Does USCIS Accept PO Box Addresses? FAQs About USCIS Application Filing

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, renowned as USCIS, is responsible for taking care of public applications regarding citizenship, immigration, adoptions, and related matters.

The role of USCIS is significant in the country as a large number of people from all over the world want to make their future in the United States.

Whether you want a visit visa for the US, a work permit to stay and work in the US or make your life with your family through immigration, you need to go to USCIS and get the related services.

Besides, the renewal of green cards, adoption documents, and other applications are also filed with USCIS. Therefore, people have a lot of questions about the procedures and domain of USCIS work.

PO Box addresses, street addresses, or physical addresses? It is one of the most common concerns a lot of people have in their minds when filing an application with USCIS.

In today’s article, we will try to answer FAQs about USCIS application filing, giving your address for correspondence, and if USCIS accepts PO Box addresses for receiving mail.

So let’s get into it.

Services Of USCIS

Let’s briefly overview all the services USCIS offers to US residents or those who stay in the US for work or studies.


If you are living in any country other than the United States and its territories but want to become a US citizen, you will need to go through the naturalization process.

The USCIS carries out the naturalization process once you apply with the agency. The agency will assess your documents and eligibility to become a US citizen.

Immigration of Family Members

The already US residents or citizens who want their family members or close relatives from other countries to come and live with them need to apply for immigration of family members.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services carries out the family member immigration process. 

Working in the US

Residents of different countries who want to become legal immigrants in the US with lawful rights and permits must apply with the USCIS and undergo the relevant procedure.

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Humanitarian Programs

People affected by wars, civil unrest, or any discrimination in their home country can take asylum in the US under the humanitarian programs of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency regulates and processes the procedure of adoption for US citizens who want to adopt children from other than the US countries.

Verify Individual’s Legal Right To Work in the United States (e-Verification)

The process of e-verification is a system of electronic verification of an individual’s employment eligibility.

The program runs via collaborations of different employers with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.


The office holders of the Genealogy department of any country can request the United States via USCIS to provide information about the immigration and naturalization of deceased residents in the US.

It is a fee-for-service facility for those who want information or access to immigration records of deceased immigrants.

Civic Integration

Civic integration refers to training the immigrants and providing them with the information tools to understand the responsibilities, citizenship rights, and other norms to fit well in American civic culture.

What Are Different Ways To Change Your USCIS Address?

When you are filing any form or application with the USCIS, you will need to provide the complete address for correspondence from USCIS.

However, if you gave your old address and moved to a new place, how to file a USCIS application? There are different ways you can use to change your address for USCIS correspondence:

1.    Change Of Address Form

USCIS website has an online form for change of address which the applicants can fill out and submit when they want to alter their mailing address.

You can change your address with the form that comes under Immigration and Nationality Act section 265. All the aliens residing in the US can report the change of address via the form.

2.    Via Call

You can also change the address for the specific application via call once you submit it to the USCIS. You can call on the USCIS contact center during working hours on any business day and proceed with the instructions.

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The USCIS Contact Center can be contacted at this number: 1-800-375-5283

3.    InfoPass Appointment

Yet another way to change your address for a specific case you have already submitted to USCIS is to make an appointment and visit the Application Support Center. You will need to make an online InfoPass Appointment here.

4.    Via Email

You can also send an email to the USCIS Applicant support center to request a change of address for a specific application with the agency. The email address for application correspondence is as follows:  [email protected]


How Do I Know If USCIS Has Received My Documents?

Once you send your documents to USCIS, you receive a receipt number. You can use the receipt number to know your application’s status on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website here.

The information you can access includes the processing time, if documents have been received, and other details about your active application.

Does USCIS Accept PO Box Addresses?

Yes, USCIS accepts PO Box addresses. You can do it if you want to file for an application with PO Box Address as your mailing address for USCIS.

However, it is recommended that you check with the department before filing a specific form. It is because some forms and applications might need you to have a legitimate street address rather than the PO Box.

Can I Have the PO Box Address For Receiving USCIS Mails?

Yes, if you want to have a PO Box address for receiving mail from USCIS regarding an application’s correspondence. PO Box addresses are considered more accurate than street addresses for mail delivery.

What Is the Difference Between a Physical Address And a PO Box Address?

The physical and PO Box addresses are not the same, but both are mailing addresses. When we say physical address, it is the street address where you can receive parcels from private carriers and unrestricted emails other than USPS.

It can include DHL, Amazon, FedEx, etc.

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The PO Box Address is not the physical address. Instead, it is the address where you want to receive most of the official mail. The mailing address can be different from your residential address. 

How Do I Change My Address On My Residence Card?

If you want to change your address on the green card or residence card, you can use any of the following three methods:

  1. File an online application
  2. Call the USCIS Customer Care Service
  3. Send a letter to your local immigration office

However, in every case, you will have to complete the application process for a change of address as prescribed by the agency.

How Long Does It Take To Get Receipt From USCIS?

Once you have filed your application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, you will receive the receipt notice from the agency within 30 working days of filing.

The notice time will be 30 days, whether you file at a Service Center or Lockbox.

How To Change My Address With USCIS?

If you want to change your address with USCIS, you will need to file the form AR-11, Alien’s Change of Address Card. Once the due processing completes, your new address will be updated in the records of the USCIS agency.

What If I Move While My OPT Is Pending At USCIS?

If your OPT is pending and you are a student, you can re-enter the US territory to resume your job search. In general cases, it is not recommended to move out of the US during your OPT pending at USCIS.

Is PO Box Address More Accurate Than Street Address?

Yes, PO Box Address is considered more accurate as it does not have to be your physical address.

PO Box address is recommended for another reason: whether you are traveling or not, you won’t miss important or official mail from different departments.

What Is Mailing Address For The USCIS?

If you want to send documents to the USCIS, the mailing address of the agency is as follows:


PO Box 21700.
Phoenix, AZ 85036-1700