Does 711 Cash Checks?

Nowadays, most people do not carry checks, money orders, or other formal financial instruments. Whether you want to transfer money to someone or want to shop around, digital banking and debit/credit cards are the general mode of payment.

However, there are still many institutions that use checks as a mode of payment to the people. For instance, statistics show that 81% of US firms are still relying on paper checks for their financial transactions.

It shows that paper checks are still relevant in the scenario of the USA.

When you receive a check from any person or institution, you must deposit it into your bank account if it’s in your name.

If it’s a teller check, you can cash it at the bank counter. However, there are instances when you’re carrying a check and want to cash it urgently, but you can’t access the bank branch at that moment.

Therefore, you can also cash your checks at authorized retailers like grocery stores, discount department stores, or check-cashing stores in the USA.

711 is also a chain of convenience stores in the US with a presence in North America and Asia. Many people wonder if they can cash their checks at 711 outlets or not.

In today’s article, we will tell you everything you need to know about cashing your check at 711 and if the store chain is offering the service. So let’s get into it.

Executive Summary:

  • 7-Eleven, a chain of convenience stores, has partnered with Transact to provide check cashing services at select locations.
  • Not all 7-Eleven stores offer check cashing services, but those with check cashing kiosks allow customers to cash various checks.
  • Accepted check types include payroll, cashier, tax refund, government benefit, insurance settlement checks, and money orders.
  • Personal checks are typically not accepted for cashing.
  • The cost of check cashing varies by location and involves a fee based on a percentage of the check’s face value.
  • Customers need a prepaid Transact card to use the check-cashing kiosk.
  • The process includes verifying personal information and loading the check balance onto the Transact card.
  • 7-Eleven’s check cashing service operates 24/7, providing convenience to customers without bank accounts or immediate access to traditional bank branches.
  • Customers can contact 7-Eleven’s customer care service during specified hours for further assistance or inquiries.

What Is 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven, Inc., popularly known as SEI, is a chain of convenience stores based in America. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas and is owned by Seven & I Holdings of Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1927 in Dallas as an ice house storefront. The company operated under the name Southland Ice Company since 1927.

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The name of the chain was changed to Tote’m Stores in 1928. It kept operating with the same name from 1928 to 1946.

However, a Japanese supermarket chain Ito-Yokado took over the company with 70% stakes. It didn’t stay long, and Seven-Eleven Japan wholly owned the company in 2005.

Currently, there are more than 60,000 stores of 7-Eleven that cover most of North America and Asia. The store chain specializes in grocery, food, drinks, and many other high-turnover products.

The store chain is also known for its long open hours and cosy outlets. In the US only, over 8000 store outlets offer the products and several financial services like fuel cards, prepaid cards, money orders, etc.

Does 7-Eleven Cash Checks?

Now to the main question we have been writing this blog for:

Does 7-Eleven cash checks?

So the answer is yes!

The store chain has a network of over 8000 stores across the US, with most of the stores having check cashing 24/7 Kiosk service.

If you think that 7-Eleven is itself providing the check-cashing service, there is a misunderstanding.

The convenience store itself doesn’t cash checks but has partnered with Transact to facilitate the customers regarding check cashing services.

Besides, not all 8000 stores of 7-Eleven offer check cashing service, but there are only specific locations where you can avail of the opportunity.

What Type Of Checks Can Be Cashed At 7-Eleven?

When you are looking to cash your checks at convenience stores and similar service providers, all kinds of checks are not accepted.

Most importantly, personal checks are not usually accepted for cashing services.


Personal checks are not guaranteed; therefore, convenience stores do not provide cashing services for such checks.

Then what type of checks can be cashed at 7-Eleven?

If you have guaranteed checks that won’t bounce and have an upfront deposit against them, you can visit the specific locations of 7-Eleven and get cash against your checks.

Most commonly, the following types of checks can be cashed at 7-Eleven stores:

  1. Payroll checks
  2. Cashier checks
  3. Tax refund checks
  4. Government benefit checks
  5. Insurance settlement checks
  6. Money orders

Another thing to note is that you can’t cash checks of any amount at Kiosk services provided by 7-Eleven & Transact. There are certain limits on what amount can be cashed, varying from location to location.

Check Cashing Fee And Cost

Now let’s get to the financial part of the check cashing service of 7-Eleven.

