What Is It Like To Be An Overnight Stocker At Walmart?

Walmart, An American multinational firm, has a huge name in the market. If you do grocery on your own, you must be aware that the racks of Walmart stores are always filled. Have you ever thought about who restocks the empty shells? Well, overnight stockers’ hard work is behind this endeavor.

Indeed, being an overnight stocker at Walmart is complex and tiring. Various people have declared that the heads give unrealistic goals and deadlines to overnight stockers. However, the other side of the picture is quite fortunate. Walmart offers a handsome salary to their overnight stockers, which compels you to work there.

There’s still a lot more to know about overnight stockers at Walmart. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Key Takeaways:

  • You must be 18+ to be an overnight stocker at Walmart.
  • Walmart offers $14 – $20 salaries to their overnight stockers.
  • An overnight stocker working schedule is

Full-Time Workers: 30 – 40 hrs/Week

Part-time Workers: 26 – 30 hrs/Week

What Do You Know About Walmart Overnight Stocking?

Nowadays, Walmart is the choice of millions of people. Many of you indeed purchase your essentials from this international market. Walmart overnight stocking is a process that keeps the shelves filled with merchandise for the whole day.

Therefore, Walmart hires overnight stockers to do the steady stocking and cleaning of the store. Let’s move along and explore more about the Walmart overnight stocking job. 

Working Time

You might want to know the working hours of an overnight stocker at Walmart. The average time of overnight stocking jobs at Walmart is 10 pm to 7 am.

Hence, a full-time overnight stocker will work for 30 – 40 hrs per week, while a part-time overnight stocker will work for 26 – 30 hrs per week.

The working hours of a Walmart employee may also vary according to the store’s requirements and special occasions.


Whenever you hear about a job, salary is an initial aspect to talk about. An average salary of an overnight stocker at Walmart is $17 – $21 per hour. It’s a pretty good salary for a beginner to work in a store.

Salary is a motive that urges various people to work hard the whole night at Walmart stores. The firm also provides its employees with multiple benefits depending on their job.

Requirements Of Walmart Overnight Stocking Jobs

Every job has some requirements for hiring employees. Walmart has also set a few prerequisites to employ credible persons at its stores. Let’s dive in and explore the provisions to be a part of Walmart staff.  

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Age is the primary factor mentioned in every job. You must be 18 or 18+ to apply for an overnight stocker at Walmart. If you’re under 18, your application will not be considered by the corporation.


Experience in overnight stocking is a plus to being a part of Walmart. But if you’re not experienced, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Walmart offers unique training for beginners to work at their stores. In the training phase, the overnight stocker will work under the oversight of the leads. 

Physical Fitness

In the overnight stocking at Walmart, you may need to lift heavy products while restocking. It will be best if you are physically fit to join Walmart’s team.

Walmart has mentioned that you should be capable of lifting a 25-pound weight. If you’re healthy, the job will be yours. 


Walmart always hires educated persons for their stores. The education may vary according to the stores. It would be best if you had a high school diploma to be an overnight stocker at Walmart.

Meanwhile, some marts prefer an associate’s certification in storage supervision. So, if you have these degrees, you can apply for an overnight stocker.


You can share your licenses and certifications of previous work to do a better job at Walmart. The best thing about Walmart stores is they also provide certificates to their employees for their future privileges.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Duties

Before applying for an overnight stocking job, you should know about your duties at Walmart. You’ll have a vast range of commitments to do at the store. Here are the most common responsibilities of an overnight stocker at Walmart.

Environment Maintenance

You might not know, but environmental maintenance is also a part of an overnight stocker. It would be best to keep the domain safe and secure by following company policies.

You’ll always be ready to undertake any decision in emergency circumstances. 


Restocking is the primary duty of an overnight stocker at Walmart. You’ll inquire about the empty shelves and restock the products accordingly.

The restocking also includes the cleaning of messes in open spaces. So, the best way is to clean the rack and fill the suitable products.

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Scanning Products

Marking the prices of different products on the racks is also a duty of an overnight restocker. Undoubtedly, you can remember the accurate cost of each item.

The best way is to scan the items and mark down the prices on the shelves. Pricing on racks will be convenient for customers to purchase the product.

Cash Operations

Being an overnight stocker, you’ll also deal with the money transactions of customers. You’ll be trained to govern the cash registers and process the trades whenever needed in the store.

Removing Articles

In stores, various products get damaged or expire after a while. You’ll be responsible for removing all the broken products from the shelves and shifting them to their proper location.

The expired products also are removed from the racks, and new articles will be stocked to display for the next day.

Quick Customer Service

You should be quick in your duties regarding customers. Whether it’s a return or an exchange, you’ll never let your customer wait for it.

You’ll have to be sharp with your verdicts while assisting customers. You may also be required to answer the customers’ queries at some point.


Cleanliness is the key to the positive energy in the store. At night, there will be no crowd in the store. So you can quickly inspect the whole area and clear the mess wherever needed.

You’ll make the store clean and ready for the next day.

Management Interaction

Interaction with the management is an important responsibility. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, you should share it with the administration of the store.

You’ll also be allowed to share your concerns about the mart; it can be about either product or service. 

Merchandise Level

Sustenance of merchandise is also your duty. You’ll have to keep an eye on all the products in the mart. You must order new products whenever the level goes down.

The new merchandise will be stocked at their positions timely. You’ll also be responsible for moving products to the new location (if needed).

Coworker Interactions

Interaction with coworkers is crucial to maintain the decorum of the Walmart store. Your connection with coworkers will help you to complete the work before morning. So, before your off time, the store must be ready for customers.  

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Can You Be A Walmart Overnight Stocker?

Yes, you can be a Walmart overnight stocker if you meet all the requirements. Nevertheless, you must have skills that make you the perfect match for an overnight stocking job. Take a breath and skim the abilities that you must have.


The organization is the primary purpose of hiring an overnight stocker. You’ll have to be organized to stock the products adequately on shelves. You can learn the organization’s tricks from your senior coworkers by examining their work.

Being methodical will make you capable of stocking the merchandise in the correct order.


You should also be skilled in multitasking to be a good overnight stocker. Restoring racks is an expeditious duty that imposes the ability to multitask.

You’ll be responsible for storing multiple alleys at the same time, so you need to be able to finish each task promptly and efficiently.

Sometimes, you’ll also be asked to stock shelves in varied divisions, so you need to be prepared to stride between tracts rapidly.


Being attentive will help you in every chore of your life. Scrutiny to detail is the capacity to detect minor alterations in a product’s impression or location.

Stocking shelves is a job that expects attention to the point because you need to ensure each article is in the appropriate region. You’ll also be responsible for inspecting whether the rack is full.

This mastery can support you in completing your task efficiently and ensuring the rims are stocked correctly.


To be an effective overnight stocker at Walmart, you must triumph in Communication skills. If you’re good at expressing your ideas, you’ll be preferred among hundreds.

You’ll be required to communicate with customers, other employees, and executives throughout your duty.

You can use communication to inquire about issues, provide acknowledgment and report any crises regarding the mart.

Wrapping Up

An overnight stocker is an essential need of Walmart. Due to the wide range of products, Walmart requires a stocker to restock the shelves and prepare the mart for the following day.

You have all the requirements and duties in writing. You also have the skills that make you the best stocker of all. So, grab the opportunity and apply for a job now!