Cashier’s Check at Navy Federal – Process, Fees, Requirements, Limits, and More

The US Navy Federal is a credit union serving active duty and veteran armed forces members. You can easily order a cashier’s check online, by mobile app, or by phone helpline.

The Navy Federal only charges you $5 for a cashier’s check which is a fairly competitive fee compared to commercial banks.

Let’s discuss how to order a cashier’s check at Navy Federal, fees, limits, report a lost check, and more.

Cashier’s Check at the US Navy Federal

The US Navy Federal issues cashier’s checks to its account holders. As a digital credit union, it provides a cashier’s check service digitally too.

You can use the cashier’s check to make different kinds of payments. A cashier’s check is a useful payment method where the payee needs assurance of the payment.

A cashier’s check issued and backed by Navy Federal is a safer payment method than a personal check. You can use this option to make larger payments when providing cash or using a debit/credit card is not feasible.

Navy Federal will deduct the cashier’s check amount and charges from your checking or savings account. Then, you can receive the check with your preferred method and use to it make a payment to the payee.

You’ll need the payee’s full name and your Navy Federal account details to order one as the ordering process is fully digital.

How to Order a Cashier’s Check at the US Navy Federal?

The US Navy Federal provides three options to order a cashier’s check conveniently.

Mobile App

The easiest way is to use the Navy Federal mobile application to order a new cashier’s check.

Follow these simple steps to order a cashier’s check:

  • Download the Navy Federal mobile app and register your account.
  • Sign in to your credit union account using the credentials set in the first step.
  • Navigate through the menu and select the “send money” tab.
  • Choose the “request a cashier’s check” option from the list.
  • You can choose a new cashier’s check amount, payee’s name, and delivery options. If you’ve previously ordered, you can use the repeat option too.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the process and click submit when done.
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Internet Banking

You can also use a similar process to order a cashier’s check at Navy Federal through internet banking.

  • Signup for internet banking at and create your account.
  • Continue or sign in with your credentials and look for the “Account services” tab from the menu.
  • Hover over the “request a cashier’s check” point under the checking/savings tab.
  • Select the cashier’s check option and provide details.
  • You can use a previously ordered cashier’s check for a reorder directly too.
  • Complete the process by providing essential information and submitting the form.


Alternatively, you can order a cashier’s check at Navy Federal through its phone helpline at 1-888-842-6328.

Keep the account details, payee’s full name, amount, routing number, and other information ready with you.

Cashier’s Check Fee at Navy Federal

The fee for a cashier’s check at Navy Federal is $5 per check. If you choose to pick up the check at a branch, it will incur no additional charges for delivery.

Regular mail delivery is also free for a cashier’s check at Navy Federal. However, receiving a check through regular mail delivery services takes longer.

If you chose expedited mail services, you can receive a cashier’s check quickly but it will incur additional charges.

Navy Federal may charge you for duplicate or check cancelation charges as well. If you want to cancel a lost or stolen cashier’s check, it will cost you $20 per incident for a single check and $25 for a series of checks.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the US Navy Federal?

The US Navy Federal primarily serves armed forces active, retired, and veteran members. However, their family members and dependents can also take the credit union’s membership if they fulfill the requirements.

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Broadly speaking, here are the members of the armed forces eligible for Navy Federal membership:

  • Active members of the armed forces, marine corps, coast guard, and special guard.
  • Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees.
  • US civil employees on duty at DoD installations.
  • Veterans, Retirees, and annuitants of armed forces/DoD civilians.
  • Family members including:
    • Parents, grandparents, spouses.
    • Children, grandchildren, and siblings.
    • Household members

You’ll need to provide essential personal information, social security number, an identification document, and credit card or bank account details.

If you are a family member, you’ll need to provide the relationship proof as well.

What is the Limit for a Cashier’s Check at Navy Federal?

You can order a cashier’s check for any amount at Navy Federal. However, as you choose different delivery options, the credit union imposes some limits.

For example, if you order a cashier’s check by mobile app or internet banking, the limit will be only $2,500 if you want to receive it by mail.

If you want to request a cashier’s check above $2,500, you must use the “pick up by branch” option. It means a cashier’s check greater than $2,500 will not be delivered by mail.

Navy Federal will not mail you a cashier’s check if the payee is a third party. So, you’ll have to collect that check from the nearest branch as well.

What are the Delivery Options to Get a Cashier’s Check at Navy Federal?

As mentioned above, sometimes you must collect a cashier’s check from a Navy Federal branch. If the check amount is greater than $2,500, you’ve no choice but to receive it from a branch only.

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These two convenient options for you for cashier’s checks with smaller amounts though.

Receive By Mail

The US Navy Federal will deliver the cashier’s check to your registered mailing address by default. Regular mail service will deliver it to you within 5-7 business days.

You can use a faster mailing option by paying extra and receiving the check as soon as the next business day as well.

If you want to change the mailing address, change it before ordering it online or through the mobile app. The address change requires time and approval from the Navy Federal.

Branch Pick Up

If the cashier’s check amount is greater than $2,500 or it is issued to a third party, you must collect it from a branch.

You can choose the branch to pick up service for any other cashier’s check by choice as well.

How to Report a Lost or Stolen Cashier’s Check to Navy Federal?

You can use the Navy Federal check lost or stolen declaration form to report such incidents.

Once you complete the form, you can send it by mail or scan a copy at email it immediately to the Navy Federal for quick action.

If the cashier’s check was issued to a third party, you may have to inform the payee as well. Some credit unions and banks may require a formal police investigation report if the situation is complicated.

The charges for a stop payment for a lost or stolen cashier’s check are $20 per check. If you’re requesting more than one check, the fee will be $25 per instrument.