Does Walmart Accept Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay?

No, Walmart does not take up any mobile wallets neither Samsung and Apple pay nor Google pay. However, for customer convenience, Walmart helps you with their own mobile application that is not much different from the other mobile wallets.

Buyers can easily download Walmart pay on their android and I-phone. Further, Walmart agrees to receive a visa card in addition to the credit and debit cards.

Why does Walmart not accept Samsung pay, Apple pay, or Google pay?

When you use Samsung pay, apple pay or Google pay for Payment, Walmart loses track of the valuable data recorded while receiving funds through mobile wallets.

This tracked data helps keep customer-related information safe and avoids any misconception or issue the customer might face later on.

So, to avoid such circumstances, Walmart rejects all sorts of mobile wallets and prefers Walmart to pay for the convenience of its customers.

Further, it’s important to note that there are certain advantages of using Walmart pay that include but are not limited to the fact that this payment method not only makes purchasing easy but also provides other features. Whenever you shop, this application will award you with reward points.

So, you will not miss any offers/deals as Walmart pay informs you through the notification whenever available.

Lastly, it gives you e-gift cards as part of its promotional activities. However, you need to be a user of Walmart pay to be eligible.

Besides, some reasons make Walmart pay better than any other mobile payment app.

How is Walmart pay better than any other mobile wallet?

Unlike other mobile wallets such as Samsung pay, Apple pay, and Google pay, Walmart pay does not use NFC technology to accept the charge from your smartphone.

Rather, it uses the system of QR codes which is much easier and quicker.

In this way, the customers that do not have the new models of the smartphones can also install Walmart pay on their mobiles and take full advantage of its services.

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Can I attach my debit or credit card to my account in Walmart pay?

Yes, just like Samsung pay, Apple pay, and Google pay, you can associate your debit or credit card with your account of Walmart pay.

It helps you transfer your payment quickly without passing on your monetary information during the transaction.

Thus, Walmart leaves no concession in facilitating its buyers and customers. In fact, it provides the easiest-to-use features of Walmart.

Will Walmart take in other mobile wallets in the upcoming years?

Unfortunately, it is considered that Walmart will not ever accept payment from other mobile wallets.

According to the contract of Walmart with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), it is clearly known that Walmart is obliged never to accept apple pay.

This is the financial loss Walmart will have to go through if it allows payment through Samsung pay, apple pay, or Google pay.

Is using Walmart pay safe?

Walmart assigns a passcode to every buyer. It is four-digit and you need to memorize it because you must enter it every time you open the application.

So, in case of any robbery or if you lose your phone, your personal information and account are kept safe and secure.

If signing in is taking the time you have the facility of utilizing the touch ID of your phone, so you do not have to give up on the security as well.

How to pay using IPhone at Walmart?

  • Firstly, download and install the application of Walmart pay through the apple store or play store, depending on whether you are using an android or IOS device.
  • Click on the application to open it.
  • Type the passcode with the help of Touch ID.
  • Select the way of your payment by a dropdown menu which you will find at the bottom of your screen.
  • For those willing to use a gift card, their payment will spontaneously be paid off using the amount until and unless you disable the option.
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About Walmart

As the name suggests ‘Walmart’ facilitates its buyers with all sorts of essentials and products such as groceries, cosmetics, electronics, medicines, ornaments, pets, and school supplies etc. It also extends its service by providing home furnishing. Products.

Walmart is a retail company that assists its customers by cutting the charge for lavish and excessive items. Because of this financial benefit, it proclaims itself to become the world’s largest retail company.

Thus, Walmart has not failed in creating a loyal and appreciated customer base; that is the main reason for its success.  

Retail shopping and payment methods

In the modern era, the use of cash has been rapidly decreasing. Due to the advancements, people have started using online payment methods to save time and energy.

Google pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple pay are the most commonly used and preferred mobile wallets.

People don’t want to worry about carrying cash in their pockets with the danger of getting robbed when you have an easier, quicker, and safe way to pay their dues.

If you are a buyer of Walmart, you would most likely want to facilitate yourself with these mobile wallets.


Walmart does not take in payments from any of the mobile wallets either its Samsung, apple, or Google pay, and does not seem to accept them in the future.

For the buyer’s convenience, it provides its own Walmart pay application which not only helps you transfer your amount but also provides you with several features.

Though it does not accept the other mobile wallets due to its contractual obligation and financial benefit, it gives you many advantages such as using a QR code system and letting the purchasers with old smartphone models get out of the worries of carrying cash.

You can even affix your debit or credit card with the account of Walmart to make your payment easier. It is absolutely safe to use and provides full security through the passcodes.

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So, Walmart does not accept mobile payment methods like Google pay, Samsung Pay, Apple pays etc. However, they have developed their own payment method that can be connected with your debit/credit card.

Frequently asked questions

What is the strength of Walmart?

There are three main strengths of Walmart that include the following.

  1. Their customer base is well diversified. In addition to this, there is a large base of customers that buy pet foods.
  2. Their grocery sales are higher both in areas of online sales and store-based sales.
  3. The financial service offering provided by Walmart is broader compared to other stores.

What are the advantages of online shopping from Walmart?

Following are some of the advantages of online shopping from Walmart.

  1. You are better positioned to control your shopping as there is no pre-designed environment to influence your buying decision.
  2. Prices can be compared for different products. It again puts you in a better position to make a decision.
  3. Walmart cards can be used for making payments. It helps to improve the overall shopping experience.
  4. Walmart provides promotional points; these points can be used to avail your discounts for further shopping.

Who are its competitors of Walmart?

There are multiple Walmart competitors, including Amazon, Target, Sears holding corporation, Costco, Rakuten etc.

Although, these competitors offer a tough times to Walmart. However, Walmart has a broader customer base for physical and online sales.  

In how many countries Walmart is operating?

Currently, Walmart is operating in 24 countries of the world. And 10,500 stores serve customers in these countries.

Further, they have worked on improving the online shopping experience for people. In our opinion, their large customer base and wide operations area the basis of their success. Further, they plan to expand in different countries of the world.