How Much Cashback Can You Get At Walmart? Let’s Find Out

Walmart is preferred by thousands of people whenever they want to shop for groceries. The reason is the diversity of products, convenient store locations, and amazing offers. One of the best offers Walmart put forward is cashback.

You get specific money from the store if you make a purchase. But people often have questions about it, one of which is how much money they can get from Walmart. That’s why I’m discussing everything.

Walmart offers a different cash back, ranging from 20$ to 120$. The cashback amount is different depending on your payment method. You can get 20$ cash back if you are paying with a personal check, up to 100$ if you are paying with a debit card, and up to 120$ if you are using a Discover credit card.

Wondering what’s the procedure to get cashback? Then keep reading.

Getting cash back At Walmart- Brief Details!

As mentioned above, you can get up to 120$ worth of cashback from any Walmart Store. This all relies on which payment method you prefer. Also, the procedure for each payment method is a little different too.

Let’s see the details!

Debit Card

Out of different payment options, one option that is preferred mostly at Walmart is the Debit card. If you are using this card, you will be given different cash back options- 20$, 40$, 60$, 80$, and 100$.

Also, you can use both registers for this. You can’t do this if you are paying with a personal check (described later). It is your choice which register you think suits you the best.

Here’s how to avail yourself cash back at Walmart using a Debit card:

  • Finish the shopping and then checkout.
  • When you reach the payment method, choose Debit.
  • Then, enter the number in the machine to proceed forward. Make sure you complete this step carefully, as the wrong number will cause the transaction to fail.
  • Next, you will be given a cashback option. Say yes to the machine.
  • Choose the amount of cashback.
  • After that, enter the debit card pin.
  • Next, pay the total amount and receive your cash along with a receipt. That’s it. It will take less than five minutes to get it all done.
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If you don’t get the cashback option from the machine, get help from the staff before you enter the pin code. Walmart’s employees will help you with it and ensure you get your cashback.

Personal Check

Cashback is much lower when you pay with a personal check. The cashback limit, in this case, is only 20$. Also, remember that this payment will come from the regular cash register only.

Here’s how to avail yourself cash back at Walmart if you are paying with a personal check:

  • Do the shopping and then go to the regular register.
  • Checkout and inform the cashier that you will be paying with a check. The cashier will ask for a government-issued id and maybe its copy too.
  • Write a check for the total amount. Make sure you have the amount in your account as well. If the personal check bounces, it can lead to undesirable situations.
  • The cashier will verify and hand you your cash back and receipt.

Discover Credit Card

If you prefer a credit card, then use a Discover credit card at Walmart. Other credit cards do not offer a cash-back facility. The reason is that credit card purchase is cash advance and you pay interest and fees on it.

However, Walmart supports Discover credit cards. These are also now being preferred by everyone because of the extra 20$ they can get.

You can avail of cashback up to 120$. Furthermore, you can get it from both registers (unlike personal checks). 

Here’s how to avail yourself cash back at Walmart using Discover Credit Card:

  • Go to Walmart, shop, and then go to any register.
  • Pay for your shopping using a Discover credit card.
  • Say yes to the machine when it asks for cash back. Select 120$ or any amount (less than 120$) you want.
  • Input the asked details.
  • Get your cash with a receipt.
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How Many Times Can I Get Cash Back At Walmart?

Walmart allows you to get cash back three times a day. You will then have to go the next day to avail more benefits. 

I was wondering why there is a limit on the cashback.

Walmart registers have a very limited amount of money at their registers. If stores allow unlimited cash back, then they won’t have enough to give customers their money.

Imagine you buy a 10-dollar thing, give 50$, and the cashier says they don’t have 40 to pay you.

So, to make sure the customer service stays top-notch, Walmart’s cashback policy introduced limitations on the cash back.

Note that you only purchase only one item to get the cashback. According to Walmart’s policy, cash back only applies to one product, not multiple ones.

Therefore, to avail of multiple cash back, you have to buy one product at a time. In doing so, you should keep on switching to different registers.

Does Walmart Charge Any Fee When You Request Cashback?

No, Walmart does not apply any additional fee when you ask for the cashback. Whether you are using cards or checks, the cashback is free from any fee.

How To Earn More Cashback? Some Tips!

There are two cards you can use if you want to get maximum cash back. Let’s find out what they are.

Use Citi Cash Cards

Citi needs no introduction. It is considered one of the reputable credit card companies in the country.

If you have a Citi Cash credit card, then you can enjoy cashback in multiple ways:

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Citi Double Cash Card

If you pay with the Citi Double cash card, you will get a 2% cash back on your payment.

Note that you use this luxury within one and a half years of the sign-up.

Citi Bonus Cash

Using Citi bonus cash will get 2% more than the Citi double cash card.

If you don’t have Citi cards, then there is another choice for you.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Another credit card company that you should use to get the rewards from Walmart is Capital One. Using this card, you can get up to 5% cash back on the total purchase.

So, if you have any of these cards, then go to Walmart, shop, and get handsome cash back.

Comparing Walmart’s cashback With Other Retailers

One of the many things people love about Walmart is its cash back.

But what about others?

You now know that Walmart offers up to 120$. Let’s compare Walmart’s cash back with other stores offering cash back.

  • Target: 40$
  • Dollar General: 40$
  • Sam’s Club: 100$
  • Safeway: 200$
  • Kroger: 300$

Final Words

So, how much Cash Back can you get at Walmart?

The cashback at Walmart depends on the payment method. If you are paying with a personal check, Walmart will offer you a 20$ return.

Using a debit card as a payment method can get up to 100$ worth of cash back. If you have a Discover credit card, then you can avail up to 120$ of cash back.

Just go to the register, choose the payment method, and then choose the cash back. If you are paying with cards, then input the card number and pin.

If you are paying with a personal check, then sign a check and give your government-issued id to the cashier. The employee will verify the details and then hand over the cashback.