Cashier’s Check at Regions Bank: Fees, Requirements, Process, Limit, and More

Banking has revolutionized a lot, and we have pretty much moved to checkless banking. However, there are many instances when the piece of paper called a check is valid, valuable, and sought after. However, there are many types of checks ranging from personal to official.

When it comes to b2b payments, large sums of money, or guaranteed checks, an official check or teller check is what has the most value. FDIC-approved banks and credit unions can issue tellers or official checks. Customers can use the cashier’s check to make large payments to individuals or persons.

Unlike personal checks, the teller’s checks never get bounced and are guaranteed by the issuing bank(drawer) of the check. However, many individuals are often unaware of a cashier’s check as a financial instrument.

Regions Bank is one of the largest American banks offering diverse services and solutions to consumers and businesses. In this article, we will talk about the cashier’s checks of Regions Bank, the procedure, limitations, requirements, and everything you need to know about Regions Bank.

About Regions Bank

Regions Financial Corporation, known as Regions Bank, is one of the biggest full-service banks for consumer and commercial banking, mortgage products, loans, etc., in the United States. The bank provides services across the whole United States.

The story of Regions Bank started in 1852 with the establishment of The Northern Bak of Alabama, the earliest forerunner of Regions Financials. In 1871, the First National Bank of Montogomery became the Regions’ second core bank.

Exchange Bank of Birmingham was the third bank to become part of Regions Financial and was established in 1928. All three banks sustained the Great Depression and experienced worth-mentioning growth post-depression.

In 1970, all three banks applied to the Federal Reserve Bank to become a bank holding company. After one year after application, the First Alabama Bancshares was created after approval from Federal Reserve Bank.

During the next 20 years, the bank expanded by making many acquisitions and entered into several product lines, services, and businesses. Even the bank expanded outside of Alabama state after the Interstate Banking Bill of 1986.

During 1986-98, the Region grew from $4.4 billion in assets to $32.8 billion, along with 667 operating locations across the United States. Regions were one of the strongest financial institutions and successfully sustained the Great Recession in 2007.

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If you want to know about modern-day Regions Financial, it has grown into the largest national full-service bank operating for consumers and businesses.

What Are Different Regions Bank Accounts?

Before we talk about the cashier’s checks of Regions Bank, let’s have a brief overview of different checking accounts customers can open with the bank:

  • LifeGreen Checking is the most popular checking account that comes with several perks for individuals (choose between the monthly fee option of $8 or $11)
  • Life-Green Preferred Checking is an interest-earning checking account with an $18 monthly fee
  • Regions Now Checking with exclusive money benefits and zero overdraft fees
  • LifeGreen eAccess account is an e-checking account with an $8 monthly fee
  • 62+ LifeGreen Checking account is a senior checking account with perks (choose between the monthly fee option of $8 or $11)
  • LifeGreen Checking for Students with a $0 monthly fee(for 25 years old or younger customers)

Cashier’s Check Regions Bank

Cashier’s check is also called a teller check or official check. The Regions Bank cashier’s check is the one with the bank’s guarantee about the amount written on the check.

Like all cashier’s checks, the amount written on the check is immediately withdrawn from the account holder at the time of check issuance by the bank. For instance, if Alex has to pay $5,000 to someone(Mr. John Smith), he chooses a cashier’s check to pay the amount.

Alex has, let’s say, a LifeGreen Checking account with Regions Bank; he visits the branch and asks to make a teller’s check of $5,000 in the name of John Smith.

The bank will immediately withdraw the funds from Alex’s account. Once John Smith presents the check to the bank, the bank will pay the amount. However, the bank will debit the account of Alex at the time of the cashier’s check order placement. 

Can I Purchase Cashier’s Check From Regions Bank?

Yes, you can purchase a cashier’s check from Regions Bank, irrespective of your account. According to the regulations, only FDIC-insured financial institutions, banks, and credit unions are eligible to make cashier’s checks.

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And the real question to ask is if Regions Bank comes under the list of FDIC-insured banking institutions.

The answer is an absolute yes. Therefore, we can say that the answer to the question about purchasing cashier’s checks from Regions Bank is also Yes!

You can write a cashier’s check on your account in Regions Bank after following the outlined procedures by the bank.

How To Get Cashier’s Check From Regions Bank?

Well, some of the banks offer cashier’s check ordering online via the digital banking app. However, most banks only operate the cashier’s check service at the physical branch. In the second case, the customer must visit the physical location of one of the bank’s branches and request the cashier’s check.

In Regions Bank’s case, the institution is not offering an online-ordering service for cashier’s checks. If you want to make a cashier’s check on your account, you will need to visit the nearest location and request the cashier’s check of whatever amount.

Which Accounts Are Eligible For Regions Bank Cashier Checks?

If you are banking with Regions Bank, you don’t have to worry about which account you should open using the bank’s cashier’s check service. However, many people don’t know which accounts are eligible for Regions Bank cashier’s checks.

So, the answer to this question is:

Regardless of which checking account you open with Regions Bank, you can always issue a cashier’s check from your bank account by visiting the branch location and requesting the official check.

We have already mentioned the names and fees of all the consumer checking accounts offered by Regions.

What Is The Fee For The Cashier’s Check Of Regions Bank?

Unlike many other financial institutions and banks, Regions Bank has kept a flat fee for issuing the cashier’s check to the account holders.

Irrespective of how much money you want to transfer to someone via cashier’s check, a flat fee of $10 is applied to every cashier’s check your request.

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Requirements For Official Check Regions Bank

What are the requirements for official checks of Regions Bank?

Here is what you need to have when visiting the Regions Bank branch to get a cashier’s check:

  1. You must have one of the checking accounts with Regions Bank.
  2. Your identity proof with the picture on it
  3. Name of the person to whom you are issuing the check
  4. Other details that the bank might ask you to bring
  5. If your account doesn’t have enough balance to cover the cost of the cashier’s check, you must bring the cash amount for purchasing the cashier’s check.

Maximum And Minimum Limits For Cashier’s Check

Fortunately, Regions Bank is one of those banks that do not put any limits on how much or how less money you can send via cashier’s check.

So here is what you need to know about the minimum and maximum limit of the amount you can enter on the cashier’s check:

You can send $0.01 through a cashier’s check at minimum.

There is no limit on how much money you can send through cashier’s checks.

Can I Stop A Cashier’s Check?

You can stop a cashier’s check before the bank has processed the payment. However, an additional stopping pay must be paid by the account holder.

The stopping fee can vary from bank to bank. You must visit your branch or call customer care to know about stopping fees or stopping possibilities when you have issued a cashier’s check.


1.    Is Regions Bank FDIC approved?

Yes, Regions Bank is an FDIC-insured bank that is authorized to issue cashier’s checks or provide check-cashing services.

2.    Can I cash the cashier’s check payable to me?

Yes, you can leverage Regions Bank’s check cashing services for cashing cashier’s checks drawn on Regions Bank or other banks. In case of checks drawn on Regions, you can avoid checking fees by cashing them by visiting the Regions branch.

In general, a $5 minimum fee is charged for cashing the cashier’s check. For checks not drawn on Regions Bank, 4% of the check amount has to be paid as a checking fee.