Top 7 Reasons Why Amazon is Declining Your Payments? (Solution Include)

A payment failure at Amazon can be a frustrating experience for anyone. If you’re tired of trying your credit card, take a relook at these options and see where things have gone wrong for you.

First, let’s discuss which payment methods Amazon accepts and then see our top 7 reasons why Amazon is declining your payments.

What are the Accepted Payment Methods with Amazon?

Amazon accepts online payments from a variety of methods. You can use all major credit and debit cards as well as some digital wallets.

Here is a list of accepted payment methods at Amazon:

  • Visa Credit and Debit Cards
  • Amazon Store Card, Amazon Signature Visa Card
  • Amazon Secured Card
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Network
  • Diner’s Club (U.S. only)
  • Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Affirm, and some other digital Wallets.
  • JCB
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • UnionPay (credit card only)
  • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express prepaid credit or gift cards

You can use these methods to top up your Amazon Pay account as well and then make a purchase through that balance.

What are Unaccepted Payment Methods with Amazon?

There are a few payment methods that Amazon currently does not support. Some of these methods may be accepted in selected countries but not all.

  • Bank transfers
  • International wire transfers
  • Checks or postal orders
  • Cash
  • Book tokens
  • Purchase orders
  • Direct debits or standing orders
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay/Samsung Pay, and some other Digital Wallets.
  • Pay Monthly
  • EBT Cash benefits

Top 7 Reasons Why Amazon is Declining Your Payments?

You may face problems when making a purchase at Amazon for various reasons. A declined payment can be frustrating for a buyer no matter what is the reason.

Although there can be some common causes of Amazon payment rejections like internet security settings, server downtime, inaccurate passwords, etc. But there are certain broader reasons you should be careful of too.

You are Not Using an Accepted Payment Method

The first thing you should verify is the accepted payment method from Amazon. For your convenience, we’ve listed the accepted payment methods at Amazon above.

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If you use one of the methods Amazon currently does not support, your payment will be declined. Also, Amazon may not accept one payment method in a particular country but accept the same in another country.

For instance, you cannot make an Amazon purchase with PayPal in certain countries. It also does not support some digital wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Skrill to name a few.


Change your payment method to one of those accepted by Amazon. Make sure to use accepted methods for and through Amazon Pay separately.

Your Payment Method is Not Updated with Amazon

The second issue that most buyers face at Amazon is not having an updated payment method. You may have selected an acceptable payment option but the information may require an update.

Here are a few common reasons you need to update your payment method with Amazon:

  • Your credit/debit card has expired.
  • Your billing address has changed.
  • You switched from one payment method to another.
  • Your primary email or contact number has changed.


Here are a few steps to update your payment information with Amazon.

  • Login to your account and go to the “Manage Content and Devices” tab.
  • Select preferences.
  • Choose the “Edit payment settings” button and look for the Digital payment settings tab.
  • Choose a different payment method from the dropdown list and select continue.

Similarly, you can edit your existing payment information like the mailing address or contact number to avoid payment rejections.

Your Bank Account or Credit Limit Has Expired

It is a common reason for payment rejections for most credit card users. Suppose you’ve got $100 left for your normal credit card limit and you make a purchase of $95.

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The total cost of the transaction may include VAT and shipping charges exceeding the $100 mark. Even if it is totaled at $100.01, your payment will be declined by Amazon.

Similarly, you’ll face the same issue if you are using a debit card and your bank account balance is lower than the total transaction cost.

In some cases, the bank may impose temporary restrictions on your credit card transactions to receive the minimum monthly payments.

Also, the bank may impose a covenant until the monthly installment is cleared if you have another loan payment.


Verify with your bank or credit card provider for the credit limit. Make sure any pending transactions on your credit card are cleared so that you can make a new transaction successfully.

You are Making an International Wire Transfer

Amazon does not accept international wire transfers currently. It may be the reason your payment has been declined at Amazon.

Suppose you are trying to make a payment using an international bank account transfer, it will be declined.

Similarly, if you’re using a local credit/debit card staying abroad, make sure it is enabled for international transactions.

Conversely, your bank may decline a credit card payment if you’ve restricted your international use when applying for the card.


Make sure to use a local and accepted bank transfer option or pay through a valid credit/debit card. Call your bank or card provider to enable international transactions if you are using a local credit card abroad.

You Entered the Wrong Payment Information

Entering wrong payment information like a one-time password (OTP), email address, card password, or any other authentication piece of information is another common reason for payment rejections.

Likewise, if you have entered the wrong credit/debit card number and CCV from the back of your card, your payment will be declined.

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These are minor mistakes that cause a problem for you when purchasing at Amazon or any other online shopping portal.


Do not make haste when putting in your credit card or CCV number. Also, make sure to enter the right OTP and card passwords. Keep an eye on remaining attempts to avoid blocking your credit card.

You Have Internet Connectivity Issues

Although it is a rarity, a slow internet connection can interrupt your financial transactions too. If the internet connection is not stable, your payment will take longer than normal.

If you reboot the webpage or try to restart your internet modem (Wi-Fi), it will disrupt the process badly. Your payment process will halt or will show a rejected transaction.


Try the basic steps of restarting your PC or Wi-fi connection first. Then, look into your internet security settings like managing pop-ups or security levels.

Contact your internet service provider (ISP) if the problem persists or try a different internet connection/device.

Other Issues from Your Bank or Amazon

Then, there are some miscellaneous issues that you should look into when exploring answers to why Amazon is declining your payment.

First, there may be issues with Amazon or bank servers. Although it is a rarity to have payment issues from the Amazon side, it may happen.

Then, your credit card provider or bank may require further authentication from your side. It may be due to incomplete card/account activation processes.

Similarly, if you rarely use your credit card from abroad, your bank may block the transaction due to security concerns.


Contact your bank to verify your personal information and enable your foreign transactions. Then, check for any security reasons from your bank.

If the bank or Amazon servers are down due to maintenance or any other reason, you must wait and try later.