Amazon Store Card Login, Payment, Customer Service, Cancel, and More

In recent years, E-commerce marketplaces have become immensely popular among people for all the right reasons.

Whether it’s apparel, footwear, hardware supplies, beauty products, pet food, or outdoor equipment, people greatly depend on these E-commerce marketplaces to meet all their shopping needs.

While gazillions of E-commerce marketplaces have emerged on the Internet, Amazon still ranks high.

Amazon is constantly adding more and more brands to its platform, giving consumers plenty of options in every category.

However, considering the huge variety, people often end up shopping more than they initially planned. Did the same happen to you?

Well, it can be frustrating when you have tons of products added to your Amazon cart but no funds to pay for them.

Amazon has considered this frustration of consumers and introduced its own store card to help people fund their purchases when they are out of money.

Acquiring an Amazon store card can offer great value to Amazon loyalists as they can earn many rewards on their purchases.

While many people are familiar with the perks and benefits of an Amazon store card, there are still quite a few that are not familiar with how an Amazon store card works. Are you one of them? Stress no more. Keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about Amazon store cards!

Key Takeaways:

  • You can log in to your Amazon Store Card account through a desktop at the Amazon Store Card Login website or Amazon Store Card Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices.
  • Paying your Amazon Store Card bill is quite simple. You can pay it online, via mail, or by phone at 866-634-8379.
  • If you are facing any issues with your Amazon Store Card or want to cancel it, call (866) 634-8379 for customer support.

Amazon Overview

Amazon started in 1995 as a booking-selling site. Within a month, the platform was able to sell books to many customers from over 40 different countries.

Since then, Amazon has become unstoppable. Currently, Amazon is one of the largest E-commerce companies worldwide.

The E-commerce platform that initially sold books only is now selling everything.

Whether it’s apparel, footwear, hardware tools, pet supplies, beauty products, fitness equipment, or household items, Amazon has a huge variety of products in every category. You name it; Amazon has it.

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What is Amazon Store Card?

Synchrony Bank issues Amazon store cards to help Amazon loyalists by offering special financing plans for making large purchases on Amazon.

Amazon offers its consumers two store cards: Amazon Store Card and Prime Store Card.

Amazon Store Card

Amazon Store Card is especially for people with fair or average credit scores.

With the basic Amazon store card, you will be able to access interest-free financing for 6, 12, or 24 months depending on your creditworthiness.

However, if you make a late payment or fail to pay back the installment on time, you will be charged interest on the full starting balance for the entire term.

Therefore, if you acquire an Amazon store card, you must be extra careful about making payments on time. Here are a few features and specifications of the Amazon Store Card:

  • No annual fee is charged.
  • Offers a signup bonus of $10 even if you spend $0.
  • Cardholders get various promotional offers
  • Anyone with a fair or average credit score can acquire an Amazon Store card
  • High APR
  • No rewards program

Amazon Prime Store Card

Amazon Prime Store Card is only for prime members of Amazon. It not only has the same promotional financing offers as the standard Amazon Store Card but also offers cashback rewards.

With Amazon Prime Store Card, you can get 5% cash back rewards on your Amazon purchases. However, cardholders can only have access to one benefit at a time.

For example, if you purchase a laptop for $900, you are eligible for a financing plan in which you are not required to pay interest for two years.

However, if you take advantage of the interest-free financing, you will not get a 5% cashback reward on your Amazon purchases. Here are a few features and specifications of the Amazon Prime Store Card.

  • No annual fee is charged.
  • 5% cash back reward on Amazon purchases
  • Cardholders get various promotional financing offers
  • High APR
  • Prime membership is required to acquire this card

How to Register Your Amazon Store Card Online?

You must register your Amazon Store Card online to keep track of your funds and cashback reward points. Even though registering an Amazon Store Card online is quite straightforward, many people might not be familiar with it.

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Do you fall into a similar category? No need to worry. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to register your Amazon Store Card online:

  • Open Synchrony Bank’s online portal for Amazon Store Card registration.
  • A login window will appear on the screen. Click on the “I want to Register” option.
  • Enter your account number and ZIP code. Once you have provided the required details, click “Continue” to proceed further.
  • Later, you will be asked to verify you are the authorized user of the account number you entered.
  • Select your preferred username and set a strong password to complete the registration process.

How to Log in to Your Amazon Store Card Account?

Through Desktop

If you want to access your Amazon Store Card account through your desktop, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Amazon Store Card login website.
  • A login window will pop up on your desktop screen. Simply enter your username and password in the fields where they are required.
  • After entering your credentials, click “Secure Login” to access your Amazon Store Card account. You will be automatically directed to your account if the username and password you entered are accurate.

Through Mobile or Tablet

If you want to access your Amazon Store Card account through your mobile or tablet, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Amazon Store Card mobile application on your Apple or Android device.
  • Once you have downloaded the mobile application of Amazon Store Card, you can log in to your account by entering your credentials.

How to Make Your Amazon Store Card Payments?

An Amazon Store Card can give you big purchasing power at one of the largest E-commerce marketplaces.

However, big purchasing power often results in a significant amount of bills that must be paid on time.

Otherwise, Amazon will start charging you a high-interest rate on the full balance for the entire term.

Therefore, to make it easier for cardholders to pay their Amazon Store Cards bills on time, Amazon offers various payment methods, such as

Online Mode of Payment

If you have registered your Amazon Store card online, you can pay your bill within a few seconds from your desktop or mobile. Not sure how to do that? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Amazon Store Card login website or mobile application to log in to your account.
  • Go to the “Payments” section and select “View and Make Payments.”
  • Select whether you want to pay your minimum installment, current balance, or statement balance.
  • Select a payment date.
  • Enter your banking account details and routing number to proceed with the payment.
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If you have not registered your Amazon Store Card online, you can still pay your bill by selecting the option “Pay as Guest.” However, to access this feature, you will have to enter your card number, ZIP code, and Social Security number.

Pay by Phone

Are you looking for a hassle-free payment method? Pay your Amazon Store Card by just making a single call. Not sure how to do that? Here are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  • Call Synchrony Bank customer support at 866-634-8379.
  • Wait for the prompts. Later, press “Two” on your keypad.
  • Listen carefully to the prompts and press “One” on your keypad.
  • Enter your Amazon Store Card account number to help the customer support agent identify your account.
  • Follow the further prompts to make your payment.

Pay by Mail

Are you an old-fashioned Amazon Store cardholder? There is some good news for you – you can pay your card bill through the mail. Not sure how to do that? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Make a check or money order to Synchrony Bank or Amazon.
  • Send your payment to the address (Synchrony Bank / Amazon | P.O. Box 960013 | Orlando, FL 32896-0013)

How to Contact Amazon Store Card Customer Support?

Like any other store card, things can go wrong with your Amazon Store Card.

In that case, contact Amazon Store customer support at 866-634-8379. The customer support agents will resolve your card issues in no time.

However, if for any reason you cannot reach a customer support service, you can email the customer support service at [email protected].

How to Cancel Your Amazon Store Card?

If you want to cancel your Amazon Store card, call customer support at 866-634-8379.

Also, if you cannot reach customer support, you can disable your Amazon Store card by logging into your account and going to the “Services” tab. Click “Close Account” and press confirm.