3 Reasons Why Postmates Put A Hold On Your Card

Postmates is a famous food delivery app that allows you to order your favorite food from the desired store, and then the company delivers that food to your doorstep.

Posmates offers door-to-door delivery services that provide ultimate delivery options and make customer interaction easier. Basically, Postmates also offer card payment options from shops and restaurants.

After ordering food from Postmates, you may find a temporary hold on your online bank statement. Typically, it appears when you place your order and disappears after a few days. It is a pending charge that stays on your bank for up to 10 business days, and then it goes off faster. These authorisations ensure that customers have enough funds for their orders, delivery fees, and extra fees. There is nothing to be stressed about as it is a non-permanent and normal charge!

Here we have enlisted all that you need to know about the authorization hold and why it happens on your bank account.

So, let’s explore!

Why Postmates Put A Hold On Your Card: 3 Possible Reasons

The Postmates temp auth is a charge shown on your bank account temporarily. Depending on the bank format, the charge may appear a bit in different wording. However, the purpose and the meaning are the same. The temporary hold shows that your order is not completed yet; if your order gets canceled, the company will take out the hold without charging you.

Postmates would put a payment hold on your credit card for a few reasons. Often, it also happens even when you did not place an order.

Some of the reasons are discussed below:

New Payment Method Added

Postmates always want to check the validity of the new payment added to the account by using a new payment method. So Postmates charge you to figure out the account validity.

However, there are two steps to charging a small amount when you add money under $2.

First, Postmates ask you to verify the charge amounts in the app to confirm your card.

Once you have verified the card, you can use this payment method in the future without any issue.

Payment Method Changed

Postmates also hold your card on your new payment; when you change your payment method for an order.

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The temporary authorisation often appears on both cards, but Postmates capture one of them, removing the hold on the other.

Order Placed

When you purchase Postmates, it will place a pending hold on your card. Usually, the hold will reflect on the purchase price.

For example, if your food costs $20 with free delivery, the authorization will be $20. Sometimes, the temporary also holds more money than you are charged. For instance, your order is worth $30, and Postmates can put a hold for $50.

Its only purpose is to make the customers sure that Postmates can access extra funds for tips, added items, and some additional order changes.

Will A Postmates Temp Auth Charge Go Away?

Yes, the Postmates Auth Charge goes away with the time because it is only a temporary authorization visible for a few days as the pending line of the bank statement.

After some days, it will disappear, and you will only find an actual charge in your authentic and confirmed transactions.

If your Postmated order gets cancelled, you will get a refund in this case. Moreover, the temporary authorisation charge will be removed, and you will not find any charge in your original transactions.

Typically, temporary charges of your Postmates account go away within 3-10 business days. In some cases, due to different reasons, such as your account time, the disappearing time can be increased. It can stay for two to three weeks, but you don’t need to worry in this scenario!

Why Do Postmates Charged Twice?

Occasionally, you may notice the same charge repeated on your bank account. At first glance, it may seem like Postmates charged you double for the same order.

Nonetheless, if you examine closely, you’ll find that one of the charges is in the pending transactions list, but the other is in the confirmed section. Hence, Postmates doesn’t charge you two times, but pending charges are time-consuming and consume extensive time in the process.

So, the possibilities are your bank confirms the actual charge, but the other way round, the company has not processed and removed the temporary charge. You can check it again after a couple of days; probably, you will not find any remaining charge over there.

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Who To Contact About A Postmates Temp Auth Charge: Bank Or Customer Service Department [Or Both]

Normally, a pending payment doesn’t infer an issue, but sometimes you may get the need to contact Postmates to discuss a temporary hold. The method of contacting the company is straightforward.

For instance, if you online ordered any food at the price of $25, it shows you a pending amount of $125, which is high enough. In this case, you cannot use 100 dollars until the pending amount disappears. This incident happens very, and you can talk to Postmates if the company can provide you with any assistance on this behalf.

If you think any pending charge is fraudulent, don’t delay taking action. For instance, it could be possible that someone might have hacked your debit card.

So despite not using Uber Eats or Postmates, you may see a Postmates temp auth charge on your card.

Contacting the bank or Postmates customer service can be helpful in this case; your bank can block the charge without confirmation.

How to Contact Postmates Customer Service: Some Practical Solutions

There are some easier methods to contact the customer service officers of Postmates. Here is one thing to note, despite Postmates being a standalone company yet, Uber operates its Postmates.

Though card authorisation is a frequent complaint, especially with delivery platforms, there are also multiple solutions to this issue.

Following are the ways to contact Postmates customer service!

Through The App

Observe these actions to request assistance from the Postmates app:

  • Tap on the Account option; the icon is positioned in the bottom-right corner.
  • Drill down and click on “Help.”
  • Tap the option of “Help With an Order.”
  • Choose your order.
  • Pick an issue, such as I have an unknown charge or Clarify my order total.

If you consider temporary authentic fraud or hacking, you can follow the given steps:

  • Connect on your Postmates Account.
  • Click on the Help option.
  • Tap Account and Payments.
  • Choose the Account Settings option.
  • Pick the option saying: I Think/Consider My Account Has Been Hacked.
  • Now you can write a detailed message on the authorization charge and mention your phone number.
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Note: Visiting Postmates Webpage is also fruitful. You can tap on the Account and Payments option or Help With an Order. Later, follow the same above-stated steps.

Contact At The Phone Number

Since Postmates doesn’t have any official number, some people become successful while calling the main phone number of Postmates (888-815-7726). Many users also find it busy, but several tries can make an attempt helpful.

Try Twitter

Postmates also has a Twitter page to support the customers: @Postmates_Help. The customers can contact the official page for help. To avoid any scam, verify the authenticity of the Postmates account twice or thrice.

You can publicly Tweet the Postmates or you can send Postmates a DM to get your queries addressed.

Since Uber holds Postmates, trying the official support of Uber’s official page is also helpful – @Uber_Support. The account tackles Uber Eats and Uber support requests.

The restaurants of Postmates and Uber Ears are the same, so Uber should be able to assist you with your order.

Messaging Postmates at their Facebook account can also help you entertain your queries. Type your message by tapping on the message option and sending it through Facebook Messenger.

According to the Postmates Facebook profile, the possibilities are to get a reply within an hour.

Note: If you are looking forward to a quick response, you can try all methods at once. Tweeting at Uber publically or Tweeting at Postmates drives the company to settle an issue because it becomes a matter of keeping good publicity.

Our Summary

Seeing a message of card holding from Postmates might be worrying, but in reality, it is nothing to be concerned about.

Except in cases when the temporarily authoritative amount is unexpectedly too high, it casts a fear of fraud or account hacking. However, instead of worrying in this scenario, you can reach the customer representatives of Postmates.

But in most cases, when Postmates users place an order or add a new payment method, their card goes to temporary hold, which is not strange.

Just have patience because it will go away in a few days.