary, so you never miss an email again.


Getting stuck at checkout is quite a scary experience, especially when you don’t know the reason behind it. A lot of people find it harder to get their money back once it’s stuck, and even the customer support team turns out to be of no big help.

So, in one such situation, the solutions listed above are going to help you quite a lot. These solutions aren’t limited to just one way, but we’ve dove into all the ways with which you can recover from the pending payment at checkout.

So, make sure to follow all of them one by one, and you won’t have this issue again.