What Does APT or Suite Mean for a Billing Address?

APT stands for apartment and STE stands for Suite in a billing address. You can use one of these abbreviations when writing a billing address.

Let us discuss what is an apartment or suite number in a mailing address, and what are the right formats to write a billing address.

What Does APT or Suite Mean for a Billing Address?

“Apt” in a mailing address refers to an apartment number or simply an apartment. It is a commonly used English word abbreviation when writing mailing addresses.

An apartment may consist of one or more rooms and they may or may not be connected.

Suite refers to a collection of rooms in a building, hotel, or cruise ship. It is usually a set of rooms used by a single person or family. Hotels and building lenders specify suits with specific luxuries or attributes as well.

A suite having multiple rooms will have a single identifier number. It is more commonly used when addressing someone in a hotel, resort, or cruise ship.

When to Use the Word “Apt”?

The abbreviation “apt” should be written when you want to send mail to someone residing in a building apartment.

Preferably, you should write the full word “apartment” followed by a number. However, if the address line of the receiver is too long, you can use “apt” as a standard abbreviation.

Senders can use the abbreviation “Apt No” or “Apt #” which means apartment number. Sometimes senders add the directional guidelines by adding the apartment direction indicator such as NE for North East.

When mailing to a residential or business address, you should use an apartment number. As it is commonly associated with these types of addresses globally.

When to Use the Word “Suite”?

If the receiver’s address contains a suite number, you should include the word “suite” in the mailing address.

The suite is commonly associated with temporary mailing addresses in hotels, resorts, and luxury buildings.

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If the address line of the receiver is too long, you can also use the abbreviation “STE” to refer to a suite number. It can be used along with the directional abbreviations followed by a number.

A suite address may refer to a business address as well. Some buildings may also use suits instead of offices or apartments for business rentals.

Essentially, the choice to use the abbreviation “APT” or “STE” will depend on the receiver’s correct mailing address and type of building.

How to Write a Complete US Mailing Address?

Writing the correct mailing address may seem a simple task but it can cost confusion for the mailing company if not done properly.

The general format of writing an address for a sender and recipient is similar. Both types of addresses contain three lines for regular residential addresses.

  • The first line should include the recipient’s full name. In business writing, you can add the word “attention” or “ATTN” as well.
  • The second line should include the recipient’s complete address, including an apartment or suite number and street number.
  • The third line should include the city name, state, and ZIP code.

Preferably, you should only write the full apartment number and street number in the second line.

You can add the company name in the second line when writing a business address. The rest of the format will be the same as outlined above.

If there is more than one recipient to a single mail, you can add both (all) names on the first line.

Example – How to Write a residential Apartment Address?

The formal guidelines from USPS say you should write the complete mailing address in three lines for a residential address.

The first line is for writing the full name of the recipient. You can add two or more names as well.

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The second line is to write the apartment number followed by the street address.

If you need to use the direction codes or unit numbers, use the same line and do not carry over the address to the third line unless necessary.

Write the city, state, and ZIP codes in the third line.

Here is an example format:

Richard Harris
3267 Landing Lange, APT 12
Louisville, KY 40138- 1347

If you are mailing to a business address, you’ll include the company name in the second line.

ATTN: Richard Harris, CFO
Green Star Co.
91713 Broadway Blvd.
Nashville, TN 36031-4456

Example – How to Write a Military Address?

A military address does not use an apartment or suite number. However, it follows the same pattern as you use for a residential or business address with a few changes.

The first line is for writing the full name of the recipient. For clarity, include the recipient’s rank if you know it correctly.

The second line is to include the unit name and number followed by the post office number.

The third line is to write the duty station and ZIP code. The address should include the correct military post office and unit abbreviations.

Here is an example:

SSGT Richard Harris
UNIT 3026 BOX 4786
APO AA 97812- 3035

APO stands for Army Post Office and AA stands for American Army. See below for other military postal abbreviations.

Example – How to Write an International Address?

Writing an international address goes through the same steps as you write a domestic one. However, the correct format and requirements vary by the destination country.

Start with the recipient’s full name in the first line. Then, write the street address and apartment/house number in the second line.

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Sometimes, you’ll need to write the state or county names in the third line. Then, write the post box or ZIP code number in the next line.

Finally, write the country name in the last line.

Here are a few examples of international address formats:

Richard Harris


Richard Harris


Common Abbreviations in Mailing Address Formats

Knowing some commonly used abbreviations in residential, business, and military address formats makes the job easier for you.

Here are a few regularly used abbreviations:

  • APT for Apartment
  • STE for Suite
  • ST for Street
  • BLVD for Boulevard
  • PKWY for Parkway
  • LN for Lane
  • DR for Drive
  • RD for Road
  • N for North, E for East, S for South, W for West, and so on
  • AA for Armed Forces of the Americas
  • AE for Armed Forces of Europe
  • AP for Armed Forces of the Pacific
  • APO for Army Post Office
  • FPO for Fleet Post Office (Navy)

Tips to Write the Mailing Address Correctly

Here are a few effective tips for writing a mailing address correctly.

  • Write legibly so that the postal service can read it easily.
  • You can use all caps when writing but make sure the writing is readable.
  • Do not use italic or curvy fonts if you are printing the envelope.
  • Use complete post box and ZIP codes.
  • Write the correct abbreviations and use directional letters only if confirmed.
  • Use a comma and full stops appropriately to distinguish between different address items.
  • Do not use additional text messages above or below the address lines.
  • Place the stamp on the top right corner of the envelope.
  • Write the sender’s address in the standard format as well.