Top 7 Reasons Why Valorant is Declining Your Payment? (Solution Included)

Valorant gamers can play it for free but the real firepower comes from in-app purchases for skins and weapons.

You may face a payment rejection for several reasons, including an invalid gift card code, a slow internet connection, and so on.

Let us walk you through the top 7 reasons for Valorant declining your payments.

Valorant Gaming – Introduction

Valorant is a hero-shooting game developed by Riot games and launched back in 2020. Although it is a newly launched game, it has grown in popularity in a couple of years already.

It is a free and first-player team action game but comes with in-app purchases for enhanced gaming pleasure for users as well.

The game is currently available for Microsoft Windows and its mobile app version is under development by the company. Although its mobile app for the companion versions is available.

Many of the game weapons and tools can be upgraded with virtual rewards earned through the play game rules.

While users also have the option of purchasing more powerful gaming tools to increase their playing powers with purchased weapons and tools.

Top 7 Reasons Why Valorant is Declining Your Payment?

Valorant’s payment and gaming experiences are backed by its developed company Riot games. There are several reasons for finding a payment error or a declined payment from Valorant.

1. You are Using an Unauthorized Payment Method at Valorant

Valorant accepts different payment methods in different geographical areas. So, the first task is to verify the payment method should be an authorized one by Valorant.

For instance, the gaming platforms accept the following payment options from their users in the Southeast Asia region:

  • Major credit and Debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • E-Wallets like GrabPay
  • Digital Wallets and Payments options like PayPal, Prepaid cards, and virtual payment codes.
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Similarly, you can purchase Valorant Points (VPs) through a gift card available at most online platforms like Amazon and physical store outlets at leading stores too.

If you are not using one of the available payment options, Valorant will decline your payment.


The first step is to verify your chosen payment method is authorized for the region. If it isn’t, replace it with an approved payment option as listed above.

For example, these payment methods are not accepted by Valorant at the moment:

  • Neosurf
  • Micropayment
  • Daopay & Boku (pay by call)
  • Yandex
  • Primeiropay debit card

2. You are Using Gifts Cards in the Wrong Region

For the American region, Valorant prepaid gift cards can only be purchased in the US currently. These cards can be redeemed within the US, Canada, and some Latin American countries.

Therefore, if you are trying to activate a gift card purchased within the US in other regions, Valorant will decline your payment.

Similarly, buy an authorized gift card issued by Riot Games in the Southeast Asian region to avoid any confusion. Buying a promo code or prepaid card from an unauthorized dealer will also lead to a rejected transaction.


Purchase prepaid and gift cards from authorized Riot Games dealers only. If you’re making an online gift card purchase, make sure to buy the right one for your region.

3. The Gift Card Code is Invalid or Inactivated

Buying unauthorized gift cards from unapproved dealers may lead you to further problems. You may face issues like an invalid or inactivated gift card code error.

You can retry the activation code to confirm it hasn’t been activated already. If the code is inactivated, it is the merchant issue and not from Valorant or Riot Games.

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Sometimes, you may receive a message stating the gift card code has already been redeemed. Again, this issue comes from unauthorized dealers most of the time.


Try using the activation code properly as the error can be just due to entering the wrong sequence of the code digits only.

If the problem persists, you should contact the merchant which sold you the prepaid gift card code. For better results, try avoiding buying virtual gaming codes from independent sellers on popular e-commerce sites.

4. You Don’t Have Sufficient Valorant Points (VP) to Make a Purchase

Valorant sells its in-app gaming purchases for weapons and skins through Valorant Points. Then, it follows a tiered pricing approach.

For instance, you’ll need to follow these price tags:

  • Select Edition (SE) – 875 VPs
  • Deluxe Edition (DE) – 1275 VPs
  • Premium Edition (PE) – 1775 VPs
  • Ultra-Edition (UE) – 2475 VPs
  • Exclusive Edition (XE) – Variable

So, when trying to purchase your favorite weapon in Valorant, if your VPs are not sufficiently restocked, Valorant will decline your payment.


Make sure to top-up your Valorant Points first before you make a purchase. Also, check the required number of VPs for your favorite skin or weapon to avoid failure.

5. Your Favorite Valorant Skin is No More Available at the Store

Valorant store runs on a rotation basis. It means one item available today may not be available to you tomorrow.

So, if you are trying to purchase a particular skin or weapon and Valorant declines your attempt, chances are it is no longer available in the store.


Grab your favorite Valorant gaming weapon and skin as soon as it is available in the store. Make sure it is available for sale to avoid any failed attempts.

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Alternatively, you can only wait for the turn so that your preferred skin is made available again in the store.

6. You are Attempting a Cross-Gaming Redemption

It is a basic but common error that leads to declined payments from Valorant as well as other games managed by Riot Games.

Many players try to purchase prepaid cards, virtual codes, or gift cards in bulk for different games available from Riot.

Then, they try to redeem these gift cards for cross-game purchases. You cannot use a Valorant gift card to purchase other Riot games and vice versa.

If you try to redeem multiple-gift cards and any one of them is not for Valorant, it will decline your payment.


Use only Valorant gift cards, activation codes, and prepaid cards for in-app purchases. You can use multiple gift cards but all of them should be for Valorant only.

7.  Miscellaneous Payment Issues at Valorant Gaming

If you feel there is nothing wrong with Valorant points availability or gift cards, then look for some other issues.

For example, the Valorant gaming server may be temporarily down due to maintenance or a technical problem.

Similarly, your credit card or bank’s server may be down and the payment is declined during this time.

Also, firewall and anti-virus settings can block financial transactions for in-app purchases at Valorant.


Check your internet connectivity first and try connecting your Wi-Fi with other devices before making a financial transaction.

Then, ensure the anti-virus and firewall settings to allow a financial transaction. Make sure your internet security settings do not block the seller’s website.