Top 7 Reasons Why Is Valorant Declining Your Payments? (Solutions Included)

 In recent times, digital gaming has become very hyped in all regions of the world. Many youngsters take digital gaming as more than just a time pass.

Many professional events, gameplays, etc., have promoted the tech-based gaming era. However, most people prefer to play games within their comfort zone.

Among all types of games, character-based multiplayer games have got the most popular among people of all age groups.

While PUBG and Fortnite are considered the best in warfare games, Call of Duty, Valiant, and Counter-Strike are considered the best overall character-based multiplayer games.

These are usually action games where multiple players are seen in action within their avatar.

You can purchase Valorant points with real money. You can use the points to purchase avatars, costumes, equipment, etc.

However, the system often declines the payment for various reasons. Many players get concerned about why Valorant is declining their payments and what can be the possible solution to fix the problem.

In this article, we will discuss Valorant, the accepted payment methods, how much it costs, and solutions to why payments keep declining. So let’s get into it.

What Is Volarant?

The Riot Games has developed a 5v5 character-based game called Valiant. The company is popular for developing player-focused games.

Leagues of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and now Valorant are among the company’s most popular and successful games.

If we talk about Valorant, the game is a character-based tactical shooter in which there are 13 rounds to attack and defend.

The game is all about technique, tactical abilities, master gunplay, and strategy execution to dominate your opponents. You have to be very fast and accurate in your thinking as well as action if you want to survive.

Since it is a multiplayer game, you can hire agents who will have their own thinking capabilities, skills, and creativity to tackle opponents.

You have the chance to win by eliminating your enemy or detonating the Spike. If you are at defending end, you can win by ensuring that your enemy does not detonate the Spike.

How To Make Purchases On Valorant?

If you want to buy anything in the game, you must own points. However, certain things can only be bought from real currency.

Besides, if you are out of points, you will also need real currency to replenish your points. Valorant points can also be utilized to purchase tiers for unlocking different characters, agents, etc.

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Here is how to purchase points on Valorant Store:

  1. Open the Valorant Store from your game at the top of the main menu and tap on the Valorant Points icon in the menu.
  2. Choose which bundle/package you want to purchase.
  3. Choose the preferred purchase method and add details if purchasing for the first time.
  4. Confirm the purchase, and the points will be credited to your Valorant account.

Different Payment Methods Available On Valorant

Here are different payment methods that are accepted and available for making purchases on Valorant:

1.    Debit & Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and American Express-powered debit and credit cards are generally accepted by Valorant in regions where payments via cards are supported.

2.    Prepaid Gift Cards

If you are in Europe, you will mostly be relying on prepaid gift cards available at retail stores to redeem your Valorant points. It is also an accepted method of payment across other regions where the game is available.

3.    E-Wallets

E-Wallets are supported for making payments depending on the region of your residence. For instance, if you are in Singapore, PayNow and GrabPay are supported, while in addition to the former two, Boost and Touch n Go are also available in Malaysia.

4.    P2P Payment

P2P payments like PayPal are also available in most regions where the solution provider is providing services.

5.    Bank

Bank Transfer is also available in most of the regions supported.

6.    CodaPay

You can also make Valorant payments via CodaPay, depending on the availability of different service providers in your country.

7.    Carrier Billing  

In certain regions where Valorant is available, Carrier billing is also an option for gamers who want to purchase Valorant points while playing the game.

You can check the acceptability of different payment methods according to your country of residence here.

Reasons Why Valorant Is Declining Your Payments? (With Solutions)

You were trying to purchase according to the admissible payment methods but received the message that ‘Valorant has declined your payment’ or ‘Payment could not be processed.’

Well, it can be a real panic situation if you do not know the obvious reasons. Here are the top reasons for triggering such messages and solutions to these payment errors.

1.    Low Account Balance Of Bank Or Card

A low account balance is one of the first things that come to your mind when payment declines. If everything seems well, but the payment has declined, you might be low on balance and do not have enough funds to complete the transactions.

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The simple solution to this problem is to check the balance of the account or eWallet you use to make the purchase.

If it shows that the funds are insufficient, the best thing you can do is replenish your account balance and complete the purchase. If not, you can try any alternative method or account having enough balance to complete the transaction.

2.    Internet Connectivity Issue Might Result In Failed Payment

A lot of users have complained about the Valorant and Riot Games payment getting declined for unknown reasons.

It can be due to any glitch in your PC system or connectivity issues. When the internet is not stable, the platform is unable to complete the payment due to a payment timeout.

The easy fix for this issue is restarting your PC, restarting WiFi, or checking the internet router to see if it is working perfectly. Once you are connected back to the internet, proceed with the payment, and the system will accept it.

3.    You Might Be Using The Old Version Of the App

Not faced by many users but using an older version of the app can also lead to payment issues when trying to redeem Valorant points.

If your internet is working fine and you have checked the account balance, but the payment is still not working, consider checking if the company has released the latest version of the app.

If the older version of the app is the reason behind payment declination, this simple method will fix it. Some glitches in the older version might prevent you from making the payment. Update your game and try making payment again.

4.    International Payments Disabled

Sometimes when you are trying to pay from your bank, card, or carrier billing, you are unaware that international payments are not enabled on your account. It will result in your payment being declined on Valorant.

How do you know if international payments are activated against your account?

The best way to avoid this reason of payment declination is to confirm with your bank or service provider if you can make international payments with your card or bank account.

And if the answer is negative, request them to enable international payments against your account. It will certainly resolve your issue, and you will successfully make payment via Valorant.

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5.    Payment Method Not Supported

Valorant and Riot Games support most payment methods; generally, you won’t face any issues when using any of the accepted methods.

However, there can be a case when you are trying to make a payment with the unaccepted method.

To give you an idea of which payment methods Valorant doesn’t accept, here is the list as published on the official website:

  • Neosurf
  • Micropayment (only affects DE)
  • Daopay & Boku (pay by call)
  • Yandex
  • Primeiropay debit cards (only Primeiropay credit cards are available in BR at this time)

The error is obvious if you are using any of the listed methods to make payment on Valorant. The only solution to this problem is to try an acceptable method to execute the transaction.

6.    Credit Card And Debit Card Information Is Not Correct

When we are trying to make a payment from our credit card or debit card for the first time, chances are high that we might enter the wrong details.

A little error in replacing a card number with another can leave you with incorrect payment information.

Other errors related to card information include wrong CVV, wrong name, expiry date, or entering a card’s details that have already expired.

If you make any of these mentioned errors, your payments won’t complete leaving you with a panicking message “Card Information Is Incorrect.”

If you are making an error in entering account or card details, you can rectify your error by reentering the details.

However, if you were using an expired card to make a payment, you would need an alternative payment method for payment execution.

7.    Technical Issues

Sometimes, technical issues at the end of the gaming platform can also leave you with an incomplete purchase.

If you were making a payment on Valorant but it failed due to system failure or technical issues, don’t panic. You can contact customer support and ask about the resolution.

If your account was debited against the amount, you should wait, as the system will refund the amount. Once refunded, you can use the same funds to complete the payment process.


We have mentioned different reasons that might be preventing you from purchasing Valorant points via your bank account, card, carrier billing, or e-wallet. We hope these reasons and the solution for each problem will help you spot the issue and get it resolved easily.