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How much fee do you have to pay when cashing your checks at 7-Eleven?

The fee or cost of check cashing depends on store to store. You might be paying more at one location of 7-Eleven, and it might be lower at another location of 7-Eleven.

However, the general cost of the check cashing service is around $0.99% of the face value of the check.

Besides, you might have to pay an additional fee when using your Transact card to cash your check. You will need to check the Terms and Conditions of Transact to know what additional fee you might have to pay to cash your check with your card.

How Does Cash Checking Work At 7-Eleven?

You know if you can cash your check at 7-Eleven or not, what types of checks are accepted, and what are the costs of check cashing.

But one question still needs to be answered:

How does the check cashing service work at 7-Eleven?

Here is a step-by-step guide to cash your checks at 7-Eleven:

  1. Visit the location of 7-Eleven with your prepaid Transact Card. Make sure that the location you visit has a Kiosk service.

Note: The prepaid card allows you to cash, load, and check balances. If you already don’t have a Transact card, you will have to sign up for one.

You will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, government-issued ID, driver’s license, etc., to register. Once registered, activate your card, and you’re good to go.

  • Visit the 7-Eleven check cashing Kiosk, verify your personal information, and follow the prompts by inserting the card into the machine.
  • Once the process completes, the check-cashing machine will load the check balance to your Transact account.
  • Now you can use your card to withdraw cash at any ATM machine.

Can You Cash Check Without Bank Account?

Yes, you can cash your checks without a bank account. Guaranteed checks like government-issued checks, tax refund checks, payroll checks, cashier checks, etc., can be cashed without bank accounts at the convenience stores providing the check cashing service.

How To Cash Checks At 7-Eleven Without Bank Account?

Yes, you can cash checks at 7-Eleven without your bank account. The Kiosk service of Transact at 7-Eleven allows you to cash your checks without giving bank account details.

All you need is a prepaid Transact card to cash your checks when visiting the 7-Eleven Kiosk service.

Check Cashing Service Hours At 7-Eleven

If you’re visiting the specific location of 7-Eleven that has the Transact Kiosk service for cashing your checks, you can visit the store 24/7 and get your checks cashed.

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There are no restrictions on the timing to visit the Kiosk as you have to operate the Kiosk machine yourself and load the balance to your Transact Card.

Customer Service Of 7-Eleven

If you face any issues or problems regarding the 7-Eleven check cashing service or Kiosk machine, you can contact the customer care service of the 7-Eleven.

The customer care service of 7-Eleven is available from 7 am to 11 pm EST, seven days a week. The number on which you can contact the customer care service is as follow:


Advantages of Cash Checks from 7-Eleven

  • Convenient: Cash checks can be easily purchased and cashed at most 7-Eleven stores, providing a convenient way to send or receive money.
  • Quick: Cash checks offer a fast transaction process, making them suitable for individuals needing immediate access to funds.
  • Widely Accepted: Cash checks are accepted by many businesses and organizations, offering a convenient method for paying bills, rent, or other expenses.
  • Safe: Cash checks are fully funded and do not carry the risk of bouncing like personal checks, ensuring a secure way to send money.
  • Private: Cash checks do not require including bank account or routing numbers, safeguarding personal information during transactions.

Disadvantages of Cash Checks from 7-Eleven

  • Fees: A fee is associated with purchasing a Cash Check from 7-Eleven, typically around $3.95, although the exact amount may vary based on the check’s value.
  • Maximum amount: The maximum amount that can be purchased in a single Cash Check is $500, which may limit more significant financial transactions.
  • Not all locations: Not all 7-Eleven stores offer Cash Check services, so it is necessary to verify availability before visiting a specific location.
  • Risk of loss or theft: Cash Checks, like any other form of payment, can be lost or stolen, potentially resulting in the loss of funds.
  • Limited merchant acceptance: It’s important to note that not all merchants accept Cash Checks, requiring verification before attempting to use one for payment.


We have shared everything you need to know about the check cashing service at 7-Eleven Kiosk. You can find the nearest store where Kiosk is available and cash your checks on the go.

However, be mindful that you can’t cash personal checks at 7-Eleven Kiosks. Besides, having your Transact prepaid card is also necessary to avail of the check cashing service at 7-Eleven